Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 373

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 373 Virgie is abducted and tortured by Homer’s lackeys, Bubbles reveals Homer’s secret to the Vendetta

Teddy and JP began a search for Virgie and they asked the bus conductor who said he did not know where Virgie passed but he saw her. Teddy began to call his wife desperately. Homer’s lackeys took the phone and said Teddy was becoming annoying and it seemed he missed her but the time he would see her again it would be her funeral.

Marie worried Cardo and claimed she was looking for a cell reception. She told Cardo that he was a fugitive but he shouldn’t worry because she had been seeing him on television fighting with the police. She asked if Cardo would swim and also said she was kidding, the waters there were dirty and everything was bad.

Cardo told her that things were not that bad there. The people there were kind. Marie left and Alyana saw her doing her catwalk. She got jealous and went to ask Cardo what he and Marie talked about. Cardo said they talked about nothing, Marie  was searching for a reception.

Cardo told Alyana that he came there to think and was wondering what the family of the Vice President would do to their families. Alyana suggested they called them but Cardo advised her against it.

He explained that the phones of their respective families might be connected since Lucas had the means to do so. Hence, they would rather put their families at risk.

Meanwhile, Homer and his lackeys sent Virgie to a secluded area and tortured her to squeeze the truth of Alyana’s whereabouts from her but she did not know where her daughter was.

They punched her belly and the woman fainted and left her alone to her fate. In the palace, the Hidalgos were thinking about the Cabreras. They decided to give Catherine emotional support.

Elsewhere, Catherine was in denial that Marco was deàd. She even did not eat and had a breakdown. Once she woke up, Lucas wanted her to go to America and Menchu would be by her side. Lucas said he needed to ensure her safety since the Vendetta was still at large. Finally, Teddy had a lead on where his wife was and went with his son to find her in the company of the police.

While Oscar blamed himself for the lost of Marco, Lucas also wheeled his wife to the airport and assured her that by the time she returned then he has fulfilled his promise to her. He would have avenged their son.

Catherine told him to inform her right away once he fulfilled his promise. Girona called General Borja to inform him that Cardo’s comrades were suspicious of them so they were more calculative with their movement.

Borja advised him to gain their trust to know their every movement. Ramil and the rest of the Vendetta saw the act of Girona as suspicious so he went to warn them. Girona told Ramil that he was simply a fugitive and if it wasn’t for Cardo, he would have arrested him. Ramil threatened him not to try him, otherwise he would not have mercy on Girona.

Elsewhere, Roldan called Hipolito that Virgie did not know the whereabouts of Alyana. Hipolito, however, thought he screwed it up and he said he did not but now they would set their eyes on the De Leons so Hipolito shouldn’t worry.

Once Virgie got home, the police interrogated her and she said she was abducted after she visited the rest room, she was knocked down and fell unconscious.

When she regained consciousness, she was already in the abductors vehicle. Having sustained facial injury, Virgie said the vile men who were armed and had covered their faces wanted her to reveal to them Cardo’s hideout.

They almost k!lled her when they realised she did not know the Vendetta’s hideout. At Melba’s place, Marie took pictures of Cardo while she claimed she was taken pictures of the special food.

Patrick told his friends that they would continue their addiction without the police bothering them. He said George’s friends had guπs and he would steal one for them to use to protect themselves.

Ramil once again had a fight with Girona and Soriano. The Commander talked to Ramil and the rest not to fight but Ramil and his friends told the commander their grievances. They were scared that one day they would wake up and find lots of cops surrounding them.

Counselor Gina tried to turn the mayor against Grandma Flora, telling the mayor that the De Leons were working and protecting terrõrists. She said Cardo has k!lled the Vice President’s son and they were helping his family to be on their feet.

She saw that as not fair since associating with the De Leons meant that he was supporting the operations of the tērrorists Margie tried to stop Counselor Gina from her action but Gina was not ready to stop.

This made the De Leons lose customers at the town’s hall canteen. Flora advised her family not to worry, they should be used to Gina’s gimmicks and told them they should work on better delicacies to compete and earn a descent living.

General Borja came to the canteen and Yolly told him about how their eatery business was struggling due to Counselor Gina’s words against their family. Flora asked if he had an intel on Cardo and Borja said he had but it was classified so he would not be able to tell her.

Flora asked why Marco went to Ligata. General Borja said he suspected Marco had a motive to go for Alyana from Cardo but Flora wondered how Marco was able to know Alyana was with Cardo.

Girona, on the other hand, asked Bubbles how she ended up with the Vendetta and she explained that she was not part of the group, she only ran from Homer to alert her friends in Ligata when Homer was about to attack the place.

Girona asked whether she knew Homer was a wanted criminal and she said yes. She explained that she had been wanting to flee from his hands but did not get the opportunity. While staying with him, influential people like Hipolito and Vice President Lucas go there to see him.

Girona sent her to Cardo and General Olegario to make her inform them that Homer was working with Hipolito and Lucas. Cardo said their suspicions all those while we’re right.

Romulo now understood why Homer’s force was strong, he was having influential people backing him. Cardo told them not to worry, he has already k!lled Homer.

Alyana went to talk to Cardo who was standing alone to thank him for avenging their son’s deàth. She now understood the course he was fighting for and promised to be by his side all the time.

Cardo thanked her for having an opened mind on what the Vendetta was standing for and he also promised not to leave her. He would hold on to what they have.


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