Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 330

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 330 Hipolito uses Vendetta to top senatorial rating, Homer plans to expose Hipolito’s true nature to the electorates

The vice President had meeting with his associates on a project they were about to initiate in Philippines. The associates did not want any bogus company to work with. Lucas told them to have belief in him.

In the Palace, President Hidalgo was furious that the police were loose for Romulo to get away. He wanted the PNP especially the CIDG to find the people were behind Catindig’s group.

On the other hand, Hipolito promised the affected families about his personal to zeal Cardo and the Vendetta to book. Though, he was no longer the National Defence director but has made it a priority to end terrorism.

The CIDGs were also securing means to unravel everything about Catindig’s group since the president was passionate about the issue. Mark knew that Manolo Catindig employed that fake nurse to k!ll Romulo when it did not work, he then sent Homer Adlawan’s group and when that also backfired, he was compelled to come by himself.

He knew Hipolito was behind the act of Manolo. What hurts Delfin was that they did not have evidence against Hipolito. General Borja said there was a person of interest who did not fall part in the initial plan of the attack but helped Dumaguit to escape.

The CIDG then summoned Andy to query her on Romulo which she acted innocent. She went to the camp to tell Cardo about it. Her fear was that she was being suspected and also the neighbours might rat the Vendetta group out since they saw Becky and the girls with them.

Alyana failed to sign the marriage annulment and sent it to Marco at the hospital. Marco asked why she did not sign the divorce but she couldn’t utter a word.

Attorney Velasco, the lawyer helping with the divorce arrived and told her that she has to sign for the court to send summons to the house of Cardo. Alyana looked so pale and was not ready to do that.

“Alyana you just have to sign this!” Marco urged.

“You are just one signature away from your freedom.

Elsewhere, Lucas told Brandon about his inability to stop the marriage plans of Marco and Alyana at the moment. Brandon asked whether he would allow them to marry, stressing that Alyana might have signed the divorce, hence his father should act fast.

He told Lucas that he was scared of Marco. Lucas objected, saying he was rather scared of what Marco could do to himself. He swore to find ways to stop that marriage. Becky and her daughter, together with Peng and the Flower Power Girls arrived in Becky’s house.

The girls were worried since they they were guilty and were scared that they would be nabbed along with the Vendetta should the neighbours rat them out. Becky objected since the police were only looking for the Vendetta not them. She also said she would do something about the neighbours’ issue.

When the lawyer left, Marco told Alyana about the person Catherine knew who could speed up the annulment process. Marco realised Alyana did not look cheerful and he asked her if that was not what she wanted. He promised to help her cut ties with Cardo.

“Marry me Alyana and I will make you happy.”

“Because I l0ve you so much.”

“And I will never do anything to hurt you!”

Alyana asked permission to do something but Marco thought she would leave him and acted all paranoid. Alyana went to see grandma Flora to find her looking through their old pictures. Alyana in tears told her that she only came there to inform her that she was signing to annul her marriage with Cardo.

Flora equally shed tears and used her past marriage to tell Alyana how she also felt while married to a law enforcer. She said there were moments that she felt lonely and believed her husband was given all his time and attention to his job. On the second thought she remembered that her husband took a oath as part of his duty to protect and secure the people.

That meant that he owed the public his time at her expense, reason she did not leave but stayed in her marriage. Alyana wept but nothing made her change her decision. She told Flora that court would summon Cardo soon after she signs.

She came from Flora’s room and saw news on Cardo saving the civilians from Catindig and his vile ex-military men. Paco shouted in joy that Cardo was hero and has always been hero, this triggered Alyana to cry more.

The Vendetta also celebrated the return of their leader, Romulo. The commander realised Buffalo was not among them and he was told that he and Jimboy lost their lives during the sh00t out. Diana felt guilty and blamed herself for the attack. She told Romulo that she did not heed to his advice and went out, reason she was followed.

Cardo partly blamed himself for not being there to help Romulo to fight off their attackers. However, Romulo said none of them was to be blamed. What mattered was they were still alive to keep on with their fight for justice.

Hipolito paid Homer a visit and the Venom leader was bragging that he was more competent than Catindig and his black armed men. He said Hipolito should have used his service instead.

Hipolito objected, saying he would have d!ed along with Manolo if he was there. The venom group made it clear that they have done many mistakes but they always escape unhurt.

He realised Homer had bought a new weapon without his knowledge and confronted him. Homer told Hipolito that he was the one who Hipolito was left with so he should be happy that he already took the initiation to buy new weapons to continue the fight.

Hipolito declined his offer and reminded him of being on the watchlist of the police especially now that Catindig has d!ed. He advised them to thread consciously. Guzman presented to Delfin Manolo’s phone which had 15missed calls of Director Renato Hipolito on it just a moment after the incidence.

As Cardo and his group were thinking of means to secure themselves without being caught, Becky also spoke with her neighbours to disclose to them that the Vendetta group actually saved her and the Flower Power Girls, they also went to the hospital to save Andy.

The neighbours realised the news that said Cardo and the Vendetta saved the civilians were true and decided not to rat the group out for their safety and the bounty. Alyana watched the news on some patients and civilians giving testimony on how Ricardo Dalisay and the Vendetta saved them.

Marco who was also watching the news at the hospital on the testimony was infuriated and switched off his Television.

“I hope that Cardo get arrested and I hope they k!ll him.

“I want that man to d!e!” Marco cried.

“Marco,” Menchu called “Stop worrying about those things!”

“Just get some rest okay.”

“I am sure if Cardo finds out that i am marrying Alyana he will find a way to stop it.”

Menchu said that was her concern earlier, and was the reason she did not want him to be with Alyana. Marco threatened to k!ll Cardo first before he does that.

At the Quen’s palace, Mary Grace still missed her sister Aubrey, who was studying in the state, California. Soon, Yohan had a video chat with her and wanted Marissa to talk to her but she was already out of the line. The family were hoping she would complete school and return home.

Hipolito used the situation at the hospital to his advantage and gained top spot in his senatorial race. Vice President Lucas called him to complement him and urged him not to get slow in tackling the issue of terrorism.

Cardo believed his granduncle allowed them to flee but they would not be complacence. The commander told Diana that he understood why she trusted in Borja because he was a man of principles and the General even protected him during his bed arrest.

Elsewhere, Homer resolved to use threat to compel Hipolito to maintain him and the venom group as henchmen. He did not want Hipolito to kick him out of his house in order to continue enjoying his money.

General Borja rolled out a plan after his subordinates investigated on Andy to know the place she stays. Mark and Chikoy began surveillance wearing casual dress but the neighbours were on high alert.

They informed Becky about strange men who they believed to be cops within the place and Becky ran to inform Cardo and the Vendetta. She promised to take care of it so they should remain in the room without going out.

Cardo and his group prepared themselves should they find out that the two strange guys were not officers but henchmen from Hipolito’s camp.


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