Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 34 Brad plans to ransack Carmen's house

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 34

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 34 Brad plans to ransack Carmen’s house

Cardo followed Raymond to the restaurant where Raymond scheduled to meet Emily, the maid.

Chikoy called Cardo to inform him that the friends of Raymond have left the house and since he had no car he could not follow them.

Meanwhile, Brad and Jenna raided the house of Emily’s boss and stole all their belongings. In the restaurant, Emily asked Raymond why he did not have a girlfriend but he said the girl broke his heart. He talked nicely to the maid and made her believe he was interested in her due to her simplicity, truthful and her humble nature.

His accomplice messaged and also called him to inform him that they were done with the job. He faked that it was his mom and he told Emily that his mom was not feeling well so he had to go and send her to hospital.

Emily offered to help him but he said no and gave her money to settle the bill. As he left, Cardo, Billy and Mark followed him but lost him.

Raymond called Ninong to inform him that the mission was successful. He stated that he was able to get lost from the eyes of the police.

Ninong advised him not to meet Brad and Jenna since Cardo was smart and might catch them without him knowing.

He told Raymond to come clean at the eyes of the police by going to his parents house.
Cardo and his team informed Delfin and other superiors about their failed operation.

Meanwhile, Lola Kap caught Benny selling firecrackers. She sent him to jail and Cardo came to meet him. He pleaded with them, explaining that he wanted to surprise Flora with a gift that was why he was still selling the firecrackers.

He was later set free and was forgiven for his misdeeds. Rachel on the other hand was persisting that Verna should make up with Tomas.

However, Philip gave money to be shared among his workers and gave Diego a huge sum which catured the attention of other workers. They were grateful for the kind gesture and were told to inform Philip if they needed money.

Edgar received money that he had been waiting for all those while. Ryan said he would now get his shoes for the festive celebration.

Brad and Jenna met with Ninong to scheme about a new operation.

A news publication came out about a house which some robbers had raided. Cardo went to inform his superior that the maid in the newspaper was Emily, the one he saw with one of Ninong’s guys.

Emily came to the station and they investigated. Cardo told Emily that it was a new strategy that robbers were using to rob from people.

Emily still could not believe that Jack (Raymond) would do her such thing. Cardo was quite sure that he was not called Jack, explaining that the gang survey houses and intentionally send friend requests to house maids and house keepers to rob them.

Later, Cardo called Benny to help him. They went around showing pictures of Kenneth if they could find him.

They went to several places and Benny complained of being tired. He said it was impossible to find someone who did not want to be found.

Finally, they met a taxi driver who knew Kenneth and he led Cardo and Benny to his hideout.

He made an attempt to run when he saw them but Cardo caught him. Robert explained that he owed lots of people and would not be able to stand his family should he meet them.

Cardo managed to convince him to go back to his family, saying he had responsibilities, hence did not have to run away from it. He showed him the video of Leanna who wanted to meet her father before the end of the year.

Brad after seeing Ryan’s money and shoes on social media made it a mandate to get the expensive shoes at all cost.

He went to Edgar’s house with Jenna to survey there. They learnt that they would go out that evening and planned to ransack the house.

Carmen and the family prepared themselves to leave the house. She told Billy that they would not go to Flora’s house to drink and crack fires. She said she had already warned Billy not to learn from Cardo. Edgar used the opportunity to reaffirm his feelings for his wife.


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