Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 338

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 338 Marco threatens to k!ll himself after Alyana resigns from her post, The Flower Power Girls infiltrate Brandon’s Birthday Party

Lucas spoke with William to learn of the truth which General Borja revealed to Oscar. He admitted to William about Renato’s affiliation with the Bloody Sun but said it would still remain speculation since the police had no evidence.

He also told William to keep him updated and also should continue their plans of rigging the elections. Lucas told Brandon about everything concerning Hipolito and the Bloody Sun but their schemes, he said would not hinder the birthday party he was organising for his son.

Becky, on the other hand, called her friend to get her girls into Congressman Cabrera’s party. As Cardo and his comrades were glad to have Becky and her girls by his side, Captain Gina also staged her kidnap just to win the sympathy of the De-Leons to vote for her.

After Nick, Gido and the abductors released her, Jerome and Rigor queried Captain Gina to have fair idea on who had kidnapped her but she kept giving misleading information and conflicting account on the incident. She then walked out on the officers, claiming they were Cardo’s friends and did not want to believe her account on the case.

Becky broke the good news to Cardo that her girls were through to the event. Diana Olegario then went to meet with James for some equipments that would help the Flower Power Girls in the mission.

Elsewhere, Jerome and Rigor went to talk to Flora to tell her about the conflicting account Gina was giving on her supposed kidnapping. Wally knowing the antics of Gina said the captain might have staged her own kidnap. Jerome said if Gina did that she might be arrested for her act and for deceiving them.

While Alyana prepared to tend in her resignation, Menchu tried to convince her to wait for Catherine before but Alyana refused. She went to Marco’s office at the moment that Marco was about to end his call with Attorney Reyes. He looked so cheerful when he saw Alyana and told her that she came in at the right time.

He broke the good piece of information concerning the annulment, saying Cardo would be subpoenaed the following week. Alyana also said she had a news fir him to and gave him her resignation letter.

Marco was not pleased that Alyana was breaking up with him. Alyana said she meant what she said. While she was leaving the office, Marco followed and screamed out her name. Menchu tried to calm Marco to comport himself since there were other workers.

Alyana indicated that if he thought his scream would make her change her mind then he was mistaken. Marco later called his mother to threaten that he would rather d!e before losing Alyana. He was so convinced that the recent scandal involving Brandon and Lucas was the reason Alyana was breaking up with him.

He said he told Lucas but his father was glad that Alyana was breaking up with him. Catherine pleaded with his son to calm down, she would talk to Alyana.

Mary Grace designed a greeting card to her father to be delivered to Brandon as his birthday present. The girl questioned her parents whether there would be a birthday party for Brandon.

Oscar said the Cabreras were busy with their campaign so they might not throw a party for Brandon like the previous year. The Vendetta led Becky and her girls to the birthday party of Brandon. Becky was not allowed inside since her name did not appear on the guest lists but the Flower Power Girls including Andi who was now posing off with a name Violet.

Becky was worried when she had to split with her girls especially Andi. Andi was also tensed since Hipolito knew her as the nurse who was specially assigned to Romulo but Blossom and her girls promised to take care of Andi.

They told Andi not to worry, she was looking different from the nurse Hipolito saw. Elsewhere, Homer and his lapdogs broke into the house of Alano to intimidate his wife who was praying to God to protect her husband.

They shot video of them attacking and torturing Victoria and sent it to Renato for it to be shown to Brother Lorenzo fir him to cooperate. Lucas seeing the video was so happy about it and toasted with Renato and Brandon for their victory.

Becky then join the Vendetta in their bus to watch the footage from the installed cameras on the chains of the girls. After they entered, the girls told Andi to capture the attention of the Congressman so they split up. Fortunately, Andi captured the attention of the Congressman and he was so into her.

Ruby came to call the Flower Power Girls to prepare them for their performance. In the dressing room, Andi and the girls through their secret handsfree talked with the Vendetta to give them update.

Cardo told Andi that she was doing well and should keep up the act. At the palace, Oscar began to cast doubt on Lucas for his continuous support to ensure a sure win for Hipolito while he supposed to know the life of his candidate. He believed that Lucas might know Hipolito as a former Bloody Sun member.

At the party the girls pulled out their incredible show and Brandon was so attracted to Violet. He later talked with Marco to be at the party but Marco refused due to his problems with Alyana. Marco promised to make it up to his brother next time.

The girls through of means to get to Hipolito and Lucas to obtain the information that they wanted but there were other girls who were flirting with the two politicians. The girls left and the Flower Power Girls came on board to flirt with Lucas and Hipolito.

They used sweet words and seduction to capture their attention while Brandon also promised to pay Violet double if she chooses to go home with him. Violet said she would think about it and called the Flower Power Girls to the washroom to inform them what Brandon requested.

Since Brandon had told her he would not take no for an answer, the flower Power Girls told Andi that it could be a way out for them to accomplish their mission. Though they knew it was a first time for her to do that, for them it would have been easy for them to seduce and cunningly obtain whatever they wanted.

They urged Andi to do it since the Vendetta would be on standby in case of emergency. Andi then went to Congressman Cabrera to present herself to him.

“The car is waiting for us shall we?” Brandon told Andi.


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