Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 333

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 333 Alyana fights Marco to preserve the good name of Cardo, Blossom and the girls infiltrate a troll house sets to project Hipolito

After saving the teachers, Cardo couldn’t find George and Greco told him that Wangbu went after the campaign leader. The Vendetta rushed home to wait for George there since the police might be on their way to the location.

Brandon met with Homer to charge him to keep an eye on the leader of the Rey of Divine Light, Brother Lorenzo since they needed his endorsement to add Hipolito to the list of leaders he would outdoor to his followers.

Bro Lorenzo, on the other hand, rejected a 30million donation from a corrupt public official who wanted him to endorse him to gain his mass followers. Alyana and Marco were eating at a restaurant when an interview was aired on the kidnapped teachers.

The teachers said they talked with Cardo face-to-face and he and his group were the ones who saved them from the armed men. Marco got upset and said he did not believe in what the teachers were saying. He actually believed that Cardo was the one who threatened them to come out to say that, it was planned.

Alyana objected, knowing Cardo too well, he might have his short comings but he was not that kind who would be capable of Marco’s charges. Marco rose up in fury and took few walk around and returned to the table.

“What? Are you defending your former husband?”

“It’s not that!” Alyana murmured in fear.

“Then What” Marco fumed.

“Is me who is wrong and Cardo who is right?”

“And he is praise worthy?”

“That he is a hero?”

Marco walked out to the washroom and Alyana followed to explain that she did not mean what he thought. Marco had an outburst, claiming Alyana still l0ved her husband and after everything he did against her, she still saw him as hero.

Meanwhile, he was the one who saved her when her life was put at risk, yet Alyana saw him as worthless. Alyana got upset and walked out. Marco then followed her to apologise for his outburst, stressing that he was only upset.

The Vendetta reached home and thought of their next plan. They concluded from what they witnessed that Hipolito was having a political ally and the person was using his men instead of Homer.

George arrived to tell them that he followed the campaign leader to the other side of the building and he saw a group of young people dressed like they were in office but did not know what they were doing there. Cardo made it his group mandate to fish out the secret.

Elsewhere, Brandon met the campaign leader to question him on how the Vendetta learnt about their operations which the guy had no clue. Wally began facing problem since Amor’s husband’s business was facing challenges and since Amor was also a mother she had no job.

Flora offered to give him money to help Amor, so did Yolly. The kids also offered him money after Marikit paid small amount from her rent. Wally returned the kids money to them. Brandon told Lucas about given Hipolito gist to see Bro Lorenzo to gain his followers vote.

Brandon recalled how he used violence to win the seat as the congressman. Lucas told his son that Bro Lorenzo was different from the Brother who he intimidated to make him endorse him. The kids trolled captain Gina and drew on her posters to make her look like a monster.

Grandma talked to them against their act. Gina also fell on the ninth position in a new survey. She wept when his guys told him that there was only eight seats so she might need Flora and her family’s vote to keep her in the competition. Renato advised Homer to obey the words of Brandon.

He explained that things were not moving well and his position was dropping so they needed to follow Brandon since he was helping him.
At the Queen’s Palace, Aubrey prepared dinner for the family and the family sat in merriment to dine.

However, President Hidalgo was called so he had to skip that dinner to watch the news on the abducted group of teachers who were rescued. He discovered that Vendetta rescued the group of teachers from armed men who were into electoral violence. This made him wonder whether the Vendetta were allies or enemies.

Wally began a job hunt and Flora asked about how it went. He said it was hard finding a job, earlier he thought he had a job when he saw a restaurant which needed more staff and he applied but they ended up making fun of him and rejected him due to his plus size.

He also tried another one at a shop but he did not get it. Later, Wally spoke with his classmate who was working at a call centre to seek his help in finding a job. The friend told him that there was an available slot. He asked Wally whether he had a social media account and Wally answered the affirmative but wondered how a call centre has a link with social media account.

As planned, the next day, Wally went to the supposed call centre and bumped into George outside the facility. George asked Wally what they do there and he said a call centre. As George was digging deep into the actual work they do in that call centre Wally said he did not know much, he was yet to find out.

When George’s questions were becoming plenty he doubted who he was and left for his interview before being late. Least did Wally know that George was Cardo’s ally and was only there to investigate the operations to help the Vendetta mission.

As Andy advised Cardo to be cautious in his mission to curtail the issue of political violence, Lucas has also given Renato a deceptive clue to f00l Bro Lorenzo just for his endorsement to attract his divine followers to his side for the elections.

President Oscar Hidalgo had a meeting with some executives to talk on means to strengthen the AFP and the PNP to combat election violence and any other discrepancies that might undermine the electoral process. Cardo on the other hand, enlisted Blossom’s help to unravel the mystery behind the call centre.

Wally was told by Saviour, his friend on the Social Media Marketing job they do. He sent Wally to see his boss and Wally learnt that it was a troll agency. He was told to be discreet and should not tell anyone what they were into. Since Wally learnt the nature of the job, he was threatened not to reveal to anyone and he would not be able to back out or else.

Wally felt threatened and asked his friend what his boss meant by or else. Saviour told him to do what his boss has ordered him to do, that was to project Renato Hipolito to the public by writing good works about Hipolito. Wally was assisted by Saviour to create over hundred fake accounts just for him not to be recognised so that they could project Hipolito.

Blossom saw the task given to her by Cardo as easy task and infiltrated the place. He went to an office which she was told there was no available call centre but stumbled on some of the guards within the area who directed them to the troll house. Blossom and the girls did not enter the office for the interview without talking on phone with George.

As Bro Lorenzo was with his family about to carry out his brotherhood duty, Renato Hipolito got there and had a private talk with him. Hipolito revealed his agenda and mission to Bro Lorenzo.

He lamented on how the rébels were terrorising and sending innocent souls to their early grave and wanted the brotherhood leader to add him to his list of politicians who he would endorse. Bro Lorenzo rejected his plea and advised him to stick to his mission.

Realising the Rey of Divine leader did not trust him, Hipolito pleaded with him not to believe in what the public were saying to stain his image and since they were on the same page to protect and secure the public, he should reconsider his request. Bro Lorenzo excused him to look at his flock, leaving Renato to wonder his next step of action.


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