Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 389

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 389 Cardo and Vendetta successfully rescue Aubrey, Lucas vows to beat Oscar to his game

A police asked the PSG officers whether that was the place they would get rid of Aubrey and the white sleeves officers said yes and they would make the media believe it was an ambush. As the PSG officers saw that the police was becoming an obstacle they shōt him.

They began to fire each other and Aubrey quickly woke up to shout. Cardo said it was a set up. Jerome told the president, Alyana and Bubbles to stay behind and no matter what they should not follow. The president protested but Cardo told him to trust them, they would bring back Aubrey.

As they went, Hidalgo insisted on going after them but Alyana told him not to, he could not afford to let his hands stain with blood. The PSG officer shōt the two nurses and Aubrey begged for her life.

“I am sorry Miss Hidalgo I am just following orders.”

The PSG officer was shōt by Cardo and Aubrey heaved a sigh of relief. Cardo and his team traded fire with the security officers. Aubrey climbed the bridge and Oscar ran calling out her name. The security officer seeing Aubrey escaping shōt but Aubrey was quick to jump from the bridge into the river. Cardo watched her back by shoōting  the officers trying to shōot Aubrey.

Cardo jumped inside the river and called out Aubrey’s name. She didn’t know how to swim so she drowned as Cardo swam to search for her. Alyana and Bubbles ran after the president and they held and hid him so that he did not get shōt. They hid behind one of the police cars and Alyana told him not to risk his life Cardo would save Aubrey.

Bubbles asked how the gün works. Hidalgo thought her and she shõt one of the officers, making Jerome turned his back since she failed to k!ll once she pulled the trigger. Alyana also gave a try and k!lled an officer. She was shocked to have k!lled a person for the first time in her life. Cardo was able to rescue Aubrey and did the necessary for her to vomit the water she swallowed.

Aubrey ran to hug her father and both were emotional as Aubrey talked about her deàd siblings. Lucas spoke over the phone with Brandon to inform him how Oscar foiled his plans for the Vendetta to rescue Aubrey. At the house of the De Leons, Yolly saw it great that Flora was able to stop the principal from her act for the children to remain in that school.

Dons, on the other hand, was hellbent on carrying out his duties as the mayor and failed to listen to Margie who was against his surprise visit to the De Leons. Margie said he would be a bad person, should he get Flora evicted. When he went, he saw Flora serving some street children some foods so he remained in his car to watch Flora from afar in shock.

“Let it be known that I will forever be grateful to Cardo for saving my daughter’s life,” Oscar said while bonding with Aubrey in Vendetta’s car.

“And to all the members of Vendetta I salute you.”

“You’ve all risked your life so many times not for my sake but for the sake of our fellow citizens and most of all for the country.”

Guzman and his colleagues were in a car going to the crime scene. They doubted it was true that Vendetta ambushed the convoy to kidnap Aubrey. The De Leons looked worried when news about the ambush was shown. Teddy quickly grabbed his bag and left in order to get to the bottom of it.  Lucas had a press briefing informing the public with much sadness that the only surviving daughter of the late president who was in a coma was abducted by Cardo and Vendetta.

He said he has charged Terante and his men to find the Vendetta as soon as possible. Niko rushed to inform Melba and Efren that Vendetta were back. The family welcomed them. Oscar introduced her to the family who had been helping the Vendetta and also helping him as well when the Vendetta saved him from the enemies.

Aubrey said her hunch was right that Vendetta was a group made up of good people. She was sent inside by Melba and Alyana for her to change herself. Hipolito stormed the office of Terante in anger to query him on how Cardo and his men were able to take away Aubrey. He even wondered why President Cabrera trusted him for the job. Terante saw no need to explain himself to him, besides when he was the NDA boss he couldn’t capture Vendetta himself.

He told Hipolito to work on his assigned duties not his. Gina went to see Adonis based on the recent news on Aubrey. She told Adonis that the family of the person who kidnapped the president’s daughter was still living in the community and was sure they might be hiding Aubrey in their house. Margie was in Flora’s house with her family to check on the De Leons to know how they were coping after the news.

After showing concern on the the kinds of clothes she has given her to wear, Aubrey told Melba not to worry since she and her father have led simple life before. When she was left with her father, Aubrey told Oscar that while she was at the hospital she happened to overhear Lucas and Brandon and Oscar interjected that he also heard it with his own ears that Lucas was behind everything.

Aubrey said she had always known Lucas was hiding something but never knew that he would go to such an extent. She wondered why Lucas did that to them and Oscar said he did that for power.

“A man without a soul will do everything for power to use it for his personal gains,” Oscar added.

Elsewhere, Lucas was upset that Terante had failed and scattered his things while confronting him.

“I will beat Oscar to it so that when he shows himself, the public will side with me.”

Guzman called Borja to inform him that it was true  that the Vendetta ambushed the convoy to get Aubrey as said by witnesses. Teddy got there and Guzman asked what he was doing there. He said he was at the crime scene to report. He also learnt about it and he returned home to inform JP and Virgie that Vendetta indeed ambushed and escaped with the comatose daughter of Aubrey.

Teddy was sure that Cardo actually saved the girl since she would be under the protection of Cabrera. The De Leon kids in the school came across their Teacher Irene and the woman said she would do everything to ensure they were not bullied because the teachers were their second mothers. She encouraged them to inform their teachers any problem they would encounter in the future now.

At the Vendetta’s camp, Earthworm was shocked that the PSG and the police truly wanted to k!ll Aubrey. Diana knew that Lucas was manipulating all the security forces. Greco also asked why they were trying to k!ll themselves and Ramil said it was all for a show to make it seemed they were ambushed and they knew their enemies would rather pin the blame on them.

Hidalgo thanked the Vendetta for saving Aubrey as he had always thought that they were the enemies, rather they were the protectors of the people. Romulo charged the group to be vigilant because their enemies would stop at nothing till they find them. He said they should not be complacent as the enemies would leave no stone unturned now that they had saved Aubrey.


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