Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 344

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 344 Hipolito loses the senatorial seat to Hilario, Lucas schemes to get closer to Oscar over PMP’s defeat in the elections

At Camp Crame, Vice President Cabrera together with his wife, Catherine, went to visit Brandon. Lucas told him that he has spoken with their attorney and he would soon be set free.

Per the recent scandalous act which the Cabreras were fingered in, Brandon asked whether their party would win the elections and if his father would go to the precinct to vote. Before Lucas could talk, Marco arrived.

Brandon said he did not want his brother to see him in that state. Marco apologised for not being there to visit him. Brandon asked if Marco believed in the allegations against his family. Marco said he was close to him and knew he wouldn’t be capable of what they have been accused of.

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Paco saw Didi and complemented her looks. Captain Gina and her minions arrived in style to cast their vote. She told Didi to call her “Coun” as she would no longer be the Captain but Councilor and Didi would take over from her as the Captain. Didi was shocked how Gina believed the election was a done deal for her.

Elmo reminded the captain that it was election day and no one had to campaign. Captain Gina made it clear that she was not campaigning. She was in all her lucky charms that was the good luck she was carrying. Elmo told Yolly and Flora that Gina was very optimistic to win even though he did not do well in the survey.

Wally, Elmo and Paco were volunteers so Flora advised them to keep watch to ensure peaceful elections. They were served with meals as they monitored closely. Cardo and his group were also on the lookout since the group preempted vote buying and other irregularities which might occur on that election day so they went to various precinct to keep watch.

They discovered that some vile men were around and were given money to voters to vote for Hipolito. Before the Vendetta would do something, one of the voters exposed the vile men for buying his vote. Earlier, the news had encouraged voters to report all those who would try to use money to buy their vote to the police dispersed in that various polling stations.

Becky and her family including the flower power girls equally voted. Since the issue of vote buying solved itself, Cardo and his comrades left the precinct when the culprits were apprehended by the cops. Hipolito went to vote and the media asked him about the allegations which his name was at the centre, leading in the tampered votes.

Hipolito pinned the voting anomaly to his political opponents. However, he was highly optimistic that he would win the elections irrespective of what his opponents would do. In a convoy, President Oscar Hidalgo and family arrived at his constituency to vote at the precinct. As the media announced his arrival, the public also welcomed him with praises.

After Oscar and his children voted the media interviewed him about the previous anomaly involving his vice’s party. His guard wanted him not to talk but President Hidalgo chose to talk to address the issue. He said Vice President Cabrera was his friend and part of his administration. However, if the ongoing investigation proved his involvement in the heinous crime, he would stand by the law to make Lucas face the law.

Lucas also together with his wife and son, Marco casted their vote at a different precinct and also after their vote, the media had interview with the Cabreras but Marco chose to speak and denied all allegations that were involved with his family. Elsewhere, Paco suspected Gido and Nick after they voted and were still there talking to other voters.

Paco told Wally and Elmo that he would go under cover just like Cardo to find out what the guys were doing. In disguise, Paco walked in to vote so Nick and Gido stopped him to convince him to vote for Captains Gina. Since he was refusing, they were about to give him money and Paco sneezed which made his wig fell off.

Gido and Nick realised it was Paco, they caused commotion and Paco accused Paco accused Captain Gina’s minions of vote buying. The Flower Power Girls and Becky got to Cardo to praise him for the peaceful elections the country witnessed. The media termed the elections as the most peaceful elections the country has ever had.

President Hidalgo was glad to also hear the elections were peaceful but was told there were some issues of irregularities like vote buying which the police have arrested quite number of people at various precincts.

The Arevalos watched Marco’s interview defending his family. Virgie felt sorry for him that he was being dragged into the mess of his family and was sure that even if the allegations were true, Marco did not have a hand in what his father and brother did.

Teddy who switched the television off deemed it as prudent if Alyana cut ties with the Cabreras.

“Do you honestly believe she will be safer going back to Cardo?” Virgie hissed.

“I disagree with you!”

“I feel more at ease if Cardo and Alyana end up together,” Teddy interjected.

“Marco l0ves our daughter!” Virgie stated.

“And Cardo l0ves Alyana as well,” Teddy hissed.

“But where is Cardo?” Virgie queried.

“Right now he is gone but Marco is right here!”

“He is always right here by Alyana’s side!”

Marco and his family arrived home and Menchu asked how he was doing, stressing that she watched the news on him being interviewed by the media. Lucas thanked his son for defending him.

Marco said he knew his father and brother and knew they were not capable of what they have been accused of. He said Catherine also advised him to always stand by the side of his family and that was what he did but hoped Lucas would also support his relationship with Alyana.

After receiving some of the results, from some of the precincts, after collation from the Din Sa Luzon, Hilario from ABP party was leading the senatorial race. Hipolito was declared as the only candidate in history who has received the lowest senatorial vote ever. As the Vendetta celebrated for Hipolito’s downfall Hipolito was also sad hearing the results.

Alyana on the other hand, called Marco to ask of how he was doing and he said he was fine. The only thing that would hurt him was losing her. Captain Gina received information from Gido and Nick that they were almost caught by the police when Paco and Wally saw their act but the good news was both were sacked from the precinct.

Information cane through that Captain Gina was winning the elections. Elsewhere, Flora scolded Paco, Wally and Elmo for causing trouble at the polling station. As the Vendetta and the Flower Power Girls celebrated when all the results were collated and Hipolito fell on the 17th position losing the senatorial seat to Hilario, the president’s party, Hipolito ton his banner and the Venom camp was ridden in fury since their dreams had crushed down.

Marco and Alyana went out on a date and Marco began talking about the preparation of their marriage. Realising Alyana was not happy with with the topic, he apologised and said they would move under her pace. Some guys who one claimed his brother was one of those leading the convoy sending the voting machines to the precinct, said his brother was still not found after the hijacking incident.

They began to talk against the Cabreras so Alyana told Marco that they should leave. The guys talked against Alyana and that got on the nerve of Marco and he fought them. As all his party members lost in the elections, Lucas was so furious and Catherine was there to comfort him, believing they would passed through that bump. Lucas got upset and yelled at his wife.

Meanwhile, President Hidalgo and his party members celebrated their success in the elections. Since his party members won the elections, Oscar was ready to cut ties with Lucas. Sailing through his pains, Hipolito addressed the media and blamed the Vendetta for his lost, claiming losing the elections has made the country lost as well since he was the sure person to put an end to Vendetta’s brutalities.

Lucas apologised to Catherine and he was scared that he would lose his position as Vice since his party could not control the senate.
Catherine already knew how much the elections meant to him so she advised him to rekindle his friendship with the president.

Unknown to her, Menchu was eavesdropping and later talked to Catherine and suspected that Catherine was hiding the truth and the allegations about her husband could be true. Catherine warned her to forget about her being her cousin if she would not believe in her words.

Marco and Alyana arrived home and she treated the bruises. Catherine came there and Marco said Alyana has treated it for him. Hipolito seeing his banners being taken recalled how the campaign earlier went in his favour and got the majority to his side, now all for nothing even with VP’s help.


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