Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 364

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 364 Marco exchanges blows with Teddy over Alyana, Cardo and Alyana journey back to Manila


Grandma Flora told her family about seeing Marco spying on them. Paco said she should have said it early for them to confront him. Elmo believed he took after his father.


The family wondered what Marco was doing, besides they did not know the whereabouts of Alyana and even if he used knife under their throat, Marco would not gain anything from them.


Flora called Teddy to inform him about seeing Marco there. She said she was not hundred per cent sure it was him but she believed it was Marco and was scared the obsessed guy could do something that might hurt the kids.


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Teddy promised to talk to Marco. Teddy after the call, relayed the information to his family. He was scared that Flora and her family would be endangered.

Virgie said the was no call for alarm. JP wondered why Marco would do that. Virgie explained that Marco only cared about Alyana. Teddy explained that Marco was obsessed with Alyana and has some violent tendencies and was blaming them for hiding Alyana. Virgie indicated that Teddy was turning JP against   Marco. Teddy said he was only saying the truth.

JP Promised to protect them now that he has returned but Teddy said that was his job and if he had stopped Marco from the unset, Alyana would not have gotten missing. Teddy wept for all that was happening. At Sto Niño, Cardo explained to Miss Basin that Alyana was not sick. Mario said that since he was helping him to secure his wife from leaving the place.

Cardo apologised to Alyana and she said it was okay. She admitted that she would have fled if he had not done that. That also meant that she would not have patched things up with him. Ambo gave the couple a treat at Miss Ella’s eatery. They were treated to different delicacies and the food was yummy.


Lucas told Catherine that the public’s opinion about Brandon has changed and his wife knew the threat he used on the judge has contributed to that.

Lucas wondered why his wife was acting as if she did not care about Brandon. It was funny to Catherine since it was coming from him when he showed no signs of caring about Marco.

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Marco received a text from Teddy and went to the Arevalos mansion. He got to meet JP who opened the gate for him. Teddy introduced the younger brother of Alyana to him. Already, Alyana has told Marco exciting tales about her brother.

To cut off the chase, Teddy asked if Marco did go to Flora’s place. The old woman had already called him to inform him that she saw him which Marco did not deny. Teddy tried to make Marco understand that Flora did not know anything about Alyana’s whereabouts.

“Alright I did Sir!” Marco interjected in anguish.

“I believe they know where she is you do too!”

“That’s enough Marco!” Teddy hissed.

“Your suspicions are pointless!”

“You don’t even have proof!”

“All of you,” Marco screamed “Why are you lying to me?”

“You’re keeping Alyana from me!”

“Marco,” Virgie called “we wouldn’t do that we will never lie to you.”

“Listen to me,” Teddy warned.

“Even if we know where Alyana was with how you’ve been acting, you really think we would tell you where she is?”

“Why are you doing this?” Marco cried.

“Alright, you want me to tell you the truth?” Teddy queried.

“Once Alyana comes back, I will not allow her to get back with you.”

“You can’t do this to me!” Marco yelled “you hear?”

“This has to stop Marco!” Teddy warned.

“You need to stay away from our family’s sake, for the sake of our daughter and for everyone’s sake.”


“Never!” Marco attacked but JP got in the way.

“Hey that’s enough! You get out of here!”

“You stay out of this,” Marco shoved JP and Teddy slapped him.

“Get out of here!” Teddy ordered.


“Marco please don’t do this stop it,” Virgie cried.

Marco was thrown out and he went home with a bruised face. Catherine threatened to sue Teddy for what he did to Marco but Menchu saw no need for that. She said Marco knew the solution and advised him not to go to the Arevalos place again.

“Marco if you ever get there, they might hurt you or you might do something that you will regret.”

Grandpa Marcin sent Cardo to the Local Hall to see the chairman of Santo Niño, Koran D Zand. Cardo said he wanted to help around the neighbourhood.

Caloy added that Cardo and him used to be troopers and his experience could help keep the peace of the neighbourhood. Doray also said Alyana was volunteering to manage and maintain the chapel.

Cardo’s friends were happy that his perseverance has paid off. Tanggol’s group kept terrorising the women to eat free. Javier’s brother, Baldo was being hunted by the military so he and his gang came to Javier for help. The townspeople wished Tanggol’s group would meet their match to end their brutalities.

Alyana tidy up her hut and cooked to serve Doray and Elizabeth. The two women were happy to know that Alyana was a great cook unlike the time she did not want to help them with the chores even when they were exhausted. Alyana apologised for her action and explained that, that time she did not want to remain there.

