Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 358

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 358 Cardo and Alyana announce their reunion to Sto Niño friends, Romulo k!lls the nefarious Presidential staffer, William

Hipolito went to Lucas’ office to inform him about the execution of their plans against William. He said he has sent Homer and his lapdogs to tail William and k!ll him at where it is overcrowded. Lucas saw it as not enough for lots of witnesses to be there during his execution.

He was a step ahead to further incriminate William. He confessed to have already sent anonymous email to the palace pointing some anomalies about a school building project which fingered the special president’s aid. He in the email stated that the president should investigate William for giving a school building bid to a close pile.

He said that would stir the president’s suspicions on his special assistant and when the investigation was done, the anomalies would point out to William. Oscar after seeing the email, summoned  William to query him about Reberto Geriego who was the only bidder for the bidding school project to go to only him.

William denied and wondered why the president was querying him now while the project was done a year ago. He expressed disappointment in Oscar for not considering his unwavering loyalty. He urged the president to dig deep into the issue since he was innocent and somebody might be behind it.

Nick and the other lapdogs rushed to inform Counselor Gina that Flora and Dindi were now friends so it would be difficult for her to sway Captain Dindi to her side for her to protect her businesses. The De Leons set up their eatery, Wally could not forget the old eatery. Yolly admitted the old place was spacious unlike there.

However, they were grateful for getting a place to set up their business. The neighbours fought which got them alarmed, however, some of the barangay who were patrolling kept the fight under bay. The De Leons took consolation in the fact that the officials were always under look out even if the neighbourhood was a bit chaos.

At Santo Niño, Elizabeth and the rest were worried about Cardo and Alyana. Caloy and his friends could not find the estranged couple so they gathered at Grandpa Marcil’s place to think of the possible place the couple might gone to. Elizabeth believed Cardo might have returned to Manila.

As they were wondering, they saw Cardo returned there with his Jeep. To their dismay, Alyana was with him and were holding hands. They ran in merriment to be by the couple’s side as Cardo announced that he and his wife have made up. Alyana corroborated and said she has forgiven her husband and were now starting all over again

Elsewhere in the palace, Marissa saw the documents as not enough evidence to incriminate William while William seek Lucas’ help to put an end to Oscar’s investigation by getting rid of the president. Lucas said they would not do that for now but they would make Vendetta strike.

Unknown to William, he was the next target when the Vendetta strike. Hipolito and Lucas toasted to that. The personal guard of Oscar gave instructions to the rest of the guards and security to secure the palace. Aubrey went to thank him for always protecting her and the family. She thanked him for his service and loyalty.

Becky went to tell the commander that a friend told her that Celerio needed a female escort and she gave the task to Marigold. As William stormed out the palace, Hipolito also spoke to Homer to tail the special assistant and k!ll him at the bare eyes of everyone in order for them to pin the blame on the Vendetta. Lucas was glad since that would repair his friendship with Oscar.

Cardo while alone with his wife confessed that he actually left as he gave up on her but the mere fact that he would not see her face again was so difficult for him to bear. He confessed his l0ve and Alyana also admitted her l0ve for him. Cardo promised to make up for all the lost times.

As Celerio went to the location where he would meet Marigold, the rest of the Flower Power Girls escorted Marigold while the the Vendetta were on standby. Adlawan and his group were also there focusing on their mission. Homer’s lapdog was also keeping eyes on him but the girls came in and he said he only requested  for one.

As the saying goes, the more the merrier, Blossom said as they all introduced themselves and entertained him. The Vendetta saw some armed men entering so they told the girls through their hidden handset to get out of there, they would be in charge. As the girls were making their way out, William did not understand that he paid well for them yet they were leaving.

He held one and pushed her to the bed. The rest were forced to go to the other one’s rescue. They hit William and fled. William also ran after them and the venom members also ran after to k!ll him. Fortunately, the Vendetta came out of their cars and saved William. Unknown to them, the loyal palace guard saw Dumaguit and Olegario so he called Oscar to report.

Oscar told him to report to the police. General Borja sent his men to the hotel. Since the two groups, the Venom and the Vendetta heard the police siren they ran to save themselves. They helped William and they asked him to go with them but William protested and snatched a gun on Olegario in an attempt to shoot her.

Romulo had no option than to k!ll William himself in order to save Diana. The palace guard saw that and reported to the president that he saw Romulo shooting William to his deàth. However, the footage which General Borja recovered from the hotel showed that it was not only Vendetta responsible for the act, Homer Adlawan and his Venom group were also responsible.

Oscar then charged General Borja to make it a priority to find those two groups since the footage was clear that two separate groups were present at the hotel. Homer reported to Hipolito that his group could not k!ll William, the Vendetta was there to rescue him. This provoked Hipolito that all the commotion was up to nothing.

Cardo exercise and asked Alyana if he could now call her my l0ve and sleep closer to her. He asked if he could hold her to his arms. Before he could request for $ex, Alyana stopped him from getting ideas and told him she was tired so they should go to sleep. The news on William Celerio’s deàth was aired and Hipolito was glad that the Vendetta themselves finished the work for them.

He also saw that as a call to worry since that meant the Vendetta was looking at their every movement. When the Vendetta arrived home, Becky asked them for what happened since the news claimed they k!lled William. Anton admitted they did but William grabbed Olegario’s weapon so Dumaguit sh0t him to save Diana.

Anton wondered why Adlawan was terrorising  people using the Vendetta name. Later, Diana thanked Romulo for saving her life once again. However, doing that has also stained his name. Romulo had no regrets for saving her. He said the group needed Diana and also she meant a lot to him.

The next day in Sto Niño, Cardo woke up early to prepare breakfast for Alyana. He then woke her up to eat. Elsewhere, Marco drove to meet his goons to demand them to find Alyana wherever she was and should not continue to tell him that they have no news on her. On the other hand, Cardo and Alyana were so happy as they sat around one table to eat.


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