Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 331

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 331 Becky and her neighbours save Vendetta from the police, Lucas schemes with Hipolito against a common enemy

Chikoy stumbled on a room which the door was locked. He got so suspicious and walked closer. Inside the room, Cardo and his comrades armed himself to head out should the worse happen that the two strangers were from the enemies camp.

They hid next to the door, Chikoy also drew near to the Vendetta’s hide out but Becky tapped his soldier. She distracted him and asked if he was searching for an available room. Chikoy said he was not there for that.

Becky then began to untie her straps of her blouse to seduce him if he was there for pleasure but Chikoy quickly took his eyes, saying he had to get going. He saw Mark and they left.

The assistant of Hipolito told him about his schedule and the meeting with the vice president who woul unveil him to the public and endorse him. The assistant also extended his condolences but Hipolito claimed Manolo was not his friend.

They weren’t close, he only worked with him and Olegario when he was the director of the NDA. To his dismay, his secretary said Borja was there to see him, only for the police general to invite him to the precinct over his involvement with Manolo Catindig.

Hipolito tried to shift tables claiming Borja wanted to tarnish his reputation since he was against his grandnephew. His assistant and Secretary were surprised. Hipolito went further with his accusations that Borja protected Dumaguit and Cardo and Borja said he did not care about his opinion since he couldn’t prove anything.

Renato refused to go to the precinct with Borja so Guzman and Borja left. Borja told Guzman that he knew Hipolito would not cooperate with them but what he did rather proved that he was guilty and made him more suspicious.

Becky knocked and told Cardo it was her. He told Cardo and his comrades that everything was okay and Cardo thanked her. Becky said she was not the only one who did that the neighbours as well. Cardo together with Becky went to thank the neighbours for no exposing the Vendetta.

The neighbours vowed to protect Cardo and his group since they were fighting corrupt officials so indirectly Cardo has helped them as well not only Becky and Andy. Cardo promised to equally protect and defend them.

Elsewhere, the kids were happy with the new twist to the news which hailed Cardo and the Vendetta group for saving civilians. They wished Alyana would hear the news to rescind on her decision to patch things up with Cardo.

Alyana spoke on phone with Marco to check how he was doing. Marco was happy that he would be discharged soon for him to plan his wedding. Alyana couldn’t utter a word. Menchu called Lucas to inform him and said Alyana was hesitant in marrying Marco.

Lucas was glad but Menchu was concerned about Marco’s health since the boy was like a son to him. She wanted them to give Marco what he wanted before repeating his act of hurting someone. Brandon told Lucas about the fraction of the Bloody Sun, Homer who came to buy weapons.

Lucas said he no longer want anything to happen to Dalisay as he would be the better person to destroy the marriage of Marco and Alyana. They headed to the birthday party of Grace and gifted her. Yohan also presented his sister her gift and told her that her wish for Aubrey and the family to be together would be granted.

Aubrey then surprised her kid sister and she was the present Yohan gave to grace. This made the family happy since they were not expecting her. Aubrey was not happy staying in Los Angeles and wanted her father to enrol her in the local school. Lucas and Brandon came to greet her.

Cardo and his men now planned on their new mission to ensure Hipolito did not get a seat in the Senatorial race.

“Commander we need to make a move now!”

“We must think of a strategy to take down Director Hipolito.”

“The election season is coming up and I am sure he will top the senatorial race because he has managed to win the public very but we cannot allow him to get a seat in the senate.”

“You are right Dalisay,” Romulo uttered.

“A lot of people still believe in Hipolito.”

“It will be harder to take him down once he becomes the senator.”

“It’s campaign season right now!” Anton emphasised.

“It’s our time to launch an attack.”

While in his car, Hipolito also thought of means to push his agenda through.

“I won’t let anyone ruin my chance of victory not you Borja, certainly not you you Dalisay.”

“No one can stop me from being a senator, eventually the president of this country, no one!”

A news on the police investigation into the attack of Manolo was broke and the news established that Manolo had connection with Hipolito and the police were searching for the reason Manolo launched that attack on Dumaguit, the Bloody Sun leader after Homer Adlawan’s ambush failed.

