Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 35

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 35 Cardo saves the Guzmans from Ninong’s gangĀ 

Ninong wished Brad a successful mission. Raymond later called Brad to say that they had been lying to themselves that their family would not accept them when they go back to the house.

He said he was through with the operation but Brad asked him to re-think about his decision since he introduced him into the business.

The Guzmans made their new year resolution wish. Carmen said she wanted to excel in her job as a nurse and also be able to cater for Junior and his Education.

They then left with Billy asking Ryan to ensure the mansion was well locked.

Meanwhile, Raymond called Jenna that he would meet them. Wasting time of his team, when he finally met them, he told them that he did not want to work with Ninong again, adding that he came to stop them from the operation they were embarking on.

However, a man came from the car to warn Raymond that he would take his life away from his hand if he failed in carrying out Ninong’s orders so Raymond was compelled to escort them to carry out the operation.

At Lola Kap’s mansion, the people within the neighbourhood attended her party and made wishes.

Later a greater package which came as a form of a Santa to Keanna’s life was her enstranged father, Kenneth. They hugged and J.Lo ran to embrace him.

After the merry making, the neighbours left, JLo thanked Cardo for reconnecting her and her daughter to her husband.

She was grateful to Cardo for fulfilling the wish of Keanna.

The team in the car alighted at the Guzman’s mansion. They got inside and saw the picture of Ador. Brad called Ninong to inform him that they were in the house of the policeman who was destroying their lives.

Ninong felt happy, hoping he would get justice for all his team members who were killed and were behind bars due to Cardo, he saw it as a perfect opportunity to avenge Cardo for setting his eyes on his syndicate.

He ordered Brad to burn down the house. After getting the money and shoes of Ryan, Brad spill petroleum around.

The Guzman also said goodbye to Lola Flora and since it was late Cardo drove them to the house as Billy already left to meet Mark and Chikoy.

They arrived at the Guzman’s mansion as Cardo left together with Benny, Edgar realised that their gate was opened.

He was shocked since Billy ensured that the door was locked. His wife said they should go in and check their money.

Brad was informed by the man who was watching their back that the family had arrived. This made it difficult for him to set the house ablaze. Already, Raymond stopped Brad from burning down the house but Brad consistently called him a coward.

As they were going, Benny realised that Junior left his thing in the car so Cardo turned back. He reached and knocked several times ar the gate but the Guzman failed to answer.

At that time, Brad was torturing ready to shoot Edgar who was coming in between his mission.

Edgar pleaded that he should rather kill him and leave his family. He was ready to pull the trigger but Raymond kept telling Brad that they were not murderers so he should stop.

There were noise from the sound of the cry by the family, Brad got confused and asked them if they did not keep quiet he would shoot them.

Raymond who was talking on behalf of the Guzman to ensure the operation did not turn sour pleaded with them not to make noise.

Cardo detected that something was wrong when he was driving him. He felt that something bad was happening in the house of the Guzman since they did not open him the door.

He told Benny that he should go to the station for back up. Raymond kept pleading with Brad not to hurt them.

Brad pointed a gun at them ready to shoot Edgar. Raymond told Brad that they were not killers so he should stop. Brad pushed Raymond away.

Cardo climbed the gate and passed through the back. When Brad saw shadows he separated the family.

As he heard the voice of Edgar in one of the rooms which he was closer to he broke in and shot the goons who had tied Edgar and made him lie on the floor with his belly.

He untied Edgar and he asked of the rest of the family and Edgar said the criminals separated them and pleaded with Cardo to save his family.

Cardo searched for the rest and connected Raymond who was climbing to escape from the window.

Raymond began to attack Cardo in order to save himself. He smashed the television when he attempted to hit Cardo with it.

Knowing his life was as risk, Cardo shot Raymond and he died constantly. He searched and found Junior, Ryan and their Edgar’s wife.

He caught Jenna who surrendered and later found Carmen being kept as hostage by Brad in one of the rooms.

Brad told Cardo that if he did not put down his gun he would kill Carmen. Cardo suddenly shot Brad and Carmen flee from his hands.

Cardo untie her and she asked for Junior and ran down to look for her son. The family hugged themselves as the scary moment was over.

They sobbed and Cardo got emotional while watching them. Edgar thanked Cardo and said they were indepted to him forever.

As the drama was over, Billy arrived. Seeing the ordeal that his family was going through he also shed tears. He thanked Cardo for saving his family and sorry to his family for not being there at that crucial moment.

As the bad news travelled, Flora spoke with Edgar and told him that the family could move in with her but he refused.

Being terrified by what had happened, Edgar’s wife pleaded with him that they should pack from their house since it was not safe to live there any longer.

Edgar said packing from the house meant that they were giving up since he and his wife worked hard for several years before they were able to build it.

He convinced his wife and the family decided to sleep in one room so that they could watch over and take care of eachother.
Billy came to inform them that he would not sleep but would join the other police team to watch over the house.

Carmen and her mother were moved by the traumatic experience and could not sleep. They talked as they could not get the incident from their mind.


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