Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 375

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 375 Jerome and Rigor engage Vendetta in fist fight, Lucas reveals intentions to k!ll Oscar

On the streets in front of Flora’s house, the police marked the spots where the incident happened. As the neighbours were there in their numbers with Shirline sprouting that Cardo and the Vendetta might have visited Flora and the police heard it to ambush them, Mayor Adonis arrived and Captain Dindi was glad to see his arrival.

In the house, General Borja narrated that he was there to see them not knowing he would be greeted such unpleasant situation. Yolly told him how frightened the kids were and per assumptions, Borja and the De Leons believed that the kidnappers of Virgie were the same people who broke into the house of Flora.

Flora wondered why the goons were hellbent on knowing Cardo and Alyana’s location. Yolly assumed that the Cabreras were behind it, besides there were no other people who had the motive of finding the Vendetta’s location. She believed the Vice President was initiating his revenge.

Delfin said there were lots of people who were after Cardo, not just for the bounty but for their personal interest. Flora could not wait for all those to end. Meanwhile, Homer and his lackeys arrived home and thought of possible means to get the De Leons to speak but they were also cautious since they believed the police would patrol the area after the incident.

Patrick sneaked into the shelter of Vendetta during the midnight to steal a guπ when they were asleep. In the morning, Roldan asked Scorpion if he was okay and he said he was. He was a bad seed that no one could get rid of. Homer did not care about his injury, he was hellbent on locating Cardo to eliminate him along with the traitor lõver of his, Bubbles.

The CIDG reviewed the CCTV footage of the goons who broke into Flora’s place and discovered that they had body types like the Venom group as they compared the footage with the hotel footage where they attempted to k!ll Celerio. Guzman suspected Lucas behind all that but Borja said they did not have enough evidence.

“I gave you so many chances but you can’t do anything right!” Lucas pounced on Homer to strangle him for failing.

“Sorry vice president,” Hipolito pleaded on the Venom’s behalf.

Vice President Cabrera was disappointed that he wasted his resources, weapons and time all for nothing. Hipolito pleaded with him to give Homer and his group another chance. Lucas threatened that once they fail again, he would use the guπ on each one of them.

Borja said they needed to get solid evidence against Vice President Cabrera and Hipolito. Marissa was saddened that Lucas family was torn apart. She supported the idea of Catherine going abroad. Their children told them that they did not want to be apart from them. Cardo told his comrades that they had to kidnap Hidalgo but his group objected since it was a suicide mission.

Cardo still insisted on his plan and told them that they had to plan it carefully in other for the guards of the president not to be aware of it. At the palace, President Hidalgo asked General Borja about the motive Marco had in going to Ligata. As he has said it before, General Borja said Marco went there with a motive to get Alyana and his reason being that Marco earlier stormed the mansion of the Arevalos to threaten Teddy and JP with a guπ to demand the location of Alyana.

He was also sure that Marco learnt the location through his father since General Perez has already admitted to him that he revealed the location of the operation to Lucas. Even after Marco’s deàth, there were some goons who kidnapped Virgie, Alyana’s mother to find out the the cover of Cardo and Alyana and Flora, his sister and the grandmother of Cardo was also attacked by goons  but the intervention of the police saved the family.

He was sure they were after same thing. President Hidalgo knew where General Borja was going with his statement but was not ready to think that Lucas was behind everything and he also told his son the location of the Vendetta while he was fully aware that Marco could get hurt.

“And I assure you right now that we will prove that to you!” General Borja retorted.

Cardo told his comrades that if the president was the engine of all the corruption in the country, then they have to eliminate him. This surprised his members. Homer felt humiliated for the first time and expressed his grievances to Hipolito. His boss told him to obey Cabrera since he had the upper hand over them. Till he gets his position for them to throw Lucas under the bus, they would have to play along.

He reminded Homer that all the weapons they were using were supplied by the Vice President. Homer told his group that Hipolito would be unable to betray Cabrera so now they have to be in the good side of the Vice President since he was in power in order to enrich themselves because if there would be any betrayal it would be from the side of the vice.

General Borja while coming out from the president’s office bumped into Lucas who asked whether the general had found his grandson’s location. General Borja assured that his team were doing everything to find Cardo even though some people wanted to reach Cardo first before they do. Lucas said it was true since lots of people were after Cardo.

“Soon enough Mr Vice President, the real criminals will pay for the crimes they have committed,” General Borja stated.

Lucas watched the police general with disdain eyes. Alyana told Girona, Soriano and Olegario that she tried everything the previous night to talk Cardo against his plans but Cardo’s mind was made up. General Olegario did not know what to do anymore since the group were not listening to any advice.

