Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 378

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 378 Vendetta regards the abduction of President Hidalgo as last mission, Terante ‘sharp shooters’ target Oscar and his family at an alumni event

George after the group surveyed the president’s house told Cardo that he almost pee himself seeing the number of guards guarding the palace. Earthworm told Cardo that it was a risky mission as they were up against powerful people. He termed the mission as “suicide mission.”

Diana reached out to James to seek his help on the president and his schedule but he couldn’t be of help. She told Romulo that only two people could help them find the schedule of the President and the Commander asked who.

Diana said Sir Jerome and Rigor. They went to the boat to see that Cardo and his fraction had not yet returned. Diana hoped they were okay and Romulo assured that they would. He had complete belief that Cardo and his fraction would be able to pull it off, considering the numerous tasks they had embarked on.

Ramil, on the other hand, was able to gain enough firearms with Anton. He told Anton that before his deàth, he wanted to know that he has done something meaningful for the society and Cardo was right with the idea of them letting the President know the real situation on the ground. Anton said he knew their chances were slim but he was willing to sacrifice his life for the cause.

Lucas sent Hipolito on an errands and called him to find out. Hipolito told him that he was at the hideout of Terante and Lucas ordered him to give the police director the payment and return for them to discuss other important matter.

“Yes of course Mr Vice President!”

“You’re insulting my capabilities Cabrera,” Hipolito thought.

“You’re treating me like I am your back man.”

“You will get what is coming to you!”

“I will make sure that you join Oscar Hidalgo and his entire family in bloody hell!”

Cardo, George, Tadpole and Earthworm arrived  at the meet up point. George told Diana that they were almost caught when they went to the palace. Diana thought they acted recklessly and Cardo said no. He told the group they would not abduct the President from his house but when he steps out. He said the president would not be heavily guarded if he was going out.

Soon after, Ramil and Anton also arrived with the necessary weapons. Oscar sent his family on a trip to make up for all those moments that he locked them inside. They went to their former house. Oscar was with Herald and was hopeful that he would give them maximum protection.

Girona and Rigor arrived and they told Diana and the group that they were able to secure some vehicles but it was not new. Diana told him if he had a link to the security assigned to protect presidents. Girona took the task and called a friend who worked at that unit of the force.

Hipolito finally was allowed to see Terante. The Director did not waste time asking Hipolito about the money. Hipolito wondered if he was thinking he has kept some of the money. Terante said he had lots of respect for Hipolito as a former boss of the NDA. However, what he was doing was a job so he had to go straight, nothing personal.

Hipolito thought he was already paid and wondered what he why he was giving another money. Terante said that was for Plan ‘B’. Terante realised was unaware and said Lucas might have his reason for not telling him about the Plan ‘B’. Hipolito now acted like he knew it. When he left, Terante laughed.

“He is still the arrogant fõol.”

“Hey you’re no longer the director of the National Defense Agency.”

Girona admired the guts of Cardo and the Vendetta members, risking their lives and sacrificing their beings to fight for peace without demanding for anything in return. He explained further that he was an officer and risked his life to save and protect the people in the fulfillment of his sworn duties. Cardo thanked him for having an open mind on their cause.

Elsewhere, Marissa expressed how she has missed their old house and had fond memories of the place especially after they were married and Oscar carried her to the room. She had missed the quiet and peaceful life they had there. Oscar told her not to worry for once he steps down they would return to their normal life as couple.

He said around that time Grace would be in High school and Marissa could go back to her teaching profession. Terante called Lucas to inform him that his men were ready for the Plan ‘B’ and also assured that his men never back out to they successfully accomplish their mission. Lucas asked if they fail but Terante believed his men were up to the task.

George, Tadpole and Earthworm went to buy plenty food and Rigor asked whether that was their last supper. Diana told him not to joke with things like that. Girona wondered where they got the money from since they were not working. Tadpole explained that they got the money from their savings.

They took down a drug syndicate and put aside some of the money for times like that so that they could get money to feed themselves. Romulo told them to eat so that they would get energy for the next day task.

During dinner, Grace told her father that she would become teacher like her mother, Yohan said he would become lawyer like his dad and eventually become a politician while Aubrey wanted to work for an NGO. Oscar promised to ensure each of them fulfill their dreams. Grace made an inspiring drawing and Marissa told Oscar that Grace told her that she wish they would not go back to the palace.

Once the convoy was ready, Herald came to inform the president. They had to go and carry Grace since she already fell asleep. Oscar did not want to spend the night there since they would go to the alumni event the next day.

In the morning, Girona was able to obtain the president’s schedule from his friend who said the President would attend an homecoming anniversary at Santiago University. He informed the group and Vendetta prepared to go.

Lucas called Terante to ask about their plans and Terante told him to trust him since there was nothing for him to worry about. Even their plan B was all set, his men were completely surrounded on the inside and outside the venue and they have also set a parameter in case something goes wrong.

“And  I assure you Mr Vice President I do a good job!”

“You better for your own good.”

While the Vendetta embarked on their mission in the cars Girona got, Counselor Gina sent the police to Flora’s house and they went to investigate Flora on the whereabouts of her grandson. Once Flora spotted the presence of Counselor Gina and her lapdogs, she told the police that she knew her right and if she flouted any law, then they should file charges against her.

Counselor Gina who was happy with her lapdogs, seeing the police leaving got disappointed that they could not arrest Flora. At Camp Crame, Borja was worried as he told his subordinates that three days have passed after the president gave them a week ultimatum to find the Vendetta. Vergas asked what would happen if they failed to get a lead. They believed the president would terminate them from their post.

After laying out the rules for the rest of the security to be vigilant and heavily protect the first family, Aubrey once again thanked Herald for his help in protecting the family. Once they set off, Oscar received a call from his secretary that General Borja wanted to speak with him but the President said the next day. Marissa wondered what Borja wanted to talk about.

As the Vendetta were in their car going to the law university, the car suddenly was consumed with bad air. George pleaded with them, saying the mission was making him to fart since he was scared to the bone. Tadpole and Earthworm were very nervous. They assumed that could be their last mission since telling the president the truth would make him act upon it to help the poor.

Romulo said after everything was settled, he would go back to the mountains. They asked General Olegario whether she would return to her old post. Olegario said she did not know what hold for her since she had no life to return to. Romulo told her she could go with him to the mountains and she gladly accepted.

Tadpole and the rest made fun that Diana has accepted to be with Romulo and he was quick to correct himself that she would be with them. Diana told them to park there so Cardo’s group also parked. Lucas arrived at the school and met some old friends who told him that he used to be the President of the school, asking that what was stopping him from being the president of the country.

Lucas answered that very soon he would be. The First family arrived and were heavily guarded. Yohan was glad to see his future school. He told his mother that once he was enrolled they would have to increase his allowance. Aubrey said when their father was attending school, he was also working and had little allowance to feed on but he was able to sail through and now he was the president.

The three Hidalgo siblings gave their father standing ovation. Aubrey told Yohan that perhaps when he starts schooling, he would meet his life partner in the school just like mom and dad. The family walked to the forecourt and Lucas was tipped off that Oscar and his family had arrived so he called Terante in order to inform him.

“My men already reported that to me,” Terante smiled.

“Just enjoy your little homecoming party together with them.”

“Because this will be the last time you will see them all alive.”

Terante called his sharp shooter to remind him that “one bullet for the president, one bullet each for his family members.”

“Copy that Sir!” the Sharp Shooter nodded.

Oscar and his family’s presence was announced. The Hidalgos Merrily waved their hands as they took steps forward while Lucas watched with disdain eyes and Terante sat in his office merrily.


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