Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 359

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 359 Lucas executes another vile attack on himself to discredit General Borja and the Vendetta, Alyana and Cardo decide on building a new family at Sto Niño

At the palace, the personal guard of Oscar, Harold came to inform the president about the presence of the veep, Lucas. Lucas’ offered his condolences and advised the President to secure himself and his family since they did not know who was next on the Vendetta’s list.

Oscar also cautioned Lucas to be extra careful since he placed a bounty on the heads of the Vendetta leaders, he might be a target too. Homer and the Venom members were happy that their hard work paid off as Romulo himself k!lled William. Hipolito stated that they were lucky that the guard saw Romulo k!lling William himself.

The Venom group asked for increment in allowance. Hipolito was glad that what has happened would make Lucas gain the President’s trust and he was also close to getting to the palace. Homer declared that now that Dumaguit knew they were posing off as Vendetta, may the good group win. Hipolito admired Homer’s fearless heart.

Captain Dindi heard of illegal activities that were operating within her jurisdiction. One of the barangay officers called Counselor Gina to inform her that Dindi was already aware of the gambling den operating within the place and advised Coun Gee to shut it down at the moment but the corrupt counselor refused.

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At Santo Niño, Cardo pumped water to fill a bucket for his wife to take her bath. Catherine was worried about Marco’s current action of hiring a private army to attack Vendetta. What was worse is that he had kept his distance from her since he believed she was no longer supportive of his zeal of moving mountains to find Alyana.

Menchu promised to keep a close eyes on him to find his plans and watch his movement. Lucas arrived home to find his wife worried about her son. He threw a word of caution to her to stop Marco from pursuing Alyana as he could be Vendetta’s next target after William.

Lucas said irrespective of what he was doing to solve his problems, Marco kept adding to the problem but Catherine disagreed with him for putting all the blame on Marco. She warned him not to think that once William was deàd, he would put all the elections anomalies blame on William just to straighten his crook relationship with Oscar.

Aubrey thanked Harold for all his efforts to serve the president. She seemed him as courageous and commended his bravery. Cardo took Alyana on a bicycle ride across the bridges and streets of Sto Niño to spice up his relationship. In the plantation fields, he made l0ve with his wife.

Marikit bought a gift for Flora and bumped into Yolly. As they were leaving, Counselor Gina and her lapdogs ambushed them to scream out their involvement with the Vendetta which would put the whole neighborhood in trouble. Wally said she was the one the town’s people should be afraid of since she was up to no good. Elmo added that she got them out of her neighbourhood for them not to call out her shenanigans.

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After Counselor Gina left, the neighbours expressed concern and Yolly together with Marikit managed to turn them against Counselor Gina. Oscar thanked Harold for putting his life on the line when he tailed William, something which was not part of his job. Harold assured he would do anything for the president’s safety but what he feared was that they would not only have to watch out for Vendetta, there was a traitor in the palace.

The video Lucas watched made him believe that  Oscar would thing Homer’s group and the Vendetta were together. Hipolito was glad since that would get them off the hook. Marissa discovered that there was division in the public opinions on William’s deàth as some believed the Vendetta was still fulfilling its duties of getting rid of corrupt officials.

The manager thanked the Flower Power Girls but the girls said they were unable to gain any information. Ramil insisted that it was their help that made them got away before the police could catch them. Meanwhile, Oscar backlashed the Vendetta on their means of gaining justice. He told his wife that the public did not know that the Vendetta has k!lled some police officers.

Marissa said the public refuted that claim. Oscar said the public was thinking like General Borja who also believed a different group was behind the police k!lling. Oscar said he would not believe in General Borja but hoped that the public would change their opinion on Vendetta. Marissa said that would never happen since the public was blaming Lucas for the bad names of the Vendetta.

As the Vendetta celebrated for the public opinion in their favour, Counselor Gina also thought of a better plan with her lackeys to get Grandma Flora out of the neighbourhood for good. Yolly arrived at the eatery with Elmo, Wally and Marikit to inform Flora about the bad name Counselor Gina was given them which they were scared that it might affect their eatery business as the customers might be hesitant to buy their food.

Flora told them to be hopeful that their eatery would be a success. Cardo after going on a horse riding with Alyana arrived at where Grandpa Marcil has set up table for lunch.

Alyana gave a good complement of the place, stressing that she has grown fond of the place to the extent that she would find it hard to leave once the time comes and had to leave the place. Cardo said they would not leave but would stay there to build a family.

Alyana told him to take one step at a time Doray, Caloy and the rest who were swimming joined them for lunch. That evening, Marcil and the boys gathered and gave Cardo advise on means to spice up his relationship with Alyana. Cardo wanted to serenade Alyana but didn’t have the equipments. Caloy and the rest said they were there to help him.

Cardo returned to his hut and found his wife locked the place while she set the table. Alyana explained that she locked up the place since Cardo claimed there were spirits there. Alyana was glad Cardo had friends like Caloy in the province and asked why he left the SAF. Cardo explained that Caloy was scared that something bad might happen to him. He could not stand the fact that he might leave Doray and Tutoy behind.

Alyana also asked Cardo if there was no a day that he also felt the same. Cardo said initially his life never meant so much to him till he met her and Grandma Flora, that was when he valued his life. Lucas ushered Catherine to the Palace with hopes of turning Oscar to his side. Catherine could not stop crying and seek Oscar’s help especially after what happened to them last night.

Oscar became curious to know what happened to the Cabreras last night. Lucas showed him the stone which was thrown into his house with picture which they have cancelled images of some individuals the supposed Vendetta would target to eliminate in their next attack. Lucas also showed the president a footage of the incident, making the President worried.

He now expressed his displeasure of the Vendetta targeting his family due to his connection with Hipolito and had framed his son Brandon up for him to be imprisoned while the criminals were on the loose. At Camp Crame, General Borja was hellbent on getting Homer Adlawan’s group to clear Vendetta’s name to enable the group come out of their hideout.

The Vendetta was bothered that the group could not obtain any vital information from Celerio before his deàth. As Catherine was weeping that her family’s face was labeled with “V” it felt like they were deàd already. She was scared that her family would be k!lled once they stepped out of the house.

Oscar assured to protect her family from any threat Vendetta was posing on them. He also apologised to Lucas for doubting him, Vendetta was behind everything. Lucas said there was no need for his apology, the most important thing was that they were in good terms now.

Andy after hearing the Vendetta talking about the news against them, she rushed to her mother in fear that Cardo might be in trouble where he was as the police was on the look out for Vendetta. Becky told her that Cardo could take care of himself. Cardo kept on spicing his l0ve for Alyana and admitted that he neglected her and had so many short comings.

He apologised for his action and thanked her for giving him another chance for l0ving her. He saw the promise ring Marco put on her finger and told her that he would not ask her to remove it. He would make her fall in l0ve with him again as he understood well the consequences his neglection brought to his marriage.

General Borja was summoned into the palace. Oscar gave him the stone and the picture which the Vendetta threw into the mansion of the Cabreras. General Borja wondered how possible it was for the Vendetta to break all the security of the Vice president’s mansion to throw that there. Lucas got upset that he was ambushed before and now that yet Borja was still questioning him.

Oscar got upset with General Borja for always claiming he was doing something to capture Vendetta yet to no avail. Lucas chastised the police General and told him he has only one job to arrest Vendetta to stop them from terrorising the public yet he has failed. He did not care about his life but was feared for the safety of his family and hoped Borja could capture the vile group, if only he could arrest his grandnephew.


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