Lucas hired a private investigator to investigate into the life of Renato Hipolito to unravel his secret and his connection with Manolo Catindig. He told Brandon that he had belief in Hipolito but how things were turning getting to the elections season was making him to pull back.

He was relying on him to tackle the issue of terrorism. Aubrey was happy to return home, her father came there and told her that her room was left untouched. Aubrey then apologised for leaving. She said she was happy when she was leaving but when returning she was happier.

She now narrated that since her father became the President, she found it hard to do what she used to so she wanted to live a free life and chose to travel to Los Angeles to live her life but now she realised that, that was not what she needed. She now needed her family.

Marissa welcomed her once again and had a group hug. Alyana received bouquet and that made her remember her husband, the day he brought her a rose to announce their courtship. Alyana couldn’t bear the pain of leaving him anymore. She earlier thought breaking up would put her heart at ease but not anymore.

Andy was also lying on the bed thinking about Cardo, how he boldly saved her from Catindig’s hand also opted to go to work with her to ensure her safety.

Marco was discharged from the hospital and his mother told him about the United Nations Convention trip that she had to embark on but asked Marco if he did not want her to go she would stay.

Since Lucas was not ready for Catherine to come in between his plans, he stepped in to say Alyana was there to take care of Marco so Catherine did not have to worry. Hearing the name Alyana elevated his spirit for Marco to urge his mother to attend the convention.

He said he knew she would speak with him on phone, besides his aunt Menchu who was like a mother to him was there to take care of him. Lucas and Brandon gave a sigh since their plans were working. Catherine told Alyana to take very good care of Marco and should not leave his side while she was away.

Alyana looked so pale and unhappy when Catherine said even if she was away, she would work to hasten the annulment process for she and her son to be together.

Soon, ABP led by President Hidalgo held a campaign to assure the public of a family man who was willing to protect them against all odds. He introduced his first daughter, Aubrey and second child who was the only son he had, Yohan to them all.

Elsewhere, the Vice President also held a campaign to endorse Renato Hipolito as the right man for the senate position. Hipolito also delivered his speech to urge the public to believe in him and not listen to the bad news purposely being aired to tarnish his reputation.

He assured to continue his fight against terrorism and to make the country a serene place to promote tranquility.

“You are criminal Hipolito, a certified criminal!” a random person within the crowd screamed.

The vice president then told Hipolito that what was happening would have a negative toll on his candidacy. They had a secret meeting and revealed to Hipolito all the secret evidence the CIDG has gathered about him. The CIDG discovered from Manolo’s account that Hipolito sent him 250 million bogs which Hipolito denied.

This made Lucas also showed pictures of the secret houses Hipolito owed which Homer Adlawan, a former Bloody Sun member stayed and Hipolito asked how he got to know all of that.

Meanwhile, Becky was worried that Andy had to go to work after all the dangers her life was involved in while taking care of Dumaguit. Peng told his mother not to worry since Cardo has offered to send Andy to work.

Becky felt happy, when Andy went to dress up for work, Cardo and his comrades arrived for Andy. Andy tried to look different and sprayed herself to attract Cardo. Cardo dropped her off at San Rafael Hospital and they agreed to come for her at that same spot at 8:00pm.

The Vendetta then tried to research to know the public opinion about Hipolito and to eventually find Homer’s hideout. They sent Wangbu (George) and Happy to go out to find out. Happy and George saw some people tearing the posters of Hipolito for being a corrupt official who sent Catindig to do his bidding.

Since they no longer trusted him, the people said he was now buying vote. Happy and George went into the car to inform their comrades. Ramil was glad that Hipolito’s rating was declining.

Brandon then showed himself and told Hipolito the secret work they do, selling illegal firearms which Homer Adlawan had been buying from them.

Now that the VP had revealed his secret, Hipolito was compelled to come clean. He narrated that he was a Bloody Sun Member and Dumaguit was his childhood friend who on many occasions saved him and introduced him to the group.

Dumaguit was to be a leader and he was also helped to school in order to occupy a government position to help the group for its mandate to be met but due to power, fame and money he decided to do the contrary.

“I can help you with your ambitions Hipolito!” Lucas declared.


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