Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 390

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 390 General Borja is arrested after Terante takes his oath as the PNP Chief, Girona and Soriano declared wanted by the police

Alejandro Terante, the Police Director General was officially sworn in as the new Chief of the PNP by the direction of President Lucas Cabrera. He promised to do everything to reinstall peace and order while helping to solve the issue of terrorism which the previous administration failed to do.

He threatened not to show mercy to all those individuals who were supporting the Vendetta and protecting the notorious group. That made Guzman and his colleagues who were present at the function think that they would have quite a hard time dealing with the new Chief of PNP.

Lucas implored the entire police force to help support their new Chief. He urged them to be loyal to him and continue their sworn duties to the Filipino people and to their new Chief. At the rébel’s hideout, George promised the Manager that he and the rest would go and patrol the area to ensure there was no odd person within their territory.

When they went to patrol, Rigor saw that the people of the area were caring, lõving and supported each other even if they were poor. While Tadpole also wished Oscar would be reinstated to solve the common man’s needs for peace to prevail.

At home, Bubbles approached Jerome and apologised to him for almost shõoting him during the mission to save Aubrey. Jerome said it was nothing, he wasn’t hit. She asked him whether he caught lots of criminals when he was still in service. Jerome said no really, a few maybe and she saw that as just and humble speech.

She also asked Girona whether he was already married.

“No I am not!” Girona retorted wondering why Bubbles was interrogating him about his personal life.

“I fell in lōve once but it didn’t work out!”

“In case you didn’t know Cardo and I actually met because we both happened to like the same girl.”

“Really?” Bubbles exclaimed “Who was it?”

“It’s a long story…. She is out of the picture so it no longer matters.”

“Okay so why aren’t you married yet,” Bubbles quizzed.

“I guess I haven’t found the one yet!”

“What about you do you have children?”

“Children!” Bubbles exclaimed  “Of course not!”

Bubbles said she wanted to have a family and have lots of children. All that she wanted was a nice simple life. Jerome thought she was too particular with men and she said no, she even liked short guys. Jerome said short comes curtailed their shortcomings and were hard-working.

Bubbles asked of his spec and he said he only wanted a woman who would lõve him faithfully and accept what he could offer. Bubbles found it sweet and hoped he get his kind of woman soon. Alyana asked Hidalgo about his plans and whether he was planning to hide forever.

Hidalgo said no, in fact it was time to make right all the wrongs in the country so he was willing to do everything to return to his seat. Brandon went to his father with good news that some gambling lord’s who were ready to pay 25million every week for government’s protection.

He showed his father some of the money they paid for down payment. Lucas warned to ensure it did not get traced to them.  Oscar agreed with Cardo that the Vendetta had to fight against the corruption Lucas was fostering. Hipolito came to the president’s office to update him on the illegal mining companies which were ready to pay millions for the government’s protection.

Terante called Lucas to inform him that he went through the files of Cardo’s friends and his  agents that SPO3 Jerome Girona Jnr and SPO1  Rigor Soriano had not reported to work for long time. He said the two officers were seen during the attack on President Hidalgo and his family. He said they were working with the Vendetta and Ricardo Dalisay so he has included in the manhunt.

“Good!” Lucas said “find out where their families live.”

“And what about General Borja?”

“He is next on our list,” Terante said.

As Teddy was reading a newspaper on Terante who had taken his oath as the PNP Chief and Virgie was saying Cabrera would only give his trusted allies post, JP ran to his father to show him a news on Terante declaring Girona and Soriano as wanted men for their collusion with the terrorists. Ramil told Romulo that they had to find somewhere to hide as their lives at Melba’s place were at risk.

He asked Romulo whether they could go back to Mountain Karagao and he said there was nothing left for them there. The place was turned into military base. Ramil hoped Cardo would come up with a plan soon to secure their lives. JP told his family that it was good thing that Jerome and Rigor were in the camp of the Vendetta as that meant there were more people to protect Alyana.

Teddy also saw it as a good sign for the Vendetta to strengthen their forces to bring Cabrera down. Terante stormed Camp Crame with the army to relieve General Borja of his position for conniving with the Vendetta and Ricardo Dalisay. They arrested him and sent him to an isolated cell.

Terante informed Lucas about it and Lucas told him that Aubrey and Oscar were better off deàd so  he should make General Borja reveal the hideout of the Vendetta. Brandon said he could torture Borja to deàth when given the chance. Marie saw Cabrera as a bad person for wiping out the family Hidalgo.

Marie asked Melba if they would take Aye and Hannah in just like they did with the Vendetta. Patrick suggested they send them back home but the children didn’t want to. Nick suggested they report Rosa to the police since she was responsible for drug supply in the area but Patrick, who was part of Rosa’s errand boys protested just to protect himself.

Efren and Melba had a meeting with the community people to inform them about the Vendetta rescuing and protecting President Hidalgo and his daughter. Efren told them not to listen to the fake news against the Vendetta since the group was actually helping and fighting for the common people.

The townspeople were surprised to hear that Oscar was alive and not deàd as it was declared. They were ready to support and secure him from the bad people. They even deemed that as a chance to inform the president about their needs.

Lucas had a cabinet meeting, there Hipolito showed fake documents of illegal mining companies which Hidalgos administration signed to discredit the former president. This surprised the cabinet members because Oscar to them, was honest.

The Secretary of the Department of Justice used that opportunity to address the issue of General Borja’s arrest. He wanted his department to legally represent General Borja since he had to be proven as guilty before condemning him. Lucas protested against the DOJ secretary in his bid to protect General Borja while the detained police general had a connection with the Vendetta.

The secretary made it clear that, that fact was not yet established besides he only wanted to protect Lucas and General Terante from being accused of violating human rights. Lucas thwarted his help. As the secretary was telling an ally that he was not scared of Lucas, Terante informed Cabrera that the DOJ secretary kept opposing him on his decision to arrest General Borja.

The trio, Lucas, Hipolito and Terante schemed up on means to get rid of the secretary. As Hipolito saw it as normal for some cabinet members to oppose them, Lucas saw it as no go area, he would change that terrane. He would appoint his allies to secure those relevant positions which the opposition party, Oscar’s party members were holding.

Patrick met with his friends and when he told them that Hannah and Aye were living with them that was why he had lie low for a while since the kids might rat him out. Marie went to see her boyfriend for credit. Rosa showed up with her lõver, searching for her two kids. Marie said she did not know where her children were.

Patrick and his friends also appeared there and Patrick confirmed that his kids were not there. Marie ran home to inform her family that Rosa was searching for her children. Efren was prepared to liase with the police to turn Rosa in but Patrick advised him not to since Rosa could press charges against them for kidnapping and also for keeping the Vendetta and the president in their house.

Oscar promised Hanna and Aye that once he returned to palace, he would ensure they get adopted by good family, where they would live in violent free environment. Marie saw the kids as lucky for moving from slams to an apartment. She told Hidalgo to remember her once she gets to the palace. George also told Hidalgo since they were buddies, he should make them his personal bodyguards once he retains his seat.

Margie came to inform Flora that her brother was arrested for protecting the Vendetta. Flora and the family were shocked to hear the news. Flora spoke to Teddy to urge him to continue writing about the articles that expose the government and his dirty dealings. General Borja in his isolated cell recalled how the army took him out from Camp Crame and beat him.

Terante told him to cooperate if he knew what was best for him. He was blind folded and sent to that remote cell. His subordinates were also thinking of means to find where Terante had kept him. General Borja wondered how Flora and the family were doing most especially Cardo.


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