Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 38

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 38

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 38 Olga kidnaps Carmen 

At the ocean park Cardo make the kids play with the fishes in there. One of Junior’s friend commented that he thought his father was already dead.

Cardo cleared his doubt and said he was his brother’s twin. Junior told his mom that ever since Ador died he did not see her laughing that much.

Carmen excused them, saying she was going to a washroom. There, madam Olga who was tailing her faked a faint and lured Carmen to send her outside.

Cardo and Junior were worried since Carmen had kept long so he said he was going to search for her.

As Carmen and Olga were standing outside, some men kidnapped Carmen while Olga who faked to be a victim urged the guys to send Carmen away quickly.

Carmen who had fainted was sent to the hideout. Olga was sent to the police station for questioning but she claimed she had poor eyesight and was not able to identify Carmen from the picture.

A witness of the incident who helped Olga up when her men shoved her confirmed that the lady in the photo was Carmen.

Lorena later went to the police station to get Olga claiming the later had a condition and had to go home immediately.

Olga took a medicine and drunk. How she acted made Cardo asked her to go home since they would contact her if they needed further clearance.

Olga after she went to her hideout scolded her goons for not using a mask and also for pushing her hard for her to almost break her legs.

She went in to see Carmen who was crying telling Noemi that she wanted to be out from there.

Carmen after realising Olga trapped her slapped her and Olga slapped her back.

Madam Olga then recalled how her aunt who introduced her to girls trafficking treated her.

Flora consoled Nora, Edgar and the rest of the family. Onyok felt sad for Junior and asked Cardo to do whatever he could to find Carmen for Junior.

He also pleaded with Flora to make Junior stay with them in Lola Kap’s mansion in order for him to entertain Junior for him not to think much about his mom.

Lorena told Olga that she caught a wrong lady this time. She showed Olga the picture of Carmen and her son.

Lorena got emotional so Olga asked her to drink, saying she looked better when tipsy. Olga took the picture, crumpled and threw it away.

Olga sent in food for Carmen and Noemi, Carmen attacked them and run. She found the picture on the floor and got to the other room where Lorena was giving a lady who they punished by giving her sleeping doses to one of their male client for him to have a quality time with her.

As the man saw Carmen he said he preferred her instead but Lorena stated that Carmen was out of it and if he wanted he could join the bid and win her.

Carmen’s case was taken by the CIDG, Glen promised to help to bring the syndicate down.

The authorities denied Billy and Cardo the opportunity to be part of the search team since they were related to Carmen.

They conferred on Joaquin the mantle for the search of Carmen. Meanwhile, Carmen pledged to act along to find an opportune time to fight back and ran.

Junior refused to go to school till his mom was found. Delfin told Cardo to accept that he was not the right person for the job.

Cardo told Glen about it and said he would use his own strategy to find his late brother’s wife.

He made plans to talk to Olga in order to get a lead. Glen urged him to do it since the woman earlier was traumatised and could not properly relay any vital information.

Meanwhile, Flora made flyers to search for Carmen. She enlisted Ryan’s help in the search.

Later Cardo called Olga and when he introduced himself as SPO1 Delisay, Olga became quiet.


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