Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 36 Cardo kills Ninong

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 36

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 36 Cardo kills Ninong

Flora was happy that the family of the Guzman were alright. Carmen, Billy, Edgar and Nora arrived at Lola Kap’s mansion to thank Cardo for saving them.

Ninong was consumed with furiousness that Cardo had killed his men and had collapsed his entire business.

Meanwhile, Jenna failed to reveal the boss of the syndicate. Delfin gave the team order to do everything to compel Jenna to talk.

Cardo therefore called Benny to use him to scare Jenna to talk. The plan was to make Benny appear like he was a member of a bigger syndicate and was not willing to reveal the identity of his colleagues and the leader. He beat Benny mercilessly.

Cardo sent Benny to a different room and spilled catch up on on him. He faked that they had beaten Benny to death and brought the body to where Jenna was.

He was told to get rid of the body with Chikoy commenting that Benny would not see his family again. Cardo then shifted his attention to Jenna.

He said they were also tired of her since she would not talk. Looking at what happened to Benny, she was compelled to confess that Dormetrio was the godfather and the leader of the syndicate just to save her life.

Delfin charged the team to go after Ninong. Ninong after hearing that the police had surrounded his house said he would still not give in since he had already prepared for that day.

They traded shots, Cardo and his men realised that Ninong had trapped them so they changed their tactics.

The police were able to shoot the men of Ninong. Cardo managed to break in all by himself. He was surprised to see the old man calmly sitting on his couch with nothing but a wooden stick.

He mentioned Ninong’s name while Ninong said he should not think that because he was an old man Cardo would win him.

He turned and hit Cardo with his walking stick, the police officer lost his gun. Ninong then revealed a sharp knife he was hiding inside the wooden stick slashed Cardo’s shoulder. Cardo then jumped for cover when Ninong tried to stab him. Hee shot Ninong, leading to his death.

Billy informed his family that they had caught the leader of the syndicate and unfortunately some of the police men lost their lives while others got injured in the process.

Junior was scared that something had happened to Cardo. He was told that Cardo was a hero and nothing happened to him. Edgar passed a comment that Cardo is good in what he does.

Billy revealed that Ryan’s post on social media attracted the robbers and he said sorry to them since he did not know that posting pictures of the money would result to that. He promised never to engage in the act again.

Cardo said Billy made a great partner when Flora was dressing his wound. This got Onyok upset and did not talk to Cardo the whole night so Cardo tried to make up with him when sleeping.

Dino started spitting poison into the head of Joaquin, saying the province boy was a step ahead of Joaquin. Explaining that he delivered Carmen and her family from robbers and also brought down Ninong and his gang.

Joaquin ordered some men to kill Diego but Diego realised it. He killed his friends who Joaquin wanted to use against him.

Tomas was informed by his men that the two men who were supposed to kill Diego were found dead but Diego was no where to be found.

In the next morning, Onyok was still feeling sad that Cardo was not seeing him as partner he tried to clean Cardo’s Jeep but Cardo asked him to stop.

Glen arrived and Onyok could not leave her alone. Junior wondered who would send him to school and Carmen said she would do that.

She said although she had a job but nothing would change. Carmen cooked plenty food with an intention of giving some to Cardo to properly thank him for what he did for her family.

After Glen gave mangos to Flora and chipped them about the festive in Botolan and how Onyok’s parent and brother missed him, they bumped into Glen who was coming over with Junior to present the food to Cardo.

She acted weired when she saw Glen with Cardo so Junior took the food and gave to Cardo.

As Glen and Cardo were leaving, she asked Cardo whether he had settled his differences with Carmen.

Meanwhile, a human trafficking syndicate begin to take over the area. Madame Olga kidnapped a certain woman.

However, Glen received a complaint from someone that her daughter was missing and planned to find the daughter.

Rigor wanted Glen to work on a different criminal issue but she insisted on finding the missing child.

Madam Olga kept torturing the lady while Tomas got upset with Joaquin for his failure to kill Diego.

Joaquin was determined to slaughter Diego like an animal and promised to hunt him wherever he was. At work, a colleague asked Carmen whether she was involved with Joaquin and she explained that they were good friends and Joaquin was her late husband’s best friend.

Joaquin make up with Cardo. He asked for forgiveness for every harm he caused him the previous year.

He offered his hand for handshake, upon hesitation Cardo decided to shake hands with Joaquin and accept him.

Verna was still worried about Diego’s issue. She was scared that he would retaliate since Diego escaped with his family.

Cardo went to talk to Onyok for telling Glen that he wanted to go to Botolan. He said Onyok was his original partner and would be his partner in arresting criminals when he grew up and had completed his education.


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