Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 345

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 345 Captain Gina celebrates her election victory, Lucas orders for the head of Cardo over demands of Oscar to step down as VP

Oscar and his party executives were glued to their Television and as the news declared that all the senators came from his party, the New People’s Party he congratulated all the winners and urged those who lost to also support.

He made them bare in mind that they were given the mandate to provide good service to the country and they should not disappoint. Captain Gina was fanned for her victory. They then led the new Counselor through a street walk and the DeLeons were surprised to see them celebrating.

Didi joined them and Gina was happy that Didi was the Cap. They danced as Gina told her they would talk about the projects within the community later. After successfully accomplished their mission, the Vendetta decided to take a breather and they cleared an available space to fix a hangout joint. The Flower Power Girls and Becky helped in the fixing of the place.

Luca decided to take Catherine’s advice to visit the President to call a truce. Before he would do that, he went to visit Brandon at the precinct to tell him about his plans of seeking Oscar’s help to get him out. Brandon took that opportunity to beg his father since his arrest, to him, contributed in the massive loss of Independent Citizen Party.

Lucas said he was not to be blamed but Cardo and Vendetta were the brains behind their loss. He promised to make the vigilante group pay. Hipolito had no different opinion. He told Homer and the venom how Cardo had foiled his plans and they schemed against the vigilante group.

Oscar began to think that there was a traitor in his circles. Marissa advised him not to use one parson’s betrayal to doubt those closer to him. Since Brandon’s case was still in the hands of the police, Marissa asked her husband not to find Lucas guilty yet. However, the President believed Lucas was guilty and wanted them to cut ties with him.

At Camp Crame, General Borja thought about forming ally with Cardo and Vendetta. He and Guzman believed the Vigilante group had done a great service for the country. Borja was quite sure that Cardo and his group knew a hidden secret about the Cabreras. Drawing closer to the group would make them wrap their hands around the secret.

Lucas went to the Palace to first congratulate the President for the massive win and also demanded his help to get Brandon and his name cleared. Not only that, he wanted the president to talk to the judge would preside over Brandon’s case. Oscar refused to help him and urged him to trust the law if only his son was innocent the court would prove his innocence.

He made it clear that no matter how hard it would be if his son was Brandon, he would still allow the law to take its full cause. Lucas walked out and Oscar advised him to step down from his Vice President’s position due to the scandal involving his name.

Menchu spoke with her sister, Catherine about Lucas and her sister demanded her to have a complete trust in Lucas as she earlier had her doubt but decided to have trust in her husband. Lucas went to see Brandon to inform him about the President’s response and his suggestion of him stepping down. He swore to make Oscar pay.

Captain Gina continued her celebration to disturb the peace of the people. Brandon gave Borja a hectic time in the General’s hopes of fishing out information. General Borja told him not to worry since his father would soon join him there. Cardo and the Vendetta ate with the Flower Power Girls and Becky asked for their next move.

Romulo said they had to take Hipolito down. This made Becky wondered and they explained how each member joined the Vendetta and the reason behind the formation of the group. Elsewhere, Wally and Saviour were denied job opportunity since they were part of the troll farm workers.

Renato went to see Vice President Cabrera and the latter instructed him to make Homer and the venom get rid of Cardo and the Vendetta. He believed they would be able to bounce back if each member of the group was eliminated. Alyana did a presentation at work and Marco was glad that they would be able to win the client with that presentation.

As Alyana arrived home to announce to her parents about the change in Marco’s behaviour, Flora received a letter from Elmo which was delivered from the court, summoning Cardo to appear for the hearing on his annulment case Alyana filed. The DeLeons were saddened and Wally returned from his job hunt to meet them in the sad mood.

Cardo on the other hand thought about Alyana. Renato called Homer to give him the orders to end the life of Cardo and the members of his group. This time around, he needed result.


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