Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 342

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 342 William k!lls Bermudes after he hijacks the voting machines, Marco attempts to k!ll himself again over Alyana

At the Palace, Aubrey was running with Grace and the latter bumped into Vice President Cabrera. She hugged and they exchanged pleasantries. Marissa appeared in the scene to tell Aubrey to take the lead with Mary Grace so that she could talk to Mr VP.

Lucas hoped Marissa did not believe in the slanderous allegations against him and Brandon on social media. Marissa did not know who to believe in that trending issue but one thing she believed was that Brandon would be set free if he was innocent.

Captain Gina, realising she might lose the elections when the all her gimmicks failed she resolved to vote buying and counted her money in front of Gido, Nick and the rest as they geared her up. The Vendetta got a place which was like Mountain Keragao to park their stolen vehicles.

Lucas threatened William to get the flash drive from the safe of the president to carry out their rigging plans when William was hesitating to execute the vile plan. He forwarded to Celerio’s email all documents proving his corruptible acts and the misappropriation of the cabinet fund to threaten him to dance to his tunes.

As Cardo readied his comrades for the task ahead, William also managed to get the flash drive from the safe to hit the road to accomplish his task. After he and Hipolito watched the news on the automated machines which only the President has the passcode, Lucas talked to William on phone and the latter told him that he now have both the flash drive and the source code.

Lucas told him to get ready to intercept the counting machines which were on their way. He gave the route which the convoy would take a turn to meet William and his men. Elsewhere, Alyana received a call given her green light about a job offer she has gained through the help of Marco.

Alyana relayed the information to her parents. Teddy believed Marco had been monitoring but Virgie wanted Alyana to be grateful to Marco for helping her to get a job. That, Virgie said prove Marco’s l0ve for her. Cardo and his comrades divided themselves to go to the various voting precinct to monitor the voting machine in order for Hipolito and his minions not be able to rig the elections.

They found out that the counting machines had kept too long to arrive and that was the first time such a thing had happened. Unknown to them, the convoy bringing the voting machines to the destination was ambushed by William and his vile men. They shot and k!lled all the soldiers leading the convoy with their fake police men who helped William to accomplish the mission.

Cardo told Olegario that there was a problem and he had an information that the voting machines were sent to a secluded area. The Vendetta split themselves when they used a map to check the area which the people could have sent the hijacked voting machines. Bermudes manipulated the system and after his job, William shot and k!lled him.

The news of the delayed arrival of the voting machines was aired and Oscar called William and the latter said they encountered small problem but it has been resolved. Catherine called Alyana to visit Marco, stressing that due to the family issue, he was going through a lot and needed someone. Alyana refused to visit him.

Marco drawn in misery and drunk his head out. He refused to eat. Meanwhile, Virgie talked with Alyana to be by Marco’s side. She told Alyana to remember how Marco saved her life but Alyana believed Marco might misinterpret her visit. Flora and the family taught the kids about voting.

Captain Gina also prepared her lucky charm dress to wear for the next day elections and Gido made fun of her. As Catherine was telling Menchu how Lucas had been unfair to Marco and always favoured Brandon, Alyana came and she was happy that Alyana has come.

Marco was about to drink overdose of sleeping tablet and his mother knocked on the door, saying he has a visitor but he failed to open. After several knock and he did not answer, Menchu rushed for extra key and the opened the door to find Marco about to drink the tablets. His mother stopped and Alyana stood motionless.

Tadpole and Earthworm stumbled on a checkpoint and saw William’s men shooting all those security official and they ran to inform Cardo. Cardo called General to inform her and they followed the voting machines.


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