Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 387

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 387 Vendetta exhumes the remains of the First family for Oscar to say final goodbye, Cardo prepares the Vendetta to rescue Aubrey

At the hospital Aubrey quickly closed her eyes to act like she was in comatose when a nurse was approaching. Cardo assigned Tadpole, Earthworm and Greco to watch the place where the first family were buried.

The police wanted to leave but one told them they were specifically instructed to keep watch as the Vendetta or Hidalgo might come there. The weather was not on their side, it suddenly rained and they were forced to leave their post for shelter. Vendetta saw it as a good sign for them to carry out their mission which they waited the entire day and night for.

Cardo never wanted them to be complacent after Greco and the rest he sent to spy broke the news about the police leaving instantly when it began raining so they waited to see if there was no police left at the cemetery before they could do their job. The De Leon kids were also complaining bitterly about being bullied in school due to their affiliation with Cardo.

At the Mayor’s office, Dons advised Margie to stay away from Flora and her family. He was advising her simply because he lõved her. Margie quickly rose from her chair to rush to him to confirm whether what she heard was right.

Dons looked serious and surprised when Margie got closer, asking that question. He pulled back and quickly pulled his hands from Margie’s hands and reconstructed his statement that he lõved her as a friend.

Margie turned pale as she watched Dons and nodded brokenheartedly. Cardo led the president to exhume the bodies of his family for him to mourn them. The Vendetta sympathised and shared the pains of the president. Oscar mourned bitterly and asked his family to forgive him for his inability to save them.

A barangay official who was on his bicycle patrolling saw the Vendetta but couldn’t figure them out. He called the police to inform them that some armed men had exhumed the bodies of the first family. Unfortunately, when the police arrived, Cardo and his men had already buried the bodies and left so they saw no one.

Aubrey had a convulsion and the nurse called the doctor to save her situation. Elsewhere, the publisher called Teddy to voice out how Lucas would grow furious once he sees the article.

Teddy said what he said was true since what Cabrera did first as a president was to set his son free and that he said raises eyebrows so the public would have to question that move of the president. The publisher agreed and assured the story would be published.

Lucas began to roll out another ace under his sleeves to discredit Oscar in order to engage in illegal operations using the presidential seat. He brought out all the files from different departments and agencies under the administration of Oscar for Brandon to go through if he could find any dirt.

Hipolito on the other hand, had the files from the Environmental Agency, the arm of government which he was the Head and saw Oscar turning down deals from illegal mining companies which wanted to operate in the country illegally. He found a grim of hope in that for them to engage in their shenanigan.

Hipolito told Cabrera that one of the illegal companies offered full substantial amount and suggested they should accept it to gain money.

Brandon queried: “what if someone sees that?”

Lucas said if anyone finds it out they would pin the blame on Oscar since it was his administration that the offer came. Brandon also proposed to help his father with his connection to arm smuggling, robbery and drugs which were not on General Terante’s list.

In an exchange those illegal operations would bring in money and on their side what the president would give them was protection. They had a toast for their success. Terante came to inform Lucas that the Vendetta was spotted at the grave.

The vital signs of Aubrey, according to the doctor was stable. The doctor said Aubrey was indeed a fighter. The nurse asked what happens when Aubrey wakes up. The doctor said it would be sad for her to know she was the only survivor from the Hidalgos family.

As the health practitioners left, Aubrey who was listening to their conversation cried that it could not be true that she lost her parents and siblings. She cried in agony and in pains. The kids were glad that no one picked up a fight with them at school.

Unknown to them, their mates were looking for the opportune time to strike and they made fun of them. Paquito did not heed to Makmak’s advice not to mind the kids. He fought them for putting a piece of paper which “V” was written on it. Flora couldn’t sell anything and she told Yolly and Elmo to pack everything. Gina was unhappy with the amount of money she got from the eatery.

Gido told her to be grateful since Flora was unable to sell anything. That got her excited as Gido went on to advise her not to be greedy, otherwise, no one would even buy from them again. Terante with his ally went to see Aubrey and when the nurse left  for them to be alone with Aubrey, Terante said Aubrey was really tough but she was better off deàd since she would be k!lled by Lucas even if she wakes up.

He wondered how she was able to pull through when Lucas plotted the Hidalgos assassination.

“You’re monster Lucas!” Hidalgo wept while alone reflecting on his life.

“As soon as I return to the palace, I swear on my life I will do everything to put you behind bars.”

“You will rot in prison!”

Hidalgo made it a top priority to rescue Aubrey. He promised to find means to get his daughter out to secure her from Lucas.

“Go back to sleep our dearest princess,” Terante told Aubrey as he left with his ally to secure the parameters of the hospital.

Aubrey cried when they left. She kept on pretending she was in coma and was unaware of the things going on around her so when they come to her ward, believing she was unconscious, they reveal their secrets not knowing she had been listening to them.

Alyana was asked by Cardo whether she was sure she wanted to be part of his missions. Alyana said she would not allow him to leave her alone for her to live in loneliness again. She explained that she already believed in their cause and what they were fighting for.

If Cardo had been recruiting men and women to join the group, she asked why not his wife too. Alyana wanted to be by his side at all times so that she would be able to help him should something happens to him.

She added that they were doing that for their country so Cardo did not have a choice than to accept her as part of the Vendetta but made her promise to be extra careful. The doctor decided to transfer the patient, Aubrey to a private room since she was stable. Aubrey planned to escape after hearing she was fine.

The Vendetta together with Efren and Melba promised to support Hidalgo throughout his ordeal.

Teddy’s much anticipated article was published but Virgie was still scared for his life even if he was using a pet name. Oscar begged the Vendetta to help save his remaining daughter in the hospital. His sentiment was that if Lucas planned to eliminate him and his family, then he would ensure his daughter d!es too so he wanted to take the risk of getting Aubrey out from the hospital even if she was unstable.

He planned to send her to a provincial hospital where no one would recognise him for him to watch over his daughter by himself. Terante informed the president that he had tightened the security at the hospital.

He found their trap for Oscar as genius as he believed Oscar would not make it alive if he attempts to get close to his remaining daughter. Though the doctor had told them Aubrey might not survive, Lucas was not ready to take any risk with the Hidalgos for Aubrey to fight back when she sees him tarnishing her father’s reputation.

Brandon showed the article Teddy wrote to his father. He wondered who the writer was to have published such content. Lucas told him not to worry, they had lots of allies. Brandon saw another news which projected the President to be caring as he frequently visits Aubrey.

He then suggested to Lucas to tap into that to visit Aubrey as often as he could. Elsewhere, the Vendetta set their plans in motion to go to the hospital of Aubrey to save him.

In order for them not to be seen, they said they would go on a boat and have their cars as standby at the port. Lucas and Terante went to Aubrey’s ward and she kept on with her pretence to be in coma as she listened on to their conversation.

Lucas told Terante to always secure the place and he wanted Oscar deàd. He would not allow him to be reunited with his daughter. When they left, Aubrey said she and Herald were right all along that Lucas had a bad motive but never knew he could betray her father in that manner. The Vendetta set their weapons ready as they prepared for the rescue mission.


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