Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 341

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 341 Brandon arrested for kidnapping and frustrated murder, William intercepts the source code to rig the elections

Cardo and his comrades were still in their respective cars watching the movement of Hipolito. Anton spotted a car which has arrived and a man in black trousers and sleeves came out of the white Car.

As the group was fidgeting on who the person was, Olegario told them that the person was William Cerriro, a special assistant to President Hidalgo who knew all the top secret of the President. Not only that, he and Hidalgo were friends. The group then concluded that William was working with Lucas and Hipolito.

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Lucas and Renato were glad to see William and he told them that the President would receive the source code that evening. While in the car, Catherine called Marissa to apologise for her husband’s name to be drag into the mess of her husband.

She asked if Marissa was bothered by some comments which attacked President Hidalgo and the first lady said she was not bothered by it. Catherine asked to meet her and the first lady accepted. When they met, Catherine began to weep that she thought her husband was doing everything possible to bring out the truth but now Lucas has made that painful decision to hand his son over to the police.

Oscar was surprised to hear that, Catherine kept on with her charade that her husband was affected by the situation yet he was doing that and did not know why the people Lucas had served them in humility and kindness were still prosecuting him.

When William left the secret place, in his car he called Bermudes to enlist his help in rigging the elections. The Vendetta followed William to the palace. Marissa told President Hidalgo how sorry she felt for Catherine and was even surprised that Catherine was getting close to her since they have never been close.

Oscar asked whether she failed to get close to Catherine since she was his ex girlfriend and Marissa said no. Oscar called Lucas to ask why he had to turn his son in while the police had not found any evidence that criminalised him.

Lucas said the public now was seeing his son as a liar so he was turning Brandon in to help the police carry out their investigation. Catherine got to the hospital to inform Lucas that she did what he asked of her and her husband was happy with that.

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Grandma Flora was glad that Wally has not given up on his search for a job in spite of what has happened. The fat guy told Flora that he took his inspiration from her. Paco showed a news on the Cabreras which suggested the politician was sliding down.

As they were talking, Captain Gina was ridden on a motorcycle as part of her campaign and was followed by her minions. Yolly knew the captain would still engage in gimmicks just to win the elections. The Vice President, his wife and son were heading home when the reporters surrounded them to ask Brandon about his reactions to Brother Lorenzo’s charges filed against him.

Lucas stepped in to tell them they should direct the questions to him since his son was not in the right frame of mind after what happened to him. Catherine cried that her family was going through hard times after all the allegations. Although, Brandon was not her flesh and blood yet she knew him as a honest person who would do no such thing.

The Flower Power Girls saw the Cabreras’ as cunning but Blossom said it could be that Catherine did not know what her husband and son were doing. The Vice President told the media that since his son was seen as the culprit he was turning him to the PnP for the police to move ahead with their search.

Lucas ended his speech by advising Brother Lorenzo to have a clean conscience and stop tarnishing his family’s reputation. This boiled the blood of the many supporters of the Ray of Divine Light leader. Cardo and his comrades believed the Vice President had gotten rid of all the evidence and knew his son would come out of it.

Least did the Vice President know that General Borja has intercepted an evidence which confirmed fingerprints of Brandon and were securing a warrant to arrest Brandon. President Hidalgo typed the passcode and secured the drive containing the passcode.

Lucas sent Brandon to Camp Crame to hand him over to police. General Borja who met them consequently arrested Brandon for kidnapping. Catherine interjected that it was not true and it was planted.

General Borja showed the fingerprint the PnP found at the house which Brother Lorenzo was found and eventually tortured there.
William received the news and told Oscar about the arrest of Cabrera.

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The news made the Vendetta and the De Leons happy. Oscar commended Borja for his job. Catherine blamed Brandon but Lucas told his wife to trust him. He planned to talk to his lawyers but Catherine was still not happy with the development since that might tarnish their political image.

“Catherine don’t underestimate me, I will get away with this.”

Marco got there to ask how Brandon was doing and whether the allegations were true. Lucas said the allegations weren’t true and he would also get Brandon out of prison. Lucas left and Catherine told Marco not to worry his father got it. Marco said he was only worried because what was happening was having a dire affect on his relationship with Alyana.

William got the code but was having a second thought to move ahead with the plan. The Vice President met him and realised his ally wanted to back down. He reminded William all the help he has given him aside covering up for all his crimes. He advised William not to be coward and do the needful.

After her job search failed, Alyana called her parents to inform them that the owners of the jobs were prejudice due to Cardo. Teddy told her not to tarry and Virgie said just like Marco did not care to hire her, same way, someone would also hire her.

She was not happy that Alyana resigned from her job while all that Marco showed her was l0ve. She told Alyana to be more understanding and accept Marco. Teddy could not believe that his wife still believed that Marco was a good person and the best suitor for Alyana.

At home, Marco also tried reaching Alyana countless number of times but she failed to answer. Catherine got there and Marco vent his anger on her for her inability to win Alyana over. Catherine told him to give Alyana time but Marco yelled at her. Lucas got there and was furious that upon all the family was going through all that Marco cared about was Alyana.

He called his son selfish. Marco said he was not the cause of their family’s problem it was Brandon and Lucas. Marco said he l0ved Alyana and could not leave her. Lucas found it amusing that he was still after Ricardo Dalisay’s wife after Cardo shot Brandon.

Later, Catherine talked with Lucas concerning Marco and told her husband not to have screamed at Marco. Lucas said he could not always give in to Marco, he was getting màd over Alyana.

As Oscar scolded his vice for his son’s act, the Vendetta also wrapped their hands around the connection between the palace and Hipolito and concluded that William colluding with the vice President and Hipolito meant that they were planning to alter the elections.

“In that case, we have to safeguard those voting machines,” Cardo said.


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