Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 384

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 384 Cardo saves Oscar from his pursuers, Hidalgo makes amends with the Vendetta after witnessing Lucas ordering his deàth 

The President held George as bait and stepped out with him. He ordered Cardo and the entire Vendetta to put their guπs down and ordered George to give him his jacket and hat. George removed it and gave him.

After that he pushed him and ran. Cardo decided not to go after him since the President himself wanted to put himself in harm’s way. The group tried talking to Cardo not to allow him to go otherwise he would be k!lled like what they did to his wife.

At the state’s funeral, all those related to the deceased went to give their final tribute starting from the teacher of Grace, a bossom friend of Yohan and the beneficiary of the programmes enrolled by the president and his wife to say good things about the Hidalgos.

Lucas got jealous when a beneficiary eulogised the president and the first lady and how he benefited from their benevolent programmes and kind gesture. They even hoped the new president, Lucas would continue such good act.

Lucas asked Hipolito where those people came from and Hipolito said they were not even included in the programme but was sure some organisations pulled that strings

“Well this is the last time anybody will say something good about Oscar and his family,” Lucas hissed.

“Is that clear?”

“Yes of course!” Hipolito  accepted.

Greco was still worried about the president since he was unaware of his actual enemies. George said the president did not appreciate them for taking care of him and he almost k!lled him. Romulo understood the president and what he was going through. He believed that was the reason why he did not have a discerning mind to distinguish between his real allies and his enemies.

However, Romulo was worried that Hidalgo might approach the wrong people to put his life at risk. Terante was congratulated by another snitch officer and the two were willing to collaborate to continue their shenanigans since Lucas would be their protector. Efren was worried about the president for putting his own life at risk. Marie thought of the worse that the president might rat them out and get the police involved.

Nick agreed with Marie that their lives were at risk and it was time they had to let the Vendetta go. Patrick disagreed, to him, the Vendetta was fully armed and could take down any cop who come their away. Efren stopped him from that thought. Elsewhere, Earthworm also told Ramil that their lives were at risk since they allowed the president to escape. Ramil said they should give themselves some time.

Efren said they should pray for the president’s safety and for the Vendetta, that was the time the group needed them the most so they would not abandon the group. Margie showed concern with how Dons wanted her to abandon Flora. She said every word of hers to Dons fell on deaf ears. Shirline said she was the person who had failed to listen to reason that they had to be away from Grandma Flora and her family.

Margie told them that when they were down, others helped to bring them up so it was important for them to also bring others up. Flora was glad that her brother was not sacked. Borja said Lucas and his minions were keeping him in the dark but would do everything possible to ensure he gets to the bottom of things.

The snitch officer instructed the police under him to take charge of the place and when they see any member of the Vendetta at location, they should shõot to k!ll. Flora told her brother to be careful since Lucas was close friends with Alejandro Terante. Lucas charged Tarente to secure the place since the Vendetta might come around.

As Yolly was harassed by the neighbours when she was leaving the house to buy food stuffs from the market with Wally, General Borja also attended the funeral but the mourners threw stones at him to compel him to get back into his van. The mourners accused him since he was related to Cardo.

Terante called Borja after he heard of the incident and warned him not to return to the place again since they had to avoid conflict like what happened at the important function like that. Borja rescinded on his decision to pay his last respect to the deceased and headed back to the office with his subordinates.

Rigor asked Jerome whether Cardo made the right decision to allow the President to go. Jerome said Cardo definitely knew what he was doing. Diana said perhaps Cardo wanted Hidalgo to find out for himself who his real enemies were. Rigor feared the president might not make it through.

“I am praying the president is doing okay,” Cardo thought.

“That, he is safe from any danger.”

“As much as I did all I could to try to keep him safe, there’s really nothing I could do if he still refuses to believe us.”

“And I pray that he gets back to the palace safely and his daughter pulls through somehow.”

“I also pray that one day he finally see the whole truth about what is really happening in our country.”

” I pray that our country finds real lasting change so that every Filipino has a better life.”

Alyana went to talk to Cardo to rescind on his decision of leaving the president alone. She pleaded with him not to allow him go as he might get hurt. She told him to help and save the president because if something happens to him, she knew Cardo would not forgive himself.

She tried to make Cardo understand that the president was going through a lot and needed his help especially now that he has drawn closer to the President.

The President meandered his way into the castle and saw the casket of his wife.

“You’re finally within my reach Marissa, my children but I cannot even go near you now.”

He saw Lucas getting close to the casket and he hid to watch him as Terante approached Lucas to inform him that he has already alerted his men so they were closely monitoring the place.

“And if Vendetta decides to show up, do you think your men can stop them? Hipolito asked.

“Rest assured they can handle them Mr Hipolito!”

“Vendetta will be dealt with properly!”

“Renato I should be the one to ask him questions like that,” Lucas hissed.

