Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 388

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 388 Aubrey confides in a nurse that someone wants her k!lled, Lucas and Terante stage fake ambush to k!ll Aubrey

Melba advised the Vendetta to be careful and wished them success in their mission. Efren said with providential guidance, he believed the mission would be successful.

As Aubrey was being wheeled to the private room, Lucas had a media interaction to inform them that Aubrey was still in a coma and her condition kept deteriorating but now her  vital signs were currently stable.

Answering what he would tell Aubrey when she wakes up, Lucas said he would tell her the truth but he and Brandon would be there for her. He would also protect her. Terante and the PSG would ensure her safety so that the Vendetta would not get close to her.

The Vendetta embarked on their mission on a boat after Patrick secured it for them. Aubrey attempted to escape but she was weak and could not walk. She fell in the process and a nurse came to meet her lying on the ground. She pleaded with the nurse not to reveal to anyone that she has regained consciousness as there were people who wanted her deàd.

The nurse helped her out to be on her bed and asked her who wanted her deàd. She said it was better she did not know so she should help her escape from the hospital. As the doctor was coming, she pretended to be unconscious.

Terante asked Lucas what if they were transferring Aubrey and she regains consciousness. The president ordered him to k!ll her if that happens. Due to the fight the De Leon kids had with their classmates, the school principal had a talk with Elmo and told him that the parents of the kids were concerned about the affiliation of the children with the Vendetta, therefore the De Leons should transfer their children.

Elmo was upset since the kids rather provoked and harassed the De Leon kids. He came home to inform the family and Flora said she would go to the school to have a talk with the principal. She had been a teacher before and knew the rules.

Brandon called Lucas and he said he was at the hospital checking out the security that Terante had put in place. He told Brandon that he would also  visit the charity patients and Brandon told him to wait for him.

The nurses began to talk about Aubrey. One said Aubrey was in a tight corner. She did not know what was worse, whether to wake up to know the reality that she had lost her entire family or to remain in comatose. They realised Lisa, the nurse Aubrey confined in her had been quiet all those while so they asked her if she was okay and she said yes.

After the Vendetta sailed on the boat and got to their standby cars at the port to drive to the hospital, Cardo talked to the president not to get out from the car irrespective of what happens. Oscar said he would do anything to ensure his daughter’s safety but Ramil reminded him that his life was also important because he was the president and he needed to be secured as well.

Cardo told him to trust them, they would rescue Aubrey as they did with him. Lisa went to inform the doctor that Aubrey had regained consciousness and was pretending to be in coma since she was scared of her life. Flora went to the children’s school to talk to the principal only to discover that the parents of the kids had signed a petition to get the De Leon kids transferred. Their reason was that they were scared of Vendetta and Cardo.

Flora asked the Principal whether Cardo was schooling there as well and queried how Cardo would come to the school and harm the kids. She said the principal instead had to stop the kids from bullying and victimising her wards. Flora made it clear that she would not transfer the kids and if she jokes too, she would report her to the school owner.

The doctor told Lucas that Aubrey was awake and she told the nurse that someone wanted to have her k!lled but failed to mention the person’s name. The doctor said the nurse thinks she was traumatised after the experience that sent her to comatose.

Lucas went to see Aubrey and smiled while Aubrey kept on with her pretence. He held her hands tight to say he would not allow what happened to his father and family happens to her.

“My dear I will see to it that you will not live another day!” He said beneath his breath.

He and Terante spoke with Lisa to know the exact things that Aubrey told her and she said what she told them was all. Lucas asked the name Aubrey mentioned and she said Aubrey did not mention any name. When she left to carry on with her duties, Lucas told Terante that the nurse might not be telling the truth so Terante said he would dispose Lisa along with Aubrey.

Meanwhile, JP had his share of the bully and wanted to fight back like Teddy. Teddy said his fighting back was different from his and advised him to ignore his friends. He should not allow their act to get the best of her.

When Vendetta reached their destination, Bubbles and Alyana decided to go to the health facility to find out Aubrey’s ward. Cardo warned them to be double careful and once they find it, they should return immediately since it was dangerous.

Terante came up with a better plot to k!ll Aubrey and put the blame on the Vendetta. He proposed that they get Aubrey transferred to different hospital so that they would ambush and k!ll her. Lucas left to process it and get the doctor to approve it. As Alyana and Bubbles asked the reception to know Aubrey’s ward, the patient was being transfered and was wheeled by some of the hospital’s staff.

Lucas called Terante to ask about the preparation. Terante said everything was moving on smoothly for the fake ambush that would send Aubrey, Lisa and all the health practitioners with Aubrey to their grave. Lucas said it was too bad that Oscar couldn’t get to his daughter, otherwise, they would have k!lled two birds with one stone. Terante said Oscar’s time would come.

Lucas warned Terante that he did not want any stitches in the fake ambush. Margie came to visit the De Leons during the night and told Yolly to contact her if they needed help.

Since Alyana and Bubbles were keeping long, Cardo wanted the Vendetta to go into the facility but Rigor said that would put Alyana and Bubbles’ life at risk so they should wait longer. Alyana and Bubbles discovered that Aubrey was being transferred to a different hospital and they rushed out. Aubrey was accompanied by lots of security personnel from the army and the hospital was heavily secured too.

Melba, on the other hand, was worried about the Vendetta and asked Marie if there was a news on the Vendetta but there was none. Patrick wish the Vendetta accomplish their mission, otherwise, Lucas would finish Aubrey off. Melba hoped the Vendetta rescued her before someone else gets to her.

Aubrey was transferred into an ambulance, accompanied by the police since the convoy was passing by the Vendetta’s car, the group quickly bowed their heads to hide for them not to be recognised. Alyana and Bubbles quietly but quickly made their way to the Vendetta’s car to inform Cardo to follow the convoy, the president daughter was being transferred to a different hospital.

Cardo had a hunch that it was a set up to dispose Aubrey. She called to inform Oscar who was in a different car with Romulo and Oscar was scared for his daughter’s life.

“If you were just waiting for an opportunity to see your daughter again Oscar, I will not give you that opportunity,” Lucas said when in a car.

“You will never get to see Aubrey, ever again!”

“And you… You will follow her to the grave.”

The nurse in the car even wondered why Aubrey was being transferred to a different health facility. As the convoy was moving, suddenly, the car stopped at a certain bridge and the nurses wondered why they stopped. Unknown to them, the PSG officers chose that spot to execute their vile plan.

Cardo and his team also stopped and came out from their cars to hide in some bushes as the PSG officers and the police also came out from their cars. Aubrey opened her eyes to try to find out what was happening and quickly close her eyes.


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