Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 343

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 343 Cardo and the Vendetta k!ll the gunmen who hijacked and tampered the voting machines, Alyana gives Marco a second chance

The cargos carrying the tampered voting machines were ambushed by the Vendetta. After they cleared all the vile men of Lucas and Renato, Diana called James to seek his help to investigate the hijacked voting machines which were done by Renato and Congressman Cabrera and also address the media.

When the Vendetta left the crime scene, the police soon arrived to gather information about the men who were shot to deàth and the group that hijacked the machines.

Oscar was informed and General Borja through phone conversation explained that the machines were earlier hijacked and the ones conveying the machines who were deàd at Mindanao were also ambushed by a different group.

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Investigation, he said, was currently ongoing. The president asked the possible motive behind the act and General Borja said the motive could be tampering the results. Oscar saw that as impossible since he was the only one having access to the source code and before the person could do that they needed to access the source code.

Alyana made Marco promise her and Catherine that he would not attempt to take his life again. Marco accepted on the condition that Alyana would always be by his side. Catherine while in a car with Menchu told her sister how relieved she was when Alyana honoured invite otherwise something bad would have happened to Marco.

Menchu advised her to continue being part of Marco’s life and also she should be worried about Brandon. Catherine careless about her adopted son and told Menchu that Lucas would take care of it.

William spoke to Lucas and he said the truck reached a checkpoint but his guys took care of it and he was also on his way to the palace to put the flash drive back to the safe before the President suspect it has been swapped.

Feeling so happy that things were going as it was planned, Hipolito availed his face with bad news that after the trucks passed the checkpoint, there was another group that ambushed the trucks to stop the cargos from reaching its destinations.

Andy and the girls came to Cardo’s room to ask the Vendetta how the mission went and were told that Renato managed to tamper with the results but they were able to ambush them to stop the cargos from sending the voting machines to their various destinations. That, Cardo said would help the right of the voters to be protected.

William got to the office of Oscar in order to put back the drive and took the one he swiped with from the safe, before he could do it Oscar and one of his guards got inside. The guard hoped the culprit behind the tampering of vote was not inside the palace. He made the president check if the flash drive was there.

William acted in shock when the President told him about the news and he claimed the person who was attempting to tamper with the vote was not wise to think he could accomplish that. He set the laptop ready, the president checked his safe and found the drive in its box, unknown to him, it wasn’t the original drive.

William took it and swiped it with the original one in his hand and inserted it for the president to enter his password to verify it was the drive. The President immediately called the election board for an emergency meeting and the board who came with their findings.

They revealed to Oscar that they checked the voting machines and already there were casting of votes ahead of the elections which simply meant that the machines were tempered with, therefore the elections had to be postponed till further notice. Oscar was upset that the election board failed since the source code was with him and that meant that they couldn’t do that but they were able to tamper with the result.

Meanwhile, Homer and the venom members after watching the news felt sad that their dreams might not come true as an unknown group destructed the rigging process. Pilo fully believed the Vendetta were behind the act. He was scared that Vendetta would finish them too since they were able to k!ll the private army of the VP. Homer punched him, Homer said they had to find Romulo and Cardo to k!ll them.

“But what if they end up k!lling all of us first,” Pilo hissed.

“What if I k!ll you myself!” Homer pointed a gun at him while the rest of the members held him back. Unknown to him, Bubbles was also spying on them.

Catherine stormed her husband’s office to demand the truth of what was reported and Lucas came clean. He also said when his party wins the elections, they would be able to secure the senate to get Brandon from the cell.

Teddy was not happy that Alyana has given Marco another chance to hurt her but Virgie told him to allow their daughter to make her own decision regarding Marco. Captain Gina was glad that the elections had been postponed. She jubilated and her minions were astonished. She explained that the postponement would give her ample time to campaign further in order to grow her business.

Marco visited Alyana with bouquet and pleaded with the Arevalos. Since Alyana has accepted him into her life with an excuse that Catherine told her that Marco had been yearning for true l0ve, ever since he was a child.

When he found that l0ve in Alyana he now felt relieved and did not want to lose that. Elsewhere, the Vice President went to Oscar’s office to meet the President. Oscar showed him the tampered results which his Party, Independent Party was leading with Hipolito winning the senate vote.

Cabrera asked whether he was to be blamed for that. The PNP also did their investigation and after Brandon failed to tell them the truth about the tampered result, they discovered that Banier Bermudes, a renowned hacker’s body was found and believed he encoded the system to rig the elections.

Marco returned home in happiness to thank Catherine and Menchu for talking to Alyana to make her return to him. He said the family of Alyana has accepted him. Lucas arrived to interject that it was good that someone was happy even when the family was in its worse state for them to be accused of brains behind the electoral fraud.

Marco said sorry to his father as he never meant to be insensitive. He asked his father what he could do to help and Lucas told him to leave Alyana and should stop running after her, that would save the image of the Cabreras.

Elsewhere, Hipolito was asked by Homer whether he would give up based on the trending issue. Hipolito called Cabrera to ask of the way forward and he said he would have a way out.

He held a press conference to deny all the allegations ruining his party image and his reputation as well. During the elections day, the Vendetta went to the various polling stations to ensure the elections remained peaceful. The group split themselves while there were some goons paid heavily by Hipolito at various polling stations to buy the electorates to make them vote for Hipolito.


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