Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 368

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 368 Police hunt Marco for attempted murder, Romulo k!lls Pilo while Happy is fatally wounded, Cardo partially k!lls Homer and rescues Jerome and Rigor 

The Vendetta was still on the look out, trying to fight back their enemies to get away from their clutches. At the Cabreras mansion, Catherine was informed that Marco had a visitor. Her husband joined her as they went to meet the visitor.

To their surprise, it was the police and they were there to question Marco for the earlier complaint they received from the Arevalos that Marco attempted to k!ll them in their house. Catherine defended her son and she said it was a false accusation since Teddy was the one who physically assaulted her son.

Lucas also backed his wife as they all tried to pin the blame on the Arevalos, claiming it was a ploy to tarnish their names. Marco was not capable of what the Arevalos were accusing him of. Meanwhile, some officers went to secure the house of the Arevalos in order to save them from any attack.

JP was worried that their complaints would not yield any result. Marco was the vice president’s son and he believed the veep would have an influence on the police force but Teddy saw that as the only option they have, to trust the law to fully take it course.

Catherine told the police lies that ever since Marco and Alyana broke up, the Arevalos had been finding ways to get the two together and branded the Arevalos as opportunists.

The police were sorry for the bother since they were only doing their job. They said they only wanted to talk to Marco so Lucas assured to bring Marco to their office the next day for questioning when he returns as he was not home at the moment.

Homer and Cardo exchanged fire. As the Vendetta was doing everything possible to subdue their enemies and make it alive from the surprise attack, Teddy silenced JP from revealing what happened to Virgie.

Teddy praised the courage of his son, however, he told JP to run next time when he sees danger like that. Lucas was upset that when things were getting better Marco has to act up. Catherine shot down the claims of Teddy. However, Lucas told her that the truth was in front of her, she was trying to blind fold her eyes.

Upon several warnings of Lucas not for Catherine to go out, the woman left to search for her son. After several calls, Marco finally received his mother’s call, demanding her to stop bothering him.

Catherine pleaded with him to stop whatever plans he had to return home but Marco refused. He was hellbent on going to k!ll Cardo in front of Alyana’s eyes before he returns to the house.

Catherine cried out to dissuade him but Marco’s mind was made up. He was not scared of getting hurt and screamed out that he would be the one to end up with Alyana because she was all his and hang up on his mother. Catherine told Lucas that her hunch was right, Marco was heading to the Vendetta’s hideout to attack Cardo.

Lucas still was attached to his belief that before Marco would reach the scene then all the members of the Vendetta were dealt with. Catherine feared her son might be caught in between the crossfire and she became upset that Lucas was not ready to do anything to protect her son. She threatened not to forgive him, should anything happens to Marco.

The shootouts were still on between the heroes team and the venom team. As the group hid behind boxes and basins in a storage room, Romulo with his master experience on the the raffle with multiple bullets fired Pilo till he was down . Roldan and spider called out Pilo’s name

“We gatch to go we can’t beat these guys,” Roldan ordered.

“What about Pilo?” Spider queried.

“He is deàd we gatch to leave him.”

Since some of their enemies retreated, Romulo together with Anton, Barakuda and the rest had their way through. Elsewhere, Cardo was being confronted by Homer. As Cardo was told that they were outnumbered, Homer had strength since his targets were running out of bullets. Homer ordered the rest of his group to surround their target while the police were also finding their way through.

As Lucas called Hipolito for an update, Oscar was also serious talking on phone and worried about the update he had not received from General Perez. Borja said it was because the operation was still ongoing but promised to give the president update once he gets any vital information regarding the operation.

Catherine was paranoid that Lucas did not have right information about the happenings from the operation and feared her son might be at the scene at that moment but Lucas was sure that the Vendetta would go down that night.

“I just want to make sure the operation is completed tonight, General Borja.

I want to arrest and punish all the members of the Vendetta

Yes that is the goal Sir

I know that is the goal but I want to be certain that even Dalisay will finally answer to all of his crimes General

Yes Mr President!

Cardo ordered George and Happy to get out of there, he was going to cover them but Homer unfortunately shõt Happy multiple times and screamed in merry that one member of the Vendetta was down. Cardo made his way to hold Happy but the latter said he was hurting badly and he believed that would be the end of him so Cardo should live him behind. Cardo ordered George to hold Happy and send him away. Homer now grew more wings to shōõt Cardo as Cardo ran his way up the stairs and pounced on Homer and his group.

Some of the venom members arrived to shoōt Cardo. While down and Homer on him and were on the floor wheeled out by the objects they landed on, Cardo shōt those vile men and had fist fight with Adlawan. A subordinate rushed to General Perez office to give an update that there were several casualties on the side of the police.

The Police General asked about the Vendetta. The subordinate said he had no information on them and Perez said Vendetta must be getting rid off that night since that was what he promised the president. George while descending the stairs with Happy urged him to keep fighting but Happy said he was dy!ng. George believed he would make it. Romulo, on the other hand, gave a new direction to his comrades for them not to clash with the police.

Romulo stumbled on George and Happy and they went to help Happy out. George kept crying, demanding Happy to hang in there. Makmak went to see Grandma Flora in her room and told her they should call Cardo and Alyana but Flora said where Cardo and Alyana was, the reception was bad but believed they were safe wherever they were. Makmak asked how sure she was.

JP was still pacing around and Teddy went to tell him to have some rest but the boy was traumatised based on what Marco did so he could not sleep. Teddy said the police were still guarding them outside so Marco would not be able to hurt them. JP indicated that Marco would have been arrested by then if it wasn’t for the fact that he was the son of the vice and termed Marco as çràzy.

Teddy made him go to sleep while Flora told Makmak they could only pray for Cardo and Alyana to be safe and be out of any trouble, that would give them peace of mind. It was late so she ordered Makmak to go and sleep. Back to Cardo, Homer boasted around since Cardo was hurt and attacked him, saying he had been waiting for so long for that moment.

He stepped on Cardo’s neck in order to finish him off but Cardo mustered courage and strength to push him for Homer to fly in the air till the gravity brought him down to hit the floor. Cardo pounced on him and hit him with master blows. Homer managed to push Cardo and for him to hit objects till he hit on someone’s gate for it to flip open. The family there ran for their lives.

That room gave Homer the strength, since he began to carry heavy objects to smash Cardo but the hero swerved even in his weakness, surprising Homer. Menchu called Catherine to inform her that she did not find Marco at his condo unit. She said she talked with the guard over there and the guard there said Marco did not return and she asked Catherine what was going on but her dear cousin hang up and went to inform her husband.

Yet, the Vice has no update on the police operation. Catherine insisted on him to go to the scene but Lucas said he would figure out something since he could not be seen there. The police came to see Teddy Arevalo and told him that they were coming from the house of the Cabreras and Marco’s parents did not want to believe what Marco did and they claimed he was making up things.

Teddy asked the reason he would do that. One of the officers also said he went to Marco’s condo but he wasn’t there. Teddy was now convinced that the Cabreras were hiding their son to cover for him. The police advised Teddy to press charges against Marco. Lucas called General Perez and asked him for details. The General said the police were still on the mission but has no update.

Lucas was surprised they have not brought Vendetta down and asked whether that was a difficult task to do. Perez assured his team would achieve their goal and Lucas told him to inform him when he gets an update. Homer still was beating Cardo and he shoved him to hit saucepans.

“Come on fight back,” he gloated.

“You know you were lucky last time.”

Teddy went to JP’s room to find him still awake and told him about the information the police just gave to him. They were now worried about what Marco would do to Grandma Flora and her family. Rigor was shõt so Girona wanted to cover him up but he was equally shõt by Roldan. After beating Cardo mercilessly, Homer reached out for a knife.

“Good bye Dalisay,” he gloated, Cardo quickly swerved him and Homer managed to get Cardo down again.

“Tonight your biggest dream will finally come true,”  Homer laughed.

“You will see your son again.”

Rigor struggled while crawling to be closer to his comrades, Girona.

“I guess this is it for us,” Rigor cried.

“We’re not going to d!e here,” Jerome assured.

“We will make it alive alright?”

“Yes sir! Yes sir,” Rigor responded.

Teddy tried reaching the De Leons but couldn’t reach Flora. He was worried since he did not have Borja. Catherine began to pray to God to protect her son and keep him safe. She promised to turn into a new leaft if God answers her prayers.

Teddy told the police guarding his house to send some men to check on Flora since Marco was equally harassing the old woman due to his obsession for his daughter. Homer made an attempt to stàb Cardo again unfortunately for him, the hero reached out to a broken bottle and he stàbbed him from his left rib.

Cardo slowly got on his feet:

“At long last I finally avenged my son’s deàth.”

Homer who was choking finally got his head down with his eyes widely opened. Cardo limped his way out and recalled the scenes at Mountain Karagao where Homer admitted to be behind all the bömbings and he also recalled the deàth of Ricky boy. While Paco was sleeping and talking in his sleep, he heard a constant knock on the door.

He went to open and saw an officer, he thought Captain Gina sent them so he began sprouting that Gina was the real criminal only for him to realise the officers were sent by Teddy. Flora wondered why Teddy sent them there and they said Teddy was worried about her since Marco could be a threat to her too after he attempted to k!ll Mr Arevalo and his son.

Flora asked how the man was doing and the police said he and his son were fine and they were even guarding them. Flora told them that Marco had not shown up there yet so the officers told the De Leons to report immediately when they see something suspicious. Girona and Soriano were losing blood but Jerome told him not to lose hope yet, they would survive.

Cardo chanced on them and Jerome asked whether he exchanged fire with the police and he said no. On the contrary, he finally got justice for his son’s deàth, he has k!lled Homer. He then asked Jerome whether he was there to arrest his group. Jerome said as hard as it was they were there to arrest him because that is the right thing.

Peng showed Ramil a safety way but the police were there so Ramil led them to a different way to escape the authorities. Homer’s lifeless body was still lying helplessly on the floor with his eyes widely opened, directing to the ceiling.


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