Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 349

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 349 Cardo abducts Alyana once again when she attempts to escape to Manila, Oscar begins to side with Lucas over a new case which Vendetta is fingered in

Lucas visited Brandon at Camp Crame to introduce a new lawyer, Sheila who would take care of his case. Since the lawyer would not be able to stop Brandon’s transfer, she pledged her support to junk the case against the congressman for him to gain his freedom.

President Hidalgo went to Grace’s room. Grace showed her report to him and her father was happy that his daughter was getting perfect scores in school. Grace wondered why her father has increased her bodyguards.

She wanted the body guards of her father to rest so that Hidalgo himself protect her from pending danger but the President said he was limited to do that but she should bear in mind that he protects her in his heart.

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Grandma Flora told her brother to do something to clear Cardo and the Vendetta’s name from the b0mbing that occured at the swearing in ceremony. Putting the pieces together Flora believed Cardo had something to do with the missing of Alyana.

Delfin was against Alyana being with Cardo. He believed Alyana would be better off without Cardo, surprising Flora.

Homer and his lapdogs celebrated for being useful once again. They were happy with the money they had gained from the explosion which they did and pinned the blame on the Vendetta. When they distributed the cash, Homer made Roldan to give Bubbles her share.

However, Pilo was worried for them to show their criminal faces outside, already they were wanted. Roldan who suggested the outing told him to stay hidden inside the house while Homer warned Pilo not to chicken out again.

The new Captain organised a labour work. Paco who was crushing on the woman promised her that he and Elmo were running an errand so they would help in the work once they returned.

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Elsewhere, Cardo’s friends promised to help him reconcile with Alyana and they drank to celebrate that. Cardo came and slept next to Alyana. The next morning, Alyana decided to run away since her parents and Marco would be worried. Catherine saw Marco who was drunk and sleeping on the couch with a bottle of drink in his hand.

He was constantly mentioning Alyana’s name in his sleep. Caloy and Ambo had left to town so the family had breakfast but failed to call Cardo and Alyana since they might still be sleeping after reconciliation. Least did they know that Alyana swerved them to run out from there. Cardo later woke up to discover that Alyana had left. He chased after her but could not find her.

His friends helped him out in the search for Alyana and learnt that she went to the bus terminal to join a bus to Manila. Cardo raced after her with his jeep. Alyana was unlucky, the bus to Manila was full so she had to wait for the next day. Not ready to get back to Cardo, Alyana joined the jeepney but perched at its side to flee.

The Vendetta, on the other hand were scared that Cardo had been abducted but General Olegario doubted. She believed their enemies would have turned Cardo in so they prayed for his safety instead. Captain Gina among many others were sworn-in. Her minions were there to take coverage of her swearing in by the the mayor as a counselor.

After the incredible event, Gina shoved aside someone to get to stand close to the mayor to snap pictures with him. She tried to make herself known to the mayor and bored the mayor with the projects she claimed she had in mind. The mayor walked out on her but her lapdogs gave her the urge that she has done great job to approach the mayor to inform him about her plans.

The jeepney spoilt on the way so the passengers were forced to return home. Alyana didn’t give up, she walked to continue her journey but Cardo was told by the jeepney driver where Alyana walked to and he followed.

The flower Power Girls were able to confirm their suspicion that Andy was in l0ve with Cardo and was sad that Cardo had left the camp to search for his wife in order to patch things up with her. The Girls understood her and decided not to troll her anymore, believing she was passing through a lot. At work Andy couldn’t work properly since she was still thinking about Cardo.

Peng who Becky had told him to take care of his sister asked what was wrong but she made excuses. Realising the jeep of Cardo was approaching, Alyana ran. Cardo and his guys came from the car to run and catch Alyana. Cardo carried her and forced her into the car. Alyana screamed that she wanted to go back to Manila and warned Cardo to leave her alone.

The Arevalos, on the other hand, were worried about Alyana. Teddy talked with Jerome and Soriano about the missing Alyana. Virgie was positive that Flora knew where Alyana was since Marco has told her that. Teddy also thought of another possibility that Alyana might have run away in order not to carry on with her engagement with Marco.

Jerome said if that was the case, Alyana would have called them. This also made Teddy shiver that something bad might have happened to his daughter. Brandon’s case was forwarded to court and when he was arraigned the media had an interview with Lucas and the Vice President pinned the blame on the Vendetta.

Aubrey who watched the interview prompted her father by questioning him that what if Brandon was innocent and the Vendetta indeed victimised Brandon. Marco spoke with some goons he has employed to watch over the De Leon’s on phone not to keep their eyes off them. Elmo noticed the strange van which had been coming and going and became suspicious.

Catherine saw him and asked the motive behind his act and he explained that Cardo’s family were fully aware of the whereabouts of Alyana. Cardo brought Alyana back home but his estranged wife said things would no longer be the same since she was not the Alyana who would wait in misery to be with him. She warned him to allow her to go.

Cardo was hurt by Alyana’s words, as his face demonstrated how deeply he was affected by Alyana’s indignation, in similar fashion Marco was also exhibiting furiousness and willingness to fight to gain his Alyana back.


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