She charged Girona to talk to Borja to seek his help in stopping Vendetta from the absurd mission against Oscar. When Girona called General Borja to tell him about the plans, the police general wanted to know their hideout first in order to stop Cardo’s plans. Girona made it clear that he would not be able to tell him their hideout so Borja told him to warn Cardo not to push through with his plans of kidnapping the president.

Lucas said he wanted to be with his wife and Menchu in New York but he could not leave his sworn duties to be with them. Oscar told him to leave, he would take care of everything but he said Brandon’s hearing was the next day and could not leave his son alone. George realised his small guπ was missing and began a search for it.

None of his comrades had seen it and Girona told him to search every nooks and crannies for it as someone might harm him or herself if the person reaches it. George saw Patrick and asked him but he denied. As Jerome and Rigor were hoping to stop the Vendetta from their mission, Tadpole and Earthworm stumbled on them and thought they would stitch them out.

Jerome tried to explain but the guys didn’t let him and they engaged in fist fight. Romulo was there with Ramil and the rest to stop them from fighting. Jerome explained to Romulo and told him that they were grateful to the group beyond measure and were not planning to betray them.

Alyana, Bubbles and Diana while doing the washing talked with Cardo to sort things out with Soriano and Girona. Alyana told him that he should not let his ideologies destroy his beautiful friendship with his cops friends so Cardo decided to apologise to Jerome and patch things up with  them. Before he would end his speech, Melba and Efren got there to inform him about his friends fist fighting outside.

They went straight to Jerome and Rigor to listen to what had happened and were told that their comrades thought they were planning to rat them out so they fought them. Rigor suggested they leave the place and Girona accepted as they had overstayed their welcome. They believed leaving would put everyone’s heart at ease.

Homer wanted money from Hipolito but Hipolito couldn’t pay him for a failed mission but Homer said he had lost lots of men in their mission which he had to be compensated. Hipolito ordered him to lie low. The De Leons visited the Arevalos to tell them about their woes but we’re strengthened by the security provided in their respective houses.

The government and the security force had a meeting to gain an update on their search for the Vendetta. The police did not have any leads yet so Lucas suggested they intensify efforts by raising the bounty on their heads, also there should be checkpoints around and involve the civilians. Oscar saw that as risky as that would rather promote terrorism but the VP believed that would make the public aware that the government was not resting on his promise.

“If I were in your place Mr President, Vendetta’s days would already be numbered!”

“But your days are numbered too Oscar, if Vendetta doesn’t end up k!lling you I will do it with my bear hands.”

Aubrey realised that Herald was having doubts  about the VP and asked him if he had told the President. Herald said he had no evidence so he has not told the President about it. Oscar queried Lucas on how Marco found the hideout of Cardo. He said Marco did lõve Alyana and found his way unlike Borja.

He denied telling his son the hideout of Cardo even when Marco had enlisted his help before. Aubrey told Marissa about Herald’s suspicions and hoped the vice president was really innocent. Marie was called by Noel to finally go to the mall. She realised the guy has received his allowance from his mother and made him change his attire.

The President organised Presidential Outstanding Awards to honour and celebrate students who were brilliant but were less privileged. Marie wanted to go with a taxi but Noel was on a strict budget so they took a tricycle instead.

They went to the mall and Noel wanted them to watch movie instead but Marie was itching for shopping. Her friends came there and Noel was forced to send them for shopping. They model with the clothes and Noel took pictures of them.

After that Marie compelled him to get her and her girls coffee. When he left, one of the girls suggested she dumped him for a rich dude.

Marie showed the picture of Cardo to them and she said he was the one who has caught her eyes. One girl was able to identify the picture as the leader of the Vendetta and she said yes. She told them that the Vendetta was hiding in her house but threatened to k!ll them if they relay the information to third parties.

Elsewhere, Renato suggested to Lucas that they had to lie low. Lucas thought it was good idea as any reckless move would slim the chances of Brandon to be released. He needed his first son to help him in his revenge against Dalisay.

Cardo asked his friends whether they still stood by  their words of leaving and they said yes. He apologised to them for every Deming words he said against them. Jerome understood him and said he knew Cardo was a good person but he should not carry on with his cruel plans against Oscar.

Cardo said he only wanted to talk to the President face to face to inform him about everything that was going on in the country. Rigor asked for his full plans but Cardo did not tell them. He said his friends were cops who were holding onto their oath and sworn duties while he and his groups were criminals going after those in their society.

Lucas visited Brandon to tell him about Oscar’s suspicions. However, he could not afford for the president to suspect him based on Marco’s reckless act. Brandon told him not to worry since he did not have a hand in Marco’s act. Lucas now was thinking of means to get Brandon acquitted.


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