Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 340

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 340 Brother Lorenzo files a lawsuit against Brandon, the PnP obtains valuable evidence against the Cabreras

At Camp Crame, Billy and his colleagues came to Borja with the new information they have gathered on Brandon. They discovered that Brandon held a party and went to his house with a particular lady.

General Borja channelled their focus on finding the lady who went with Brandon to his house. He believed the lady could be of help to them in finding answers to their questions.

Elmo told Grandma Flora and the family about the Vice President’s speech to the media. He said the vice president accused the Vendetta of breaking into his son’s house to attack him.

Wally who got hit by events told Flora that he actually met with Cardo after the fake call centre issue to provide Cardo with information that linked the incident to Brandon. Paco concluded that Cardo focused on Brandon and believed he rescued Bro Lorenzo.

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Catherine arrived in the country and the reporters hounded her at the airport to ask about the scandal but she walked out on them. Catherine went to see her husband to query him on what he got himself involved.

She was much concerned about how the issue has affected Marco and Alyana’s relationship. Lucas was surprised that upon all that was happening she only cared about Marco’s relationship with Alyana. Catherine was scared Marco might commit suicide again. However, Lucas urged her to trust him as he got it, he would solve all the problems.

The news on Lucas was aired once again and Alyana who was watching was sad to discover that the Vice President had increased the bounty on the head of Cardo and his comrades.

“I know you are fighting for what’s right Cardo!”

“But once again you are doing it at the risk of your own life.”

“You can’t face them all Cardo, abandon your mission and let the justice system work!”

Marco who was also watching his father in the news got upset by the mere mention of Cardo’s name.

“I hope you d!e Ricardo Dalisay I hope you d!e!”

General Olegario was bothered by the recent news and told Cardo that she was scared with their mission as they were up against the affluents who would use their resources to bring them down. Cardo no intentions of slowing down. Since they were not embarking the mission for selfish reason, he charged them to beat their opponents in their game.

Menchu later talked to Marco to give Alyana time to think about things.

“Aunt doing that means that I am leaving her to go back to Cardo.”

Menchu advised him to trust in Alyana, besides Cardo was in hiding. At the Arevalos mansion, the family watched the news pertaining to Brother Lorenzo and Congressman Cabrera which supporters of both sides demonstrated at the hospital which the Congressman was receiving his treatment.

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As each side opposed the other’s story, Teddy believed Brother Lorenzo was the one telling the truth and the Vice President and his son were throwing dust into the public’s eyes. Alyana interjected that Lucas denied all allegations by the Ray of Divine Light leader, Brother Lorenzo.

“Criminals will never admit to their own crimes.”

“Do you think Marco knows about what his brother and father are into?”

“I don’t know dad!”

Marco told Menchu that Alyana now believed her husband was a hero and not a criminal. As they were talking, Catherine arrived and promised Marco to get him reunited with Alyana. This cheered him up.

As the Vendetta planned on their mission, Lucas also schemed with Hipolito to ensure Brother Lorenzo appear as the liar on the eyes of the public. He vowed to make Bro Lorenzo regret for choosing the wrong side. Soon, he met with the President and still posed off as the victim together with his son but the President didn’t buy his lies.

Cardo prepared his men for the big battle
While General Borja did obtain positive news from Guzman and Chikoy with their recent investigation to get the footage of the birthday party, he made his subordinates paid Brandon a surprise visit to query him.

Brandon lied to have left the party alone with his bodyguards, much to Guzman’s surprise. The VP came in and sacked them since he had already given a statement to the police. Menchu disagreed with Catherine for interfering in the affair of Marco and Alyana.

She deemed it as prudent for Catherine to stand by her husband’s side especially in solving the current scandal. Catherine said her husband gets away with everything. This made Menchu conclude that Lucas and Brandon did kidnap Brother Lorenzo but Catherine said it should not bother them since those involved were not bothered.

Lucas apologised to the CIDG crew and Billy also apologised. He explained that he was only in haste to get to the bottom of the issue. Oscar told his wife how Lucas was concerned about Brandon. He was even willing to send Brandon to the precinct if he was found guilty.

Lucas spoke to William to urge him to manipulate the elections results. For his case, he knew how to manipulate Oscar to make him believe him. Catherine visited Arevalos to convince Alyana to get back with Marco but Teddy was not in support. Virgie on the other hand assured Catherine Alyana would get back to Marco.

Elsewhere, Ramil sent Cardo and the other members of the Vendetta to his friend called Loyal. There, some two men spotted Cardo and due to the bounty, they quickly informed the police. Ramil took some ammunitions from Loyal, a friend who they used to rob together.

They heard police siren wailing so Loyal made the Vendetta escaped through the back door with some stolen cars at his work place. Ramil realised that Loyal had not changed and was still into his old crooked ways. Having no choice, the group fled in those vehicles. Loyal faced the police and denied seeing the Vendetta.

Brother Lorenzo addressed his congregation on the incident. He said although forgiveness was ultimate but not everything that one has to condone, the law had to take its effect. In walking his talk, Brother Lorenzo said he has seen his lawyers to file a case against Brandon.

As Lucas and his son Brandon were scheming on how to render any evidence that the pastor would present as null, Marco passed by the Arevalos mansion with a bouquet to present to Alyana but Teddy did not allow him.

Teddy advised him to be by his father and brother especially with the current issue to give Alyana ample time to decide whether to be with him or not. Marco explained that whatsoever his family was engaged in knew nothing about it. However, his family would do no such thing and all those were mere allegations.

Meanwhile, Virgie was compelling Alyana to see Marco but her daughter refused. Cardo and his comrades made their ammunition ready to tail Hipolito. Elsewhere, the CIDG conducted an investigation at where the man of God was held captive.

As Lucas told Hipolito on phone that failure of him to have accepted the PNP to conduct their investigation but made it clear that the place has been thoroughly cleansed. Unknown to him, the PNP gained a valuable evidence at the place.

Diana seeing Renato as a rotten place to have used a religious institution as his party office, the group kept tailing the rotten politician to a certain place but they decided to remain in their respective cars to keep an eye on Renato to know their movement. Hipolito went to that secret place to meet his party leader, Lucas who told Hipolito that William was securing the source code and his win would be inevitable.

President Hidalgo on the other hand was working to get the source code to secure the integrity of the voters and their choice. Least did he know that his special assistant was working with the enemies to defeat the purpose of the source code.

Hipolito smirked when Lucas told him that he was waiting for Williams to gain the secret code for them to rig the elections.


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