Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 354

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 354 Flora packs out from Counselor Gina’s neighbourhood, Borja is hellbent on finding evidence to prove Lucas otherwise on his staged ambush

Homer shot the convoy cars and some civilians. Lucas’ driver managed to flee from the incident. At Santo Nino, Alyana was left alone and could not stop thinking about claims of Cardo of the place being hunted by spirits.

Cardo and his friends were still drinking. Javier and his lackeys stumbled on them so Mario invited Javier to join them in drinking. Alyana stormed there to fetch Cardo but her words she used made Cardo upset since Javier’s lackeys laughed.

Cardo asked of his leave and Javier claimed Cardo was weakling, he allowed his wife to boss him around. He also complemented the looks of Alyana. Mario and his guys wanted to drink fast and leave but Javier shouted on them that no one would leave unless he says so.

Alyana saw that Cardo was upset for fetching him. Cardo said it was wrong for her to go for him when he was drinking with friends. Realising Alyana was upset, Cardo asked Alyana whether she missed him or she was really scared of the spirits. Alyana said if it wasn’t for the spirit she would not have gone for him. The two slept and Cardo kept apologising to Alyana but she pretended to be sleeping.

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At Camp Crame, General Borja returned to inform his team that Oscar was convinced the Vendetta was behind everything. Mark promised he would get more compelling evidence to beat the footage they saw Romulo and Olegario in.

Soon, they received an information that the Vice President was ambushed and Borja together with his subordinates rushed to the Cabreras’ mansion to query the vice on his attack. Lucas said Vendetta was behind it. General Borja asked if he was able to identify Dalisay, Romulo and Olegario.

Catherine defended her husband since she sensed that Borja wanted to cover up for Cardo but General Borja reminded them that he was doing his work. Later, Oscar called to check up on Lucas and she kept blaming Vendetta for the incident.

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At the crime scene, Girona wondered who could possibly be behind the act. He and Soriano asked some witnesses and they said the gunmen had masks on their faces. Soriano spotted something on the car and alerted Girona. They saw bullet shots which have been used to write “V” on the car to prove it was Vendetta.

Hipolito who saw Lucas speaking with Oscar asked whether the President believed him. Lucas believed Oscar had his doubts about his claims. Hipolito assured the president would believe him with the evidence they have planted. Laurie was still thinking about Cardo and wanted to dance with him, the next day at the festival. Mario saw some poets who were worrying his daughter, Laurie.

He drove them away. The next day, Alyana helped Grandma Nita to prepare food. Alyana prepared indomie. Elizabeth saw that Cardo was helpful and learnt from Alyana that Cardo even quit his job after they married to be with her. He even pampered her more when she was pregnant. Elizabeth did not understand why Alyana couldn’t forgive Cardo after all that he did for her.

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Flora bid emotional goodbye to Marikit. The kids were worried that Cardo and Alyana would not be able to find them once they come visiting. Knowing Cardo, Flora said wherever they were, he would find them. They packed out from Amor’s house.

Makmak cried leaving the place since there marked all the good memories together with Alyana, Cardo and Ricky boy. Elmo reminded him that Ricky boy was no more, so did Alyana and Cardo but admitted that the place brought them together.

Counselor Gina with her lapdogs came to stand aloof to jubilate seeing Flora packing her things into the jeepney. She celebrated and had tears of joy seeing her enemy leaving the neighbourhood.

Flora settled in the house which Captain Dindi rented out to her. As they were setting up and doing the cleaning, the activities year marked the celebration continued and it was also Grandpa Marcilo’s birthday. Laurie yearned for the l0ve of Cardo and wished she was in Alyana’s shoes. She came for a roasted cow to serve some guests.

The police also sat to think about the ambush of Lucas and were very positive that it was staged. Soriano believed the traces were intentionally kept to pin the blame on the Vendetta. Catherine was equally scared that her husband’s staged ambushed would be traced back to him.

Lucas now made plans and visited Oscar to plant doubts on his mind on General Borja handling the case. He used Cardo as a bait in order to make Oscar give the investigation job to someone else. He left to see his son and Brandon suggested they ended the life of Oscar to pin the blame on the Vendetta but Lucas said they have to be calculative with their plans, otherwise they would be found.

The people of Sto Nino had fun as the birthday was ongoing. Javier and his lackeys arrived and saw Alyana standing there alone. He stood to watch her for a while. Alyana later joined Cardo and Cardo told her to sit for him to serve her.

Marco, on the other hand, visited the Arevalos to ask Teddy for forgiveness. Virgie replied that they have forgiven him since they understood that he was worried. However, he should also think about what they were going through as parents of Alyana.

Marco thanked them, Teddy asked him to leave, they would get in touch with him once they hear anything about Alyana.

“If I find out you are keeping Alyana from me..”

“You will dearly regret it,” Marco vowed under his breath.


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