Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 363

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 363 Javier and his gang beat Cardo mercilessly, Lucas, Renato hatch a plan to divert Court’s ruling on Brandon’s case, Counselor Gina initiates schemes to get to Mayor Adonis’ good side

At Sto Niño market, Alyana held Cardo back when Cardo was called by Javier. Cardo said he was only going to talk with Javier. He approached them to apologise to Javier but Javier said he would not forgive him for what he did to his face.

Javier unleashed his minions to launch the attack on Cardo. Cardo strived hard to protect himself but Javier and his minions beat Cardo till the latter collapsed with blood oozing from his nostrils and face. Alyana was held aback by some of Javier’s men as they stopped her from getting in the way.

After beating him, Javier stepped on Cardo and told him that he would now know who he messed with. The men at the market carried Cardo and led Alyana, Elizabeth and Doray home. In the palace, President Hidalgo told the other police General who he had given him a week ultimatum to find the Vendetta not to let him down like General Borja.

The General assured the president of his commitment in finding the terrorist group since he had no personal interest in the case. Borja, on the other hand, called his surveillance team to advise Guzman to stay alert in order for the group not to harm them if they were hiding in Andy’s place. He believed the group would do anything should they become aware that their security was compromised.

With how the security has been intensified even at various checkpoints, Peng was afraid for the Vendetta. Becky and Andy reported to the leaders of the group that their neighbours were worried about their safety even though they believed in their mission. Romulo promised not to compromise their safety and assured Becky that they would be extra careful.

Paco saw Counselor Gina as hypocrite for striving to get close to the mayor. The kids were still not asleep, doing their homework and doing everything possible to do well in their studies in fulfillment of their promise to Cardo. Grandma Nasir helped Alyana to treat Cardo’s wounds. Grandpa Marcin said the next day he would go to Javier to ask why he ganged up on Cardo.

Caloy knew Cardo intentionally did not fight back in order not to upset Alyana. Lucas visited Brandon to inform him that Oscar refused to give him special treatment. Brandon told him that winning the president’s trust was useléss then but Lucas said it wasn’t he has more ace up under his sleeves and once he executes them things would be okay.

Brandon returned to his cell to find his cellmates gossiping about him but they denied talking about him. His mates earlier were talking about how Brandon was privileged to see his father anytime and they believed due to the fact that he was the son of the vice. Oscar told his wife the favour Lucas asked of him to help Brandon.

He said he did not want to get involved in the case so the court would decide on Brandon’s case and if he was not responsible for the heinous crime, he hoped the culprit would be brought to book. Alyana cried about her husband’s situation. She admitted to Grandma Nasir that she was indeed fortunate to have Cardo as her husband. Grandma advised her to continue sacrificing for Cardo, that was what women do in marriage.

The guy who infiltrate the neighbourhood to spy on Andy, was sent to General Borja and he told Borja that he saw Andy and also confirmed seeing the flower power girls with Andy talking but they were not saying anything formal. General Borja told him to be extra careful and also he should keep listening to Andy’s conversation.

Unknown to Borja, his spy was stabbing him at the back. He was actually working for the other General who Hidalgo was depending on to find Cardo. As Counselor Gina was employing tactics to get into Adonis, Margie also thought of means to help Flora move into the City Hall’s canteen to sell her food.

Paco brought Flora money from his earnings to help in paying for the expenses. Wally and Elmo promised to find something to do in helping but Flora said she was okay having them helping her in the eatery.

JP arrived home and Virgie was happy to see him. He asked of Alyana and whether the police have any lead.Teddy said nothing yet but Flora had a hunch that Alyana was with Cardo. JP then heaved a sigh of relief since it meant that his sister was safe but Virgie said Alyana wasn’t safe with Cardo. There was a manhunt for him and if he gets caught Alyana would be in trouble. JP believed Cardo would not put Alyana in harm’s way.

Cardo finally woke up and Alyana served him food for him to eat to regain his strength. She was worried that Javier might return to inflict more pains on Cardo. Cardo believed they were parallel now so Javier would not return. Cardo made plans to befriend the people of Sto Niño including Javier and was glad he stayed out of trouble to fulfill his promise to Alyana.

As Homer and his gang pledged to leave Hipolito and Lucas to fight for their power and they would only side with the survivor, Lucas asked Hipolito to make Homer to use threats on the judge who would preside over Brandon’s case to set him free. Hipolito suggested  He utilise the trust the president has in him to woo him into getting Brandon out but the VP indicated that Hidalgo turned him down when he requested for a special treatment for his son. He believed insisting on the President would make him become more suspicious of him.

Hearing the Vice Mayor would be swearing in as the mayor, Paco suggested they be friended him to ask him for favours but Flora advised them to desist from that. Officials were elected to render service to the country not for personal reasons. Counselor Gina came to hound the De Leons once again but Flora told her family not to mind the woman.

Margie served Adonis and told him about her plans to collaborate with Grandma Flora to get a space for her at the City Hall in order for the old woman to sell her foods. Margie said she felt sorry for Grandma Flora based on how her neighbours treated her. She was related to Cardo and the neighbours believed she would be a toxic to them.

Adonis was surprised to learn that Flora was related to the Vendetta leader but Margie assured him that the woman was good and she wanted to help her. Yolly was worried that Counselor Gina claiming she was friends with the Mayor  would spread negative gossip about them to get their eatery demolished. Paco said Margie was closer to Adonis so they were even.

Flora told them not to entertain the negative thoughts. If they allowed Gina to have her way the other time, this time around she would not and she did not care if she was a friend of the mayor. She believed things would be better, a customer came to buy a food and she told her family that it was testament of having good energy. Flora stepped out and saw Marco outside spying on her.

Counselor Gina went with her chief cook to the City Hall for Adonis and Margie to be served. She told Adonis her charity project which she was initiating through selling food at the Canteen and the money she would make would be used to help the less privileged within their jurisdiction. The mayor found her idea as brilliant but the food was not yummy as Margie confirmed.

Adonis told Margie that it was nothing if they allowed both women sell in the canteen to give customers choices. Cardo sent Alyana out and one woman who was selling asked Cardo if his wife was okay now. Ambo, Caloy and Mario together with Cardo turned pale, Alyana was anxious and asked the woman what she meant by that.

The woman explained that Cardo’s friends told her she was sick and was brought there for treatment. Catherine called Marco and her son told her not to worry about him, he was fighting his battle in the best way he knew of.


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