Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 329

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 329 Major Manolo Catindig d!es in a bloody encounter with Vendetta, Cardo rescues Romulo

At the hospital, the doctor told the Cabreras that Marco was no longer in critical condition. He did not also suffer any internal bleeding and he could be discharged within few days.

Catherine was glad that Marco was getting better all because of Alyana but Lucas did not like it. He was hell-bent on destroying the marriage and enlisted Brandon’s help to put an end to the wedding.

He knew Cardo would not sit idle to watch Alyana get married to Marco and that he believed would go against his political ambitions. Elsewhere, Oscar told his wife about Romulo talking to him about his principles. Marissa said Romulo did not have any right to use his own means to fight for justice.

Wally rant to Flora to verify whether Alyana and Marco were really serious with eachother. Flora said they should only pray that Alyana and Cardo would be able to settle their differences.

The girls returned with the layout of the hospital so Cardo studied it well. The layout mapped out where the cops were standing and the number of cops. He called Andy to ask her if she would be able to accomplish her side of the plan to get Romulo out for them to come for him.

Andy reassured that she would be able to do it. The second lady received an invitation from Department of Internal Relations to travel to New York to attend a gender advocate sensation. Lucas urged her to embrace it since it would help her image as the second lady.

He said the platform would also be good for him too and would be a plus but Catherine wanted to stay in Philippines to be there for Marco when he was having his wedding. Lucas objected that they were there including Menchu, besides Alyana was equally there to help Marco.

He told her not to think about the annulment of Alyana and Marco he would ensure it would happen. Becky told Cardo that the mission was a delicate one and he should protect and secure Alyana. Homer in fury called Hipolito to query him on the reason he chose Manolo instead of him and his men.

“Really Homer have you proven your worth
Manolo planned his entire mission thoroughly

He is the only one who can take Romulo down.”

“We can equally help and we might k!ll Dumaguit before they do.

You must not interfere with the plan Homer

You’re just going to ruin everything.”

Manolo led the ex-military men to the hospital as they were in the bus to the facility, he reminded them off the plan.

“Make sure Romulo Dumaguit ends up d£ad!”

“Anyone stops get rid of them.”

Mark had a feeling that Cardo might go to the rescue the commander but Delfin doubted. Captain’s Gina who was in the company of the townspeople came across the DeLeons eatery. She got close to them and described them as insensitive for selling while their terrorist son was k!lling civilians.

Flora objected and told her she could say whatsoever she wanted but Cardo was innocent.

“What?” Captain Gina yelled ” innocent my foot.”

Alyana visited Marco at the hospital with food which was cooked by Virgie. Marco was happy and even wished Teddy could warm up to him like how Virgie was. Alyana assured that her father equally liked him. That gingered his appetite.

Menchu wanted to feed him but he preferred Alyana. Alyana spoon fed him and Marco promised that once he got better, he would pamper her. Marco was so desperate to be married to Alyana so he tried everything he could to be back on his feet in order not to hesitate his marriage. He began an exercise and went beyond the time he had to finish it.

“Dalisay what are we waiting for?” Tadpole said.

“We already know the layout of the hospital!”

“No!” Cardo objected “We cannot go in yet!”

“We have to wait for Andy’s signal once the commander is out of his room that is when we will strike.”

Andy went to Romulo’s ward to check up on him. She claimed his stitches have reopened so she would take him to another room for him to get it close. She assured that he would feel much better if he get to that ward and Romulo nodded.

Manolo in Rambo style stormed the facility to wreak havoc even on all civilians and the policemen who came on his way. Homer and his men also hit the road to burst in since he believed Catindig might screw up.

He was bent on winning the trust of Hipolito for the latter to know that the Venom is the only group which should be paid. As the sh00ting of the policemen was on going, one of the officers called Borja to report it to him and called for back up.

Cardo and the Vendetta stepped out of their van, leaving Becky and her girls in the van for them to wait for them after the girls willingly admit to stay to wait irrespective of how dangerous it would get.

Cardo and his comrades took down the vile men of Catindig. Catindig received a tip off from one of his vile men that the Vendetta was there.

“Get rid of them I will take care of Dumaguit.”

The backup cops also arrived and they were many sh00ting the vile men.

“Cardo we are surrounded,” Ramil said.

“We need to retreat at once!”

While the Vendetta ran, Andy was also pleading with the cops to remove the handcuffs of Dumaguit which was locked to his bed so that he could secure himself should things go messy.

Cardo ran to another available room at the health facility to look through the window and saw policemen outside rushing in.

“There are too many of them and there are more cops on the way.”

