Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 332

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 332 Hipolito and Lucas form alliance to help execute eachother’s vile plan, Vendetta save a group of teachers from the clutches of Hipolito

Hipolito in his conversation with Lucas asked the vice President what he wanted from him. Brandon told him they should help eachother. He explained that his camp had a private army but were not like Adlawan so he wanted him to make Adlawan to watch their back while they also help Hipolito to win.

Lucas simply put it that they should form an alliance. Hipolito looked so cheerful. At Lola Kap eatery, Wally and Elmo raised down and torn all the campaign posters of Captain Gina and threw it into the trash can.

Grandma Flora found the act of Captain Gina as hypocrisy. She always made known all of her acts and Yolly said she wanted to have a clean slate to enable the public to vote for her.

As they were talking, Paco stormed there, screaming Flora’s name. He called them inside to watch the news on how the kingdom of Hipolito was crushing down due to his closeness with Catindig. Paco built his hopes high that Hipolito’s true nature would soon be unravelled for him to serve behind bars.

Elsewhere, Captain Gina threw a surprise party for Counselor Dina. Dina wondered how she was being celebrated after all those years as a counselor and celebrating her birthday in solitude.

Gina then told her that she was told she would be her successor so she threw up the party to celebrate and surprise her while she hands over all her projects into her hands. Gina was literally doing that in order to win Dina’s heart for her to cover her corrupt acts and illegal business she was doing in the name of a captain.

The DeLeons kept their hopes high that justice would take its turn with Hipolito.

“And it is likely Cardo will surrender once they catch Renato Hipolito Grandma.”

“You’re right Yolly! I hope this is the turning point that will help lead Cardo down the path of redemption.”

Elmo wished it would happen soon for Cardo to patch things up with Alyana but Marikit wondered how possible it would be since Alyana has already signed the petition for annulment. Flora said they might receive the summons any time soon for Cardo to appear before the court.

Yolly objected since that would be impossible for Cardo to do it since he was in hiding. Meanwhile, Marco was at the Arevalos mansion to break the good news on the strings his mother had pulled to get her marriage with Cardo annulled.

He said Attorney Velasco informed him that Cardo would soon receive the summons. Alyana turned pale but faked a smile. Marco went on with his marriage plans, he wanted to have a civil wedding so once everything was settled with Cardo then he do his church wedding. Teddy told him to hold on to it till Alyana’s marriage to Cardo is successfully annulled.

Hipolito came to Homer’s hideout with his new ally and introduced him to Brandon. They set their plans in motion to help Hipolito to win the elections by hook or crook since the elections did not look good for him.

Andy spotted Borja at the hospital and she escaped him. The CIDG boss kept tailing her but she got away and told Cardo who came to pick her up about it and they narrowly escaped once again. Cardo had earlier swerved some policemen he came across.

Borja went to Andy’s neighbourhood. When he asked of Andy, the people within the neighbourhood pretended not to know her. Some even did not mind him till he saw a certain boy who showed him Andy’s house and he went to interrogate her.

Andy narrated that she was escaping and Catindig from nowhere held her as hostage but Cardo shót him multiple times till he d!ed. Borja insisted that he heard her saying something to Cardo and wanted to know what she said to him since that could help his team with their investigation.

Andy said everything happened so fast so she could not remember. As Borja was leaving, Cardo was also coming out of his room, once he opened the door and saw his granduncle, quickly, he shut the door and Borja turned. He got so suspicious and walked towards the door in an attempt to open it to see.

Andy who has been spying asked Borja what he was doing and the man said he was checking whether that door could lead him out but Andy said there were some tenants there, who might be sleeping so he should pass the other way. She then went to inform Cardo that Delfin has left.

Cardo advised Andy to be careful since Delfin would not stop investigating them. As Delfin was leaving, he felt that Cardo was in there and Andy was hiding him to keep him safe.

Homer and his vile men ambushed Dela Paz’s convoy to demand the Mayor to make his constituents vote for Hipolito. When the man was protesting, they $hot his guards to deàth. Cardo and his comrades watched the news on power drunk individuals who were causing on rest to buy vote

The Vendetta embarked on a new mission to protect voters from those vile men who were causing commotion in remote places to get various constituents to vote for Hipolito. Hipolito moved from the one spot from the survey to 12th position so he realised that the strategy he was using would not help him and he employed another tactics.

The Vendetta stumbled on a school who Hipolito’s man had threatened the principal to make his teachers allow Hipolito’s men to do whatever they liked during the elections which would be held within a week time.

Diana infiltrated the place to listen to what was going on and came to inform Cardo how Hipolito’s men were compelling a school principal to make him talk to his teachers to allow Hipolito’s men to do anything that they liked at the polling station.

Becky and Peng went to church to meet Brother Lorenzo who asked about Andy. Unknown to him, Lucas has told Hipolito to enlist his help to gain his mass audience to vote him into power.

At Camp Crame, Borja’s subordinates were able to find out that Hipolito had sent money into the account of Catindig but the problem they were facing was the bank of Hipolito was not ready to release Hipolito’s full bank statement to them.

They made it a mandate to find the connection of Hipolito to the ex-military men and Adlawan as well as Andy’s connection to Cardo. Elsewhere, Marco brought Alyana home and left while being so happy with the fact that if Cardo failed to show up, the court would grant Alyana the divorce.

Teddy, however, realised his daughter was not happy with that and she admitted to her father that she was still not over Cardo and l0ved him.

As the teachers came out from the school building contemplating on how their step would be some vans with armed men forced them into the van to some abandoned warehouse.

Unknown to them, Cardo’s group were following them. As the leader of that new Hipolito campaign group were threatening them to follow what the principal said and was about to shōot one for time wasting, Greco climbed into the place and opened the gate for Baracuda, Tadpole, Happy and the rest to get there.

They wasted no time in firing to save the group of teachers. The leader of the vile campaign group fled for his life. After saving the teachers, Cardo told them not to tell anyone that the Vendetta saved them. The teachers were very grateful to Vendetta for rescuing them and pledged not to tell anyone.


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