Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 381

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 381 Nicko saves Hidalgo’s life, Yohan, Grace and Marissa pronounced deàd

At the crime scene, Mark hoped the first family would make it. General Borja hoped that too since they could aid the investigation. The family of the president were being operated on so Borja tightened their security to ensure their safety. He also charged his men to search for the president.

Cardo told his group that he tried to save the first family but his assailants were many. What was strange about his attack was that those who  instigated his attack seemed to know his every movement. Cardo said he couldn’t do that much, he really tried to save them all but only came with the president since his family could barely breathe.

He had always known that Hipolito and the Vice President were responsible for everything, however they did not know who instigated the attack. The news was aired and Melba called Alyana to watch. She was so shocked when her husband’s group were captured on the footage which was aired and the news also claimed that the president was missing but his family were receiving treatment.

The De Leons and the Arevalos were dumbstruck and knew the Vendetta would be blamed. Teddy was perturbed by the idea that the Vice President would be acting as the president. Lucas arrived at the hospital to find Borja and his men. He was upset with Borja for acting now to protect the First family. He quizzed that whether he was protecting the Hidalgos from his grandnephew and Borja said they were doing their job.

For all they might know, the armed men could still be around looking for an opportunity to finish off what they started. In the boat, Rigor told Cardo that the president was in bad shape but Cardo told him not to worry since they were almost home. The doctor appeared and Lucas was quick to ask about the first family.

The doctor said Yohan and Grace Hidalgo were pronounced deàd upon arrival but Marissa and Aubrey were in critical condition since they were severely wounded in the lung. Lucas went to check on Marissa.

“I cannot say that you’re fortunate to have survived because when you regain consciousness,

“You will prefer to be in the company of Yohan and Grace.”

Hipolito appeared in the scene and Vice President Cabrera informed him about the deàth of the two children. Hipolito reminded him that it was not the plan for some of them to survive. Lucas told him that Terante has promised to find and k!ll the president. Hipolito saw that task as impossible, since the President was in the hands of Dalisay.

Terante made his men abduct his “Sharp shooter” to punish him for failing the operation. He beats him mercilessly and also put him inside a container containing flammables. While the “sharp shooter” begged for his life, Terante asked that who could have possibly believed he would stand in as president. He lighted a matches and dropped it inside the container to burn his goon alive.

He served that as a warning to the rest if they ever fail in any mission. Homer was enthused Terante and his “sharp shooters” couldn’t accomplish their mission. They were positive Cardo was securing the president. Roldan had a contrary thought since the president gave an ultimatum for their arrest, he believed the group might disposed him.

Homer said the group would save the president. Hipolito had told him that the Vendetta had k!lled quite a number of Terante’s men and he was positive that Cardo has rescued the president. As the Vendetta brought the unconscious Hidalgo in, Nicko was made to operate on the president but he found it hard to do it since the president was in bad state.

Cardo said he could not possibly send the president to the hospital and begged him to do everything in his power to save the president as his group was counting on him. Olegario told him that he would help him to do it. Nicko reminded them that he was only a veterinarian.

Terante called Cabrera to inform him that he has not found the president yet but had a body which they could use in posing him off as the president. He said he would take care of everything in the forensic lab. Lucas was glad that Terante has recovered early from the failed mission but he said Terante should find Oscar and finish him off.

Hipolito who was in the car with him found the plan as risky but Lucas said he had no option than to do that to assume power.

“Congratulations Mr President!” Hipolito shook hands with Lucas.

As Cardo narrated what happened to the president a d his family to Alyana, Melba, Efren and Bubbles, Efren was positive that the instigator of the assassination plan was a person who wanted to overthrow the president.

Elsewhere, Lucas addressed the media and told them that Vendetta succeeded in k!lling two children of the president,  also the first lady and Aubrey were in critical condition.

He said the Vendetta did same to his family and now the first family so he gave an assurance that he would topple efforts to get Vendetta and also to obtain justice for all those who have suffered due to the notorious group.

He charged the public to help in the fight for justice, in doing so, the Vendetta’s capture would be at hand. As the De Leons were weeping for the whole thing being blamed on the Vendetta, Teddy saw that someone wanted power.

