Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 339

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 339 Andi woos Brandon to his hideout, the Vendetta saves Brother Lorenzo, Lucas increased the Bounty on Cardo’s head to 5million for shooting Brandon

Since the Congressman was sending her daughter away, Becky looked so scared but Cardo assured that nothing would happen to Andi. Captain Gina considered her staged kidnapping as flopped when she saw only 15 Likes as a reaction to her kidnapping picture posted on social media.

Gido and Nick who appeared in the scene explained that the public might not have shown much concern since they did not see any bruises on her face. Captain wondered why the public wanted to watch how she was maltreated before winning their sympathy.

Elsewhere, Yolly retorted that Captain Gina might have staged her kidnapping to win the sympathy of the public for their votes since she fell on the last spot in the recent survey. Flora doubted the Captain could stoop that low for vote and believed it could be a political rival.

Oscar was amazed to know the Cabreras still went ahead to celebrate when their names were involved in a controversy. Marissa believed their act could mean that they had no hand in the predicament of the Alano family.

At the hideout, Alano tried to convince the favourite lap dog of Brandon to help him escape. The henchman got upset and threw the glass of liquor on the face of the pastor.

As the Flower Power Girls were entertaining Hipolito to know him better, Lucas was also searching for Brandon and came to ask Hipolito. Hipolito excused the girls and told Lucas that Brandon might have gone to the hideout to show Alano the video of his wife.

Lucas called Brandon and his son said he was with Violent and were going to the hideout. Lucas was scared that might lead them into trouble but Brandon assured his father that things would be fine so he should not think about it. Lucas wished Brandon good night and Brandon arrived at the hideout with Andi.

Least did he know that he was being followed. Becky was scared seeing Brandon sending her daughter to the house. Andi played along and even received a thumbs up from Olegario who urged her to keep trapping the congressman.

Andi told Brandon that house was empty and the congressman said he recently bought it for him and the woman that he would marry but did not get such woman till he found her. He went inside for a glass of drink for Andi and the latter took the opportunity to search the place if she could find the kidnapped pastor.

Brandon returned before she could open more rooms. He offered her a glass of drink and asked her they should head to the bedroom. That irked Becky but Cardo calmed her, saying Andi could protect herself. He also alerted the group to get ready, when they see Brandon doing anything then they would go inside to rescue Andi.

Marco on the other hand was at a bar and a lady approached him to keep him company. Virgie hoped the separation of Alyana and Marco would make Marco work on his temperament and return to Alyana. She knew Marco l0ved her daughter and wanted Alyana to give him a chance.

Brandon sent Andi inside the bedroom. Through her handsfree, Olegario warned Andi not to drink anything that Brandon would give her since they did not know what he put inside it. Brandon told Andi to drink but she requested they go outside instead.

Brandon began making advances on her so Andi decided to leave but Brandon did not let her. He forced himself on her and Andi’s hand reached a bottle and she hit his head and ran. Cardo was equally out from the truck with his group and they shot all the guards they encountered on their way entering the building.

Andi went to the direction of where she heard a voice and saw Bro Lorenzo tied to a chair and was beaten. Bro Lorenzo was shocked to see Andi. Andi quickly untied him, Vendetta had also made their way inside the house, facing Cabrera’s henchman.

As Andi was leaving with the pastor, they bumped into Brandon who vowed not to allow them escape. Cardo was there in time to sh00t Brandon to save Andi and Bro Lorenzo. Brandon who hid to save his life got hit by a bullet on his shoulder.

Cardo and his comrades made a way with all the weapons of Brandon’s henchmen while Brandon watched them silently in his hideout.

Bro Lorenzo when sent inside the truck was surprised to see Becky with his saviours. He asked who the group was and Becky explained that the group was Vendetta. Bro Lorenzo was grateful and understood the fraction of people who hailed the Vendetta for fighting corrupt officials.

Due to the massive corruption in the government, Bro Lorenzo did not have belief in the security system to report his captors but Cardo recommended Girona and Soriano to him. As the pastor prepared to go to the precinct, he told Andi to join him file charges against Brandon.

Becky refused since they only did that to save him. Cardo also said they had to protect the identity of Andi so she could not risk it. Lorenzo filed kidnapping charge against Congressman Cabrera.

Meanwhile, Lucas raced to the hideout of his son when Brandon called to informed him about the Vendetta rescuing Bro Lorenzo.
Lucas went to find his son unconscious and rushed him to the hospital. He cursed the Vendetta beneath his breath.

Elsewhere, the media interviewed Bro Lorenzo and the man of God admitted that Hipolito might be part of his abductors but the one who held him Captive was Brandon and he was also saved by the Vendetta.

He threatened him to retract his words against Hipolito and the Vice President. Oscar was furious to watch the news. He was not happy that his Vice and family could go such an extent just to save his skin from humiliation and asked of his security’s opinion. The guard rather saw the religious leader’s words as allegations.

Homer who also watched the news was furious that Cardo and Romulo had saved the man of God and blamed Brandon for not allowing them to k!ll Lorenzo when they had the chance. Elsewhere, Elmo, Wally and Paco decided to get evidence against Captain Gina to back their point of the Captain staging her own kidnapping.

They rushed to Captain Gina and found the woman in her element, she has done makeup which she was posing it off as bruises with Gido taking pictures all to make it appealing to make her win the sympathy of the public. Elmo shot video but Captain saw him and called them. Wally made excuse that they were there to check on her.

As they went, thinking they had obtained the needed evidence, Elmo realised that he did not press the recording button to record the video. Paco was unhappy that Elmo made their work go down to drain.

After Oscar told his wife the familiar person behind the kidnap of the popular pastor, the PnP got to the palace to relay the detail information to Oscar. General Borja told the president that his VP filed charges against the Vendetta, claiming the group broke into the house of his son to k!ll him.

One thing which General Borja said for sure was that Bro Lorenzo’s case filed against Brandon and Lucas’ case filed against Vendetta all in the same night were linked to eachother. He promised to delve deeper into the case to bring to him his findings.

As the Vendetta was relying on Bro Lorenzo’s account to reveal the corrupt officials for them not to be voted for, Lucas also had a media encounter to tend in his lies. He increased the bounty on the heads of Cardo and the members of the Vendetta to 5million.

Cardo charged his group not to wary, they would use the weapons they stole from the lackeys of the congressman against the Cabreras. At the hospital, Brandon woke up and wanted to go after Lorenzo but Lucas said he was late.

Brandon begged his father to forgive him for failing him. Lucas said it was his negligence that has brought them to that juncture but he would ensure that their reputation would not be dent.

“Cardo and the Vendetta will pay for what they did to you.”

“I swear I will take them down myself!”


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