“And we cannot abandon the commander.”

Cardo jumped off to get an available motorcycle and followed another route into the facility to continue the fight to rescue the commander before things turn out worse.

The police in the ward of Dumaguit realised they were being overpowered so they granted Andy’s quest and removed the handcuff that tied Dumaguit to the bed to handcuff it on his hands. This enabled them to run off from the room. Andy got a room to hide but Dumaguit was exploring chance to flee but was seen by Manolo who sh0t him.

Romulo quickly swerved the bullet and jumped off.

“Dumaguit say your prayers now!” Manolo cautioned as he headed to Romulo’s direction.

“I’m gonna make sure you’re not getting out here alive.”

He caught Dumaguit and the commander had no where to run to. When the commander felt that it was his end, Cardo appeared from no where to hit Manolo with the wheels of of his motorcycle, leading the vile major to fall with his guπ out of his hand.

Manolo dragged his a$$ backwards in order to save himself from clutches of the Vendetta leader, Cardo. Cardo got Romulo and split the handcuff apart with the power of his bullet to get the commander sit at his back.

Romulo got himself a guπ, before they could escape, Manolo stumbled on Andy who was running from the commotion and held her at gunpoint to threaten Dalisay that he would k!ll her if he dared try escaping with the commander.

As part of his antics, Cardo did not heed to his warnings and drove to Manolo’s direction, much to his surprise and he sh0t him three times on the neck till he let go off Andy and fell off from his back. Cardo told Andy to join him escape but Andy refused and told him he should leave.

“Dalisay,” Borja called him behind.

Andy insisted on him to run. Cardo did not mind his granduncle and left with Dumaguit. Borja could not do anything. Fuming with anger that Andy might be Dalisay’s accomplice, he was surprised to find Manolo in the same uniform with the vile men. He checked him and realised he was deàd.

Meanwhile, President Hidalgo was at the site looking at the land he would build on to create jobs to boost the livelihoods of the people. He was informed that some armed men in black had attacked people at the hospital regardless of their s£x, gender and age.

He also said there was another group, Vendetta’s fighting off those armed men. This got the President confused but the man assured that Borja was doing everything to secure Dumaguit and he has even called for re-enforcement.

Cardo fled and the Vendetta group members rushed into the van while Borja alerted Guzman and the police to chase after Dumaguit. When they got out of the facility the Vendetta had escaped.

“Stop!” Borja ordered “There’s no point of chasing them.”

“It’s impossible for us to catch up.”

Elsewhere, Alyana spoke on the phone with Marco as the latter told her about the divorce petition signing. He was glad that his mother had processed everything and told Alyana not to worry about the money involved, he would take care of it. All that Alyana had to do was to stick to the plan of Cardo being psychologically incapacitated.

After the call, Virgie who knew Alyana was having second thoughts wanted to convince her to believe that Marco was more concerned about her welfare than Cardo. She claimed Cardo did not care about his life so he has endangered the lives of all those close to him.

Hipolito tried desperately to reach Manolo but to no avail. He even shouted at his secretary for telling him about his meeting. Soon, news broke about the Vendetta storming Dr Libretto Memorial Hospital to escape with Dumaguit while a group led by the NMIG boss, Major Manolo Catindig k!lled lots of people and d!ed in the crossfire. 57 people were reported deàd.

General Borja could not believe that due to one person, Manolo resolved to k!lling innocent people. He was not surprised though as he had always suspected his connection with Hipolito and the ex-military men just that he did not have evidence.

Becky, the Flower Power Girls and the Vendetta came home, attracting gossip from the neighbours. Cardo and the commander also got in and the neighbours believed the Vendetta would bring issue to them as Cardo and Dumaguit had bounty on their heads.

Elsewhere, Homer went to buy the weapons and Brandon stayed around to spy to see whether the guy was really Homer Adlawan.

Hipolito got to the crime scene. Once Borja set eyes on him, he asked what he was doing there. Hipolito explained that he quickly got there once he heard about the incident from the news.

“So what do you know so far?” Hipolito queried.

“What makes Catindig do all these?”

“Whatever it’s, you know I am not compelled to tell you,” Borja hissed.

“That means you do know something!” Hipolito concluded.

“Let’s just say Catindig won’t be taken secrets to the grave, there are truths here to be unravelled,” Borja said.

The Vendetta were happy and Cardo addressed the group.

“Now that the commander is here , Vendetta is whole again.”

“Long live Vendetta!”
“Long live,” the group responded

“Long live Vendetta!”
Long live.”

“Long live Vendetta!”
“Long live!”


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