Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 395

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 395 Marquez begins his plans to get rid of Billy, Chikoy and Mike, Rosa becomes aware that her children are living with Melba

At the mayor’s office, Margie told Dons about Flora doing everything to get her brother’s right protected. Dons saw that the woman would go nowhere with the case due to the magnitude of crime her grandson and the Vendetta have committed.

Flora waved goodbye to