She told the ladies that since Cardo was part of the Special Action Force, he was used to beatings. Doray saw Cardo as a super hero unlike her husband Caloy.

“Just a simple commotion he quickly runs for cover.”

Baldo after settling asked what happened to Javier’s face and Javier lied that he tripped. Cardo arrived in the hut so the two women the two women left the couple to have their luvie, duvie time together.

Meanwhile, Flora was still worried about the threats Marco posed on them and that of the Arevalos. Now that Baldo was together with them, Tanggol and his minions were happy.

Together, they saw themselves as strong force which the military could not even break. Alyana urged Cardo for them to remain in Sto Niño to start life together. Cardo said then they would have to return to Manila the next day to properly bid goodbye to their families and also to his group, Vendetta.

Marco pointed his gún at the men who he employed to find Alyana and Cardo. He threatened to k!ll them when the men gave up on the search. Due to his threats, they were compelled to start the search again.

Baldo learnt from one of the Tanggol’s men that, Javier was actually beaten by one city guy who was trained in combat but they already helped Javier to settle the scores.

Baldo decided to find Cardo right at the moment. Cardo and Alyana eat their breakfast and were in hurry to leave the place. Baldo and his group, led by some of Javier’s men went to Grandpa Marcin’s place.

Ambo and Marco were at the gate and they stopped the notorious group. They told Baldo that Cardo could barely move so there was no need for them to return since Javier beat him well.

Primo ordered them to inform Cardo that Javier’s brother was searching for him and if Cardo did not want any trouble, he should leave the town. Once the group left, Ambo and Mario rushed to inform Marcin and Caloy.

Caloy was not worried because he knew Cardo as a person who did not back down so easily. He only allowed Javier to have his way due to the promise he made to Alyana.

They decided not to tell Cardo. Meanwhile, the kids brought the money they saved to Grandma Flora but she refused and told the kids to keep it for themselves. They should only focus on their studies.

Once Baldo returned, Javier learnt that Primo had already told his brother the truth so he told his brother to forget about it since what he did to Cardo was worse than what Cardo did to him.

Cardo and Alyana came to where Caloy’s family were taking their shade to inform them that he and his wife were leaving to the City that moment to inform their respective parents that they were settling in Santo Niño.

“Oh that’s good Cardo,” Caloy opined “go spend more time with your family.”

“I agree with him,” Mario seconded “spend time in the city Cardo.”

“Is there a problem here?” Alyana asked suspiciously.

Ambo said there was no problem what Caloy and Mario were saying was just to be careful. Grandma  Nita told them to take care. Cardo and Alyana hit the road. At the City Hall Canteen, Francine began the Counselor Gina’s kitchen while Margie went to ask Grandma Flora if she would partner with her to put u a eatery shop in the canteen.

She sent the De Leons to the canteen and she promised to give Flora the necessary resources to set up the place.

Gido called Gina on phone to inform her about the arrival of their rival. Gina came and learnt that Margie was helping the De Leons to put up a eatery there. She claimed not to have a problem to have the De Leons as competitor.

However, she declared wat beneath her breath. The Mayor appeared in the scene and Margie introduced him to Flora. He was glad to know the woman who was behind the yummy food he has been eating.

After the eatery shop of Grandma Flora was set up, the mayor went there with his staff to buy her food due to its yummy nature. This got on the nerve of Counselor Gina and her Chief cook. The spy came to report to General Superintendent Camilo Pong.

The police Superintendent told the spy not to let General Borja know of their work. The superintendent was doing that in order to get promoted.

The President after the cabinet meeting told Lucas about the special task force he has assigned to manhunt Cardo. Lucas headed straight to the police General’s office to throw behind him his full support in finding the rebel group.

He asked if he had already gathered initial Intel yet.  Camilo said they were in the process of filing a report. That meant to Lucas that the police already have gotten a possible lead.

Camilo said they might have information about  the Vendetta’s hideout but the police was yet to confirm it.

“Where is it exactly?” Lucas quizzed.

“Sir!” Camilo looked surprise.

“Know less that the president has informed me that you will be heading the task force, which means I have his full trust and confidence,” Lucas said.

“And now for my own peace of mind…”

“Where is the so called hideout of the Vendetta?”

“In the Gardens,” Camilo said “but we are yet to confirm it.”

“But when we do, we will strike!”

Elsewhere, Becky and the Flower Power Girls sent eateries to the Vendetta. Blossom advised the group not to go out nor talk to anyone since there were outsiders within the area. Unknown to the Flower Power Girls, the spy saw them when they were heading to the place of the Vendetta.


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