Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 350

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 350 Marco picks a fight with Flora over police interrogation on Alyana’s abduction, Lucas and Hipolito through the Venom group torment Hidalgo

The Flower Power Girls and the Vendetta respectively watched the interview of Lucas on the transfer of his son to a different jail. He still pinned the blame on the Vendetta. The flower Power Girls were glad that Brandon would pay for his crimes.

Becky also could not contain her joy seeing Brandon in the news looking helpless. She was happy that he was paying for what he did to her daughter. General Olegario believed Cardo would be glad to see Brandon paying for his deeds.

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They were hopeful that the PNP would get all the necessary proof to make Brandon remain in prison. Alyana was also talked to by Caloy’s family to forgive Cardo. Caloy and his friends asked Cardo if Alyana was a nagging wife. Cardo said his wife was not like that but was behaving that way since she felt that he neglected her.

At the food joint of the De Leons, Elmo saw the suspicious man and drove him away. Paco even thought he was over thinking, Elmo was sure the person could be a spy. The family did not understand why someone would spy on them but Flora said they ought to be cautious about their every movement.

Lucas arrived home and asked Marco how he was doing. He assured to get Brandon out of jail. Marco also told his father about his woes, which is the missing Alyana. Lucas hoped his son was not thinking that his political rival was behind the abduction of Alyana and Marco said no. He was suspecting the De Leons.

His father told him to stay strong and Marco accepted to stay strong for Alyana but Lucas said he should stay strong for the family. Girona and Soriano after their talk with Teddy decided to go to interrogate Marco since he was the last person seen with Alyana.

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They went to interrogate Marco and the latter got offended by some of the police’s questions and he believed they were insinuating that he was the suspect. He got so upset and drove them away. Menchu intervened and begged on Marco’s behalf.

She urged Jerome and Rigor to leave since Marco was going through so many things. Lucas met with Hipolito to ask about their plans to get the President and the public believe that Vendetta was the one to be blamed for everything that has happened.

Hipolito assured that the plans were moving on smoothly. Soon, Catherine called her husband to tell him to leave Brandon to his fate in the cell. Lucas reminded her that Brandon was his son and he would do anything to ensure he is released.

Catherine believed Lucas was dedicating his time to Brandon and Marco was left on his way so she was trying to make her husband shift his attention to Marco since Brandon was responsible for the misfortune that has befallen on their family.

Marco believing that Flora sent the police after him, stormed the De Leon’s place to pick a fight with them for keeping Alyana and to also make him a suspect. Flora made it clear that she has done no such thing by keeping Alyana.

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Marco then said Cardo has kept Alyana and Flora saw no wrong with that since legally they were still married but Marco yelled that he would not allow that to happen. Paco and Elmo went to Flora’s defense and the bodyguards had no option that to send Marco into the car. The De Leons also saw the guy snooping around and confronted Marco for making his lackey spy on them.

Caloy and Mario went out with Cardo to a drinking bar but once they saw the presence of Tanggol and his lackeys they left the place to avoid trouble. When Cardo arrived home, he found Alyana fetching water to bath. He tried to help her but she refused his help. She later called Cardo to fetch some of the water for her since she has finished using all the water.

Cardo tried to go inside the washroom but she said Cardo would take a peep of her nakédness so she demanded him to close his eyes. After she and cardo finished having their bath and went inside their hut, Doray brought food for the couple and she was in the company of Laurie.

Laurie looking at how handsome Cardo was did not understand why Alyana would pick a fight with such an handsome man. Doray said if her husband James was like that she would not be fighting with him.

William tried to win Hidalgo over but Hidalgo hoped his suspicions about him was not proven wrong. The next day, Cardo woke up to the calls of Alyana who had prepared breakfast for him to make up with him.

Cardo was surprised that his wife has finally forgiven him and promised to make their marriage work. Alyana told him that he has a gift for him, when he turned it was Ricky boy. The boy told Cardo that he l0ved her. There was consistent knock on the hut and heard his name, Cardo woke up only to realise it was a dream and Doray was at the gate.

She came to call him and Alyana to join the family for breakfast. Meanwhile, the Vendetta set out to spy on Hipolito since they believed he and Lucas would be up to something after their lost. Homer, on the other hand, has sent Roldan to deliver a truck containing suspicious items into the palace.

The Vendetta stumbled on them and Romulo ran in order to salvage the situation but he was too late so Olegario went for him before they find themselves into trouble. The Securities who were almost knocked out by the moving vehicle which Roldan left it and went into hiding opened the truck and saw the Vendetta flag.


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