Nicko said the President was running a high fever so his body was fighting all the infection. General Olegario went to inform the Vendetta that she and Nicko managed to take all the bullets from the system of the president but he was running a high fever since his body was fighting the infections. They have already given him antibiotics.

Diana offered to look after the president with Nicko 24/7 to see his condition. Teddy got his typewriter ready to type for publication. Virgie asked him who would publish that for him since he was sacked from his previous job due to his connection with Cardo. Teddy believed there would be other publication outfits which would give ear to him.

Lucas spoke with the doctor again on the condition of Marissa and Aubrey and the doctor said the early prognosis was that their chances of surviving were slim but Lucas pleaded with her to do everything in her power to save the two. While guarding the first family, another set of security arrived to guard them but Borja refused to leave with his team. He told them that they could join them to keep watch.

Later, Flora spoke with him and Borja revealed to her that he has contact in the Vendetta, SPO3 Girona and SPO1 Soriano but what happened the the first family was not part of Cardo’s plans. He said he set a meeting with the president to reveal the plans of the Vendetta but the unfortunate incident happened before that.

Nicko realised that the infections of the president was subsiding. That, he said was a good sign that his fever was running down. Some group of people came to offer to take care of Yohan and Aubrey’s funeral but Lucas said he would do it. He considered Grace and Yohan as his own kids.

Shortly after, Marissa had a panic attack while recalling all the good moments she shared with her family and how her family tragically suffered fatal attack. Her condition deteriorated and no electric shocks could bring her to life. She was then pronounced deàd at 10: 35am.

At Camp Crame, Borja told his subordinates that as each day passes by the walls of were closing on the Vendetta.

“And so do our walls,” Guzman interjected.

He was positive that when Lucas becomes the president their job would be terminated. Chikoy rushed there to inform them about the bad news, the deàth of Marissa. Marie got home together with Patrick to learn the mission of the Vendetta was successful, the president was there with them. Marie looked happy to hear the president was there.

Lucas, on the other hand, appeared on the television to eulogise Yohan and Grace but said the boy’s dreams of becoming a lawyer and eventually a great politician was shuttered all due to Vendetta. He blamed Vendetta once again for the deàth of Marissa.

Homer and his group clapped for the president-to-be. He laughed at him  for his good acting skills of shedding tears to win the sympathy of the public.

Roldan turned to Hipolito to tell him that of course he was the best actor to make Lucas believed he support him. Hipolito told them to equally act along to make Lucas believe they were on his side for them to achieve their aim.

“I’m already a good actor in fact I learnt it from you.”

“I am still able to let you think I am still loyal to you vulture, we no longer need you!”

“Because we are about to have a new boss.”

“Someone more powerful and that is President Lucas Cabrera.”

The Vendetta planned to open the president’s eyes on his true enemies. Efren saw that as unprecedented in the history of the country. The members of the vigilante group said what has happened would pave the way for some revel groups to troupe in from the hills to fight for power, that the group believed would lead to civil war. However, Diana told them not to worry because Lucas would be sworn-in as president.

That made George to think that Lucas was behind everything to assume power but Girona advised the group not to entertain that thought since they knew Lucas as corrupt but couldn’t say he was a murderer to do that for power. Girona said they did not have evidence to back their allegations. Alyana believed it could be personal since they included the family of the president.

Hipolito got to the hospital and Lucas said Aubrey might never wake up again even if she survived. She had fallen into deep comatose. He added that they were close to power  Least did he know that Aubrey was moving her hands. Terante called him to inform him that he was done with everything. Lucas said now that Marissa had passed away, they could equally break the news of the President’s death.

Terante said he would tip the PNP off concerning the deàth of Oscar.

Lucas said Terante had proven that he and his men could be relied on, Terante also reminded Lucas not to forget his end of the bargain.

“Of course Chief PNP Terante.”

Borja tightened the security of Audrey in order to find out if she saw something that could aid their investigation but Lucas appeared to thank him for his gesture and told him to leave the security for the PSG since they did not want him involved it and Borja knew why.


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