Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 357

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 357 Alyana mourns Cardo after Marco and his private Army k!lled him, what is next for Cardo and Alyana?

In the palace, Marissa returned to the dinning table after she put Grace to sleep. Marissa told Yohan and Aubrey to stay in the state for their safety but the children refused to go to America. They were not willing to leave their parents behind in hard times like that.

Catherine, on the other hand, talked to Lucas about Marco and what he was capable of doing now that Alyana had escaped. Teddy confronted Virgie for siding with Marco when they went to see  the De Leons. He saw that as a grave mistake for Virgie to tag Marco along with them.

Virgie did not stop defending Marco and if Cardo was with Alyana as Flora was insinuating, then to her, Alyana was in danger and she would forever be in hiding. Elmo was sure that what Flora said, Marco might have taken it in the wrong way. Paco said he would face Marco irrespective of the fact that he was the son of the vice president.

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Since Alyana failed to accept his plea, Cardo decided to set her free the next day only then she would realised he did l0ve her. When Cardo went to sleep, Alyana who was pretending to be sleeping now apologised to Cardo that she was sorry for hurting him. She only said all those words in her mind.

Marco had an update from his goons that Alyana was spotted in a car heading to the north but they did not know who she was with. The next day, Cardo prepared breakfast and woke Alyana back to eat and told her that he was sending her back to Manila so he was going to bid his friends good bye. He went to talk to Caloy, Ambo, Elizabeth, Laurie that he was returning Alyana to Manila.

He thanked them for giving him and his estranged wife a roof over their head. Elizabeth did not understand why he had to send Alyana back. He explained that Alyana no longer l0ved him so he was setting her free. Unknown to them, Marco was heading to the place with his minions to reclaim Alyana. As their cars was seen by the town’s people rushing to the to Grandpa Marcil’s house they followed.

Elsewhere, the Flower Power Girls were determined to help the Vendetta to gain information from William Celerio. Blossom planned to use her charms to get to William for the group to gain all the necessary information to strike against Hipolito and Lucas. They vowed to do it in Cardo’s name.

Before Cardo could leave his friends to his hut, he saw a surprise attack launched on him. The vile army of Marco in an ambush shot him and he raced and swerved the millions of bullets being triggered at him. He made a grand jump into his hut to help keep Alyana safe.

He got some raffle under his bed to reply the shots. Since they were many he fled with Alyana and the minions ran after him and Alyana. They reached a certain bridge and Cardo told Alyana to save herself.

Alyana refused but Cardo insisted. As Alyana was running, she bumped into Marco and Marco secured her. Cardo who did not notice the presence of Marco, ran toward Marco’s direction since his eyes were only fixed on the private army of Marco.

He met the bullets Marco reserved for him all those while to rip the heart of Cardo out of him. He was shot multiple times till blood pumped out from his mouth. Cardo fell and Alyana rushed to hold him. She wailed bitterly as she called out Cardo.

As she mourned deeply for Cardo, she rose to find out that it was a dream. She saw the nervy attire of Cardo on the floor. She rushed out to ask Ambo and the rest about Cardo but they have not set eyes on him and believed he has left. She ran to the main street and discord Cardo had left with his Jeep. She ran after Cardo crying while screaming out his name but Cardo drove off and has crossed the rivers.

Marco was seriously seeking for his father. He told his mom that he needed his father to get him a private army to locate Cardo and Alyana in order to k!ll him and reclaim Alyana. His mother stopped him and told him to forget Alyana as that was the best option. Marco couldn’t believe his ears that Catherine has now tied her cloth with Lucas to stop him from pursuing Alyana.

As the CIDG was hellbent on locating Cardo and the Vendetta, Alyana returned after her efforts in stopping Cardo proved futile. She went to the church to pray that God would make Cardo return and give her second chance to fix her marriage. She admitted she could no longer live without her husband. Her prayers were answered and her husband returned to her and she ran to embrace him.

Elsewhere, Captain Dindi was glad that she was able to help Flora. Her supporters asked what if Counselor’s Gina’s allegations about Grandma  Flora was true and she was actually covering for Cardo and the lawless Vendetta group members.

Dindi believed in Flora and was quite sure that the woman was telling the truth. Meanwhile, the kids rushed to Grandma Flora to ask her to give them something to do when they were cleaning the place. Wally gave them a job to get Makmak, Paquito and the girls busy.

The flower power girls also showed concern about  Andy’s change in behaviour as her brother said Andy has refused to eat. The girls did not know how Andy would take it should Cardo return to Vendetta with his wife.

Alyana professed her profound l0ve to Cardo and asked him to forgive her for treating him cold and cruel. Cardo admitted he would not be able to live without her.


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