Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 391

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 391 Lucas appoints his Vice President, General Borja is tortured after attempting to escape

The president threw a party in the palace for his allies. Terante played a crucial role in enjoying himself around with the girls paid to entertain the men while welcoming some of the guests. He saw Hipolito looking so serious and he approached the secretary.

He told Hipolito to relax and enjoy after all it was a party but Hipolito deemed it as no time to celebrate after everything that was going on. Terante said he was fully aware that Vendetta took Oscar and Aubrey but when the time comes those who deserved to go down would go down.

“You’re right general Terante,” Hipolito smirked.

“Those who deserve to go down will eventually sink.”

Lucas told Brandon not to forget to attend the meeting since he wanted him to be on top of everything as the son of the president. Shirline, on the other hand, told Margie that it was possible the allegations against General Borja were true and he was hiding the location of Vendetta so did Flora.

Margie asked her since she had been working with Flora at the eatery has she shown any suspicious act of keeping Vendetta and Shirline gave a contrary answer. Margie then told her it was obvious that they were innocent. Flora called to talk to Billy about her brother, only to discover that he was not detained in Camp Crame.

Billy explained that Borja was arrested by Terante since he was the new PNP Chief. He noted that lots of officers opposed the government’s decision and did not support him as the new Chief. He believed Terante lacking support was another reason he did not detain Borja in Camp Crame as he might think the CIDG General would be set free.

He also told Flora that Terante did not pass through the due process to get Borja arrested. Shirline suggested they disassociate themselves from the De Leons otherwise they would equally be charged of being accomplices. General Borja strengthened himself and thought of means to flee from the cell.

Lucas went to the feast to talk to Mariano, a gambling lord who had expanded his businesses through the protection of Lucas and he brought him an expensive wine. Captain Gina equally turned her gambling den into casino and had some police allies.

The secretary of gambling needed a private army and Lucas proposed Brandon to him. Brandon told him about his illegal firearms business to supply the weapons. As they were scheming, the illegal business owners were also scared that the Vendetta would be on their tail. Nicko suggested they send the kids to their mother.

He believed Patrick was right that Rosa could rat Vendetta out but Efren was not ready for that. Rosa was upset while rinsing the plate. She decided not to tidy up the plates and pile it up so that when her kids return, they would do all the chores. She suspected that Patrick and Marie were not speaking the truth and believed Hannah and Aye were in their house. She planned to get to the bottom of the issue.

Senator Albert Hernandez was introduced by Lucas to his team as his Vice President and Hipolito congratulated him. Albert joined them and addressed the meeting, saying Lucas chose him not only because he was his party member but he was a trusted ally. Lucas reminded Terante of the only thing he wanted him to do.

Knowing what the president meant, Terante said he would squeeze the truth of the Vendetta’s location to him. In the morning during breakfast, Oscar formally introduced Aubrey to the group.

“I need to gather enough strength so that I will be able to escape this place.”

Counselor Gina appeared in the mayor’s office with her usual charade. She came with whistle for the Margie to blow since she was always around the Vendetta family. Wally and Elmo delivered food to the mayor and Elmo and Gina whistled each other. After eating, Borja acted like he was feeling nausea and was vomiting.

He told the guard to send him to a hospital since he was experiencing an upset tummy just to pull a fast one on the guard in an attempt to escape but his plans did not succeed. He was then punished for his action with merciless beatings. Teddy was worried about Flora due to Borja while Lucas and Brandon thought of means to control the media for all their publication

Flora was inconsolable and believed Delfin and Cardo would return for her family to be whole again. Aubrey and Alyana made Aye and Hannah take a shower and lectured them on the need to have a shower. The kids told their sad story of how Rosa did not allow them to take a shower and  always compelled them to scrub. They said they even had to think of means to come up with money to school.

Aubrey promised to wash their school clothes and prepare lunch box for them. Marie came to hear that and told the kids that they were lucky for the president’s daughter to do that for them. She also said she liked household chores and Alyana asked her whether it was true and she answered the affirmative. She even said she liked children just that she did not act obvious.

Anton informed the group that they did not see anyone strange within the vicinity. As Anton and some of the members stepped to keep surveying, Patrick rushed there to inform Jerome and Rigor that the police now knew they were part of the Vendetta and were spotted during the attack on the Hidalgos.

The three ladies taught the children and they drew. Patrick came to call Marie to question her of playing with the kids while both knew she did not like kids. Marie shut him and also told him that she had not his strange behaviour whenever they were talking about the kids.

Patrick said he acted that way because he did not want to risk his life that was why he wanted the family to get rid of the kids. Teddy called Junior officer Guzman to ask about Borja but he said no one knew where their boss was detained. Lucas’ secretary was shocked to see Mariano and other illegal business operators in the palace.

Terante drew the president’s attention to it and he said he knew what he would do to his secretary. Elsewhere, the guard which Delfin had beaten when he pulled a fast one on him wanted to get even with the old man who was sleeping on the bench in distress. Teddy was sad that Lucas’ administration did not have respect for human rights. JP said they believed Delfin knew the location of the Vendetta.

What hurt Teddy the more was that those unscrupulous people would stop at nothing to squeeze the truth from Delfin. The guard arrived with rope to tie it on the neck of Delfin but some of the guards were concerned and asked him to stop before k!lling the poor old man.


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