“I’m sorry Mr President but what will happen if Oscar Hidalgo himself decides to come?”

T”hen get the hëck and k!ll him right away,” Lucas said desperately.

“We cannot let anyone else see him!”

Lucas was unwilling to give up his new mantle, stressing that the entire nation was under his control and would not allow anyone to take his position.

“Oscar must never return!”

“You’re monster Lucas,” Hidalgo cried underneath his breath.

“You traitor!”

He was leaving when Lucas saw him and ran after him to call out Oscar’s name. Oscar turned and Lucas confirmed it was indeed the president. He alerted Terante and he also relayed the information to his men. The police spread the information among themselves that the target was spotted at the location and they ran after Oscar.

Flora went to face the neighbours who were terrorising them and she managed to make them go. Nick and Gedo went to inform Counselor Gina. Hipolito wanted to call for backup but Lucas refused to accept Homer, the failures as backup. He was then called by the secretary and he vented his anger on her but the lady had an information for him that the German ambassador was there.

Oscar raced to save his life from the police and he cried not to know who to trust anymore since the police were on his tail. He hid himself and heard the police saying Terante has ordered they k!ll the president in order for him not to return so they have to find him right away to get rid of him. When he spotted the police going to the other side of the road, he quickly flee from his hide out.

Unfortunately, he was seen and they ran after him, shõoting him. Lucas went to meet the ambassador and was able to act up and assured the German ambassador that his administration would be better. The police were closing in on Hidalgo and he was fortunate to have swerved the millions of bullets shõt at him. The President never gave up and raced for his life.

God being so good, when he was fighting for his life to flee from his enemies, he bumped into the Vendetta and Cardo who was on top of a jeep pulled him up to cover him. The Vendetta who divided themselves and in different cars, parked and took down the police who were after the life of the president.

The group members were happy that they were able to save the president and they hoped he would now believe them that they were not the real enemies of the country.

Flora called Teddy to check up on him and told him about the harassment she and her family suffered at her house and she thought he was also experiencing same. Teddy said nothing of that sort happened. General Olegario was glad that the president was saved. Greco was happy that Dalisay changed his mind to go to his rescue. Romulo added that the president may now change his mind.

On top of the car, Oscar thanked Cardo for saving his life. Cardo was glad that they found him alive.

“Please forgive me for not believing you before!”

“That’s all in the past now all that matters is you are alive!”

Virgie was glad that Flora was okay and believed they might experience what the De Leons experienced. JP lamented that his colleagues at work also say nàsty things about them. Virgie advised him to stay home at the moment. However, Teddy said it was a moment that they had to fight back and his wife asked whether through his articles.

She reminded him that he was no longer a journalist and Teddy said what he intended doing was beyond his profession. It was a service to the country. Terante, on the other hand, came to inform Lucas that the president was able to escape, even though, his men did their best but Lucas cut off the chase.

He interjected that Oscar was a single man who has not fully recovered, yet, his men were unable to take him down.

Terante explained that he was not alone, the Vendetta were there with him and Cardo helped him. Moreover, his men were acting in discreet since they did not want third parties to be aware of the president’s presence. Hipolito decided to fuel it and made Terante knew he screwed up.

He then told Lucas that Oscar was now a dangerous man since he was now siding with the Vendetta. Terante assured that his outfit would continue the manhunt and the Vendetta were no match for their full force.

“They are no match for your full force?” Hipolito interjected.

“Then why did he get away?”

Lucas shut them up.

“It’s quite simple General, this is what I want

You have to k!ll Oscar and you have to k!ll Dalisay and you have to end Vendetta

“Otherwise you will be the shortest serving director general in the history of Philippines national police.”

“With your permission Sir!”

Hipolito smiled with everything that happened. Cardo got home and Alyana greeted him with a hug. As Bubbles saw they had returned home safely with the president, she went to call Grandpa Efren and Melba and the couple were glad that he has returned in good shape.

Lucas went to the room for Aubrey and he said that would be the room for Brandon and he wanted them to do some renovations in there. The office of the president has also drafted a memorandum for the absolute pardon of Brandon and it was waiting for Lucas’ signature. He told his assistant to leave and he watched Aubrey’s picture.

“I am going to make sure you never get to see your precious daughter again Oscar!”

“In the end it will be me and Brandon who will rule over the palace and the entire country!” He turned down the picture frame of Aubrey.

The next day at Efren’s house, they set a big table for breakfast and the president was called to join them. Alyana saw that Oscar could not have enough rest and she told him to eat something and go back to rest. The place was silent so George said it was not like someone d!ed. They should eat. Marie served the president.

At the palace, Lucas called Terante to tell him that Oscar might find a way to get close to Aubrey and Terante said he foresaw that so he has tightened the security at the hospital so there was nothing to be scared of if Vendetta shows up his men would take them down. Lucas said he did not need promises, he wanted result. He charged him to finish Aubrey off.


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