Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 33

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 33 Ninong prepares another criminal team for a new operation 

Ninong made a call to inform Brad, Raymond and Jenna to roll out a plan to get their operation going.

He said the police had brought the other “party stealing” and “budol-budol” operations to its knees and was relying on Raymond and his team to save the day.

As part of the Christmas celebration, the children within the neighbourhood played with fire crackers with Benny spearheading the knockout cracking.

Cardo came to meet them and advised them against the use of knockout, saying it could kill and was also banned from the market.

Raymond kick-started his operation with the team based on the orders of Ninong. Raymond was advised by Brad to befriend a maid of their target house on Facebook.

Meanwhile, Joaquin was searching for Tomas. On the other hand Rachel was crying, telling her mother to make up with Tomas.

Joaquin finally saw Tomas and pleaded with him to go for their mother but Tomas said Verna went on her own so she could return if she wanted.

He later went to Carmen’s house and she asked him where his mother and Rachel were. He said they were in a hotel. Carmen advised him not to worry, saying his parents would make up.

Cardo went to Carmen’s apartment to present to her a food made by Carmen. Junior heard his presence and came down to meet him.

Junior asked if he brought the gift for him and he said it was for Carmen, Flora gave it to her. Carmen pleaded with Cardo not to drink with Billy, saying Billy did not know how to drink like Cardo. Cardo then asked of his leave and Junior said they would visit during Christmas.

Brad urged Raymond to show interest in the maid. They made a video call and they arranged to meet. The maid was blown away by the looks of Raymond and was dying to have him by her side.

Brad communicated everything to Ninong and he was happy that their operation was going on successful.

Meanwhile, the police had planned to watch the properties of Ninong, they would put them under surveillance to investigate how Ninong made his money.

They monitored the movement of Ninong and since he was aware of their presence, he played smart with his gangs for them not to be caught.

Joaquin informed Verna that Diego was not the person CIDG was looking for but if it got complicated he would turn Diego in. Verna insisted that Diego would not betray them since he cared about the safety of his family.

He pleaded with Joaquin to join her and Rachel for them to travel to a different country to start afresh.

Benny displayed the rockets, Lola Kap warned him to stop selling the firecrackers since the mayor had warned them not to sell the knockout, thus anyone who would sell would end up in prison.

Benny said knockout was there just to make the people happy in the celebration. The campaign flyers against firecrackers was finally brought to Flora.

It reads: “Have a happy and safe new year” she began her house to house campaign with Onyok.

Ninong told Raymond that they should be smart as the police were monitoring him and he would not be surprised if they turned to them.

Raymond then revealed to him that he even saw a car outside and Ninong said it was the police and advised them to be vigilant.

He told his assistant that the police were at his other properties but expressed unwillingness to back down. He said Delisay had become a torn in his flesh.

However, J.Lo got scared when the resident throw a knockout. As she was scolding them, Flora got to the scene to sensitise them against the use of those knockouts.

Raymond, Brad and Jenna planned to turn attention away from their operation. They made Brad go out and their plans worked since Cardo, Billy and Mark went after Brad. The police only left Chikoy to watch over the house.


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