Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 371

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 371 The Cabreras hold a funeral rite to lay Marco to rest, Lucas and his cohorts initiate plans to torture the Arevalos and the De Leons

At Camp Crame, General Borja received a call from Jerome who informed him that he and Soriano were in the camp of the Vendetta. He explained that Cardo saved him and Rigor. General Borja told him to reveal their hideout to him so that he could send his men there.

Jerome said he could not reveal the hideout to him since he did not want to break the trust of Cardo. General Borja was counting on him to do the right thing. Ramil raised a concern about the two cops who were in their midst. He was scared that the cops would tell on them. Anton seconded.

A news broke on the deàth of Marco which happened during an encounter between the police and the Vendetta. Cardo, the former police officer was declared by the President as the public enemy. Flora and her family did not understand that the blame was being pinned on Cardo.

As the Vice President and his wife together with Menchu were going to location for their son’s wake, the press ran after them to ask if Alyana was with Cardo. Menchu told them to give them space for now, the family was going through a lot.

Lucas made his wife leave and he told the press that Vendetta was no good people as some of the public claimed. They have put his first son behind bars and now k!lled his kid son. He believed the group would stop at nothing till they bring him down and branded them as cowards.

“And these people are cowards they’ve done nothing but massacre innocent people like, policeman, civilians”

He said the group was after his family and warned them to stop going after civilians and his family. He dared the Vendetta to face him instead, the armed forces were not going to stop hunting them till they make them pay. He told the reporters to report about that. Alyana asked Cardo what would happen to them now and reminded Cardo of his promise to her.

Cardo hoped she would understand him since his group members were going through a lot and needed him. He promised they would go back to Santo Niño once everything was okay. General Borja informed his subordinates that he spoke with Girona and he said he and Soriano were with Cardo, since they said they owed their life to Cardo, they would not be able to arrest the group.

Mark was scared Girona and Soriano might end up like General Olegario and his subordinates that they have to work to find evidence so that Cardo and his comrades would come out from their hideout for the real culprits to play. Flora was anxious while speaking over the phone with Teddy. Flora was wondering how possible Marco was able to find the exact location of Cardo.

Melba and Efren came home to find strange people there. The couple greeted them and discovered that it was George. He introduced them to his group and the woman asked him why his friends have guπs. George explained that it was because they were members of the Vendetta. Efren had already heard about the group on tv.

At camp Crame, Vergas came with a news on general Perez. Efren told Cardo that he knew him and he was a once a respectable cop. He asked why he was being hunted by the police. Cardo explained that what they were doing was not seen as good in the eyes of the law. The De Leons was still thinking about the incident that resulted in Marco’s deàth. They concluded that Marco was working in cohort with Homer’s group.

Wally preempted that the Vice President and his vile group would go after them and Teddy’s family in an attempt to fish out the location of the Vendetta from them. Cardo told the d couple that he k!lled the Vice President’s son and Efren told George that they were in deep trouble. Hipolito called his ally, Lucas once more to extend his condolences.

Hipolito pleaded with him on behalf of the Venom, stressing that he had confronted the group and has made them aware of his grievances. He knew their incompetent act resulted in that tragedy. However, he requested for another chance on behalf of the Venom. Lucas said it was the Vendetta who exterminated his son and charged Hipolito to order the group for their next encounter with the Vendetta.


General Borja talked with General Perez to find out how he worked with the vice. Perez did not deny it. He said the Vice President wanted to know their strategies and he found nothing wrong with the VP’s action since the Vendetta has framed his son up and was equally ambushed by the group.

He assured that he still followed protocol and did not give him vital information about their operation. President Hidalgo and his family graced the wake of Marco. Hidalgo extended his condolences to Catherine and promised not to slowdown his efforts to capture the Vendetta.

Efren went inside and found the police men and Jerome told him that they were not the comrades if Vendetta but came there with them. Efren told Bert to serve their guests. He also told Nico to clean up the place and made him summoned Cardo and George there for a talk.

He asked the group the number of days they intended to stay there. George said they would not be able to say precisely the number of days they would spend since they have no place to go. Besides,  the police were searching for them.

Efren told the Vendetta that they should consider his house their second home. However, he apologised that his house might not be spacious to their liking, also the sad aspect was that they would have to sleep on the floor. Cardo thanked him for his kind reception and said they were used to sleeping floors so that was not a problem.

All that mattered was for them to get a roof over their heads. Alyana also said she still had money saved up and could help in the expenses of the house. The couple said there would be no need for that. Meanwhile, Lucas has sent Hipolito to get the weapons ready for Homer.

His plan was to continue what Marco started, the families of Cardo and Alyana knew the whereabouts of Cardo so they would capture them and if they did not cooperate, they would k!ll them ahead of Cardo. Borja said Perez would do anything to get promoted and was sure he told Lucas about it and the vice told Homer and son.

He however, did not understand why Lucas would tell Marco while he knew it would put his son in danger. Due to the current tragedy, Hidalgo proposed to Marissa to leave the country with the kids. His children were unwilling to leave him behind to face the situation alone. Catherine threatened to make Cardo and Alyana pay for what they did to Marco after reflecting on how she first met Alyana.

Cardo told Efren about the tails of his life on how he resigned his post as a cop and married to the day he came a jeepney driver and how he ended up as a Vendetta member.

Elsewhere, Hipolito met with Homer to give them the weapons as well as pictures of the Arevalos and the De Leons to capture them to squeeze the truth of Cardo’s hideout out of them. While Teddy praised JP for updating his resumè to search for a job, General Olegario and Alyana found out from Jerome the day they would leave the place to continue their duties.

Jerome has not made up his mind yet since they faced the Vice President’s son and Homer, he did not know who his actual enemy was so he decided to think over it again to know his next move. Later, George introduced Patrick, his cousin to his comrades and Rigor saw him as strange. The family of the De Leons were scared and paranoid over their hunch of the vice president coming after them.

Guzman had an intel about the complaints Teddy filed against Marco for chasing after him and JP with a guπ and told General Borja about it. General Borja saw it as a time to investigate the vice president.


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