Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 360

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 360 Lucas plans to k!ll Oscar to become the President, Cardo seeks the support of Caloy’s family to renew his vows with Alyana

At Camp Crame, the PnP was sure Homer and his group were posing off as the Vendetta but their problem was getting evidence to prove to Oscar that the Venom was behind the whole commotion.

After the news broke on the Vendetta k!lling William, Virgie was worried that her daughter’s life might be in danger if she was with Cardo.Teddy had a contrary opinion. He was sure Alyana would be safe in Cardo’s hands, Cardo has done some before when they were in Cebu but Virgie was still against that reunion.

Marco charged his men to move mountains to find Alyana and Cardo in the province. Since Alyana was a news caster and Cardo was a wanted man, Marco believed it wouldn’t be that hard to get hold of the estranged couple.

When the Cabreras returned from the palace, Catherine demanded a favour from her husband for helping him cement his relationship with the president. She wanted Lucas to help Marco with a private army to go after Cardo but Lucas saw that as a risk which might cause Marco’s life and rejected it.

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At Sto Niño, Cardo offered to go to the market with Alyana to show her the town while Alyana was inside the hut thinking of making a final decision that would help her relationship with her husband.

Alyana finally decided to throw Marco’s ring inside the waters while standing at the bridge. She admitted her decision would hurt someone. However, she was not ready to keep lying to herself just to hurt herself. Cardo went inside the hut and did not find Alyana. He searched for her and found her on the bridge. She apologised for not being strong enough to fight for their l0ve.

She showed him her hand that she has thrown the ring away to put an end to whatever she had with Marco. Cardo hugged her and they went to Reuben’s farm for vegetables. Ambo told him to do so instead of going to the market since the man owed Grandpa Marcin a lot.

Andy tried hard to get over her feelings. Lucas went to visit Brandon and his son was tired of staying in there. He was scared that he might be convicted during his upcoming hearing. Lucas advised him to have faith in him, through his shenanigan, Oscar was now on his side. He pleaded for a little more time to get him out.

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When the police decided to go to the neighbourhood of Andy to seek the help of Vendetta in solving their problem, the group also was led by Becky to meet her neighbours to explain well the event that led to William’s deàth.

The group owned up to their mistake, however, Olegario’s explained that Romulo did that to save her life, otherwise, William would have k!lled her. The neighbours understood the group and their current situation so they decided to shield them in order for the authorities not to find them.

The Vendetta was losing hope so Olegario told them not to because if Cardo was there he wouldn’t let them to bring down their morale. Romulo charged the group for the task ahead to face Hipolito, Lucas and Homer. The PnP made plans to monitor Andy Collins to fish out the hide out of the Vendetta.

Lucas saw it as a time for he and Hipolito to end the life of Oscar. Lucas ordered Hipolito to tell his men to meet him, he would be the one to tell his men to execute that vile plan. Hipolito had a toast with him to cheat him on as the president. Lucas promised to take Hipolito to the top for his loyalty to him.

“But in the end I will make sure to be the last man standing mark my words,” Hipolito threatened beneath his breath.

“So cheers to us!”

Oscar was also planning to expose the Vendetta to the public for their misdeeds and actions against the Vice President. Alyana and Cardo returned from the farm on Chariot. The residents asked Alyana whether she enjoyed the ride on the animal and she said she did. Doray said they did not have cars available so it is only animals and jeepney which they ride on.

Alyana told them that she had never tasted such simple life before. Elizabeth asked whether she came from a rich family and she said it was moderate but she had the privilege to travel overseas to study with scholarship she then told them she was a journalist but was sacked due to her husband. Her editor thought she was being biased whenever she reported on Cardo.

She elaborated more on it to make them aware of how their son’s deàth made Cardo end up as vigilante. Cardo told Caloy and his family about marrying Alyana so Grandpa Marcin offered to give them attire to repair it to fix them. They planned to serenade Alyana that night and Cardo would propose.

Grandma Flora did not get customers for her eatery due to the rumours which Counselor Gina spread about them. However, they stumbled on  Margarita corona and Sherline who they made them taste the food. The two l0ved the food so Margarita bought some and extra one to give to the vice mayor at the city hall.

Counselor Gina also thought of another plan to get  money. She went to the City Hall with her lackeys and asked the mayor for his help to kick Flora out of the neighbourhood due to her affiliation with the  Vendetta. Doray while washing in the river together with Alyana and Elizabeth praised the manly nature of Cardo and was glad Alyana fixed her marriage with him.

While Grandpa Marcin sent cardo to see the priest to prepare the church to renew the vows of  Cardo and his wife, Marco also told Catherine that if Alyana ever get together with her husband, he would k!ll her and Cardo.

That evening, Guzman, Mark and Chikoy went to Andy’s neighbourhood and saw the flower power girls. They recognised the girls due to the footage they retrieved from the hotel which William lodged.

Chikoy also identified Becky and realised the people there were all protecting the Vendetta so they would not be able to get anything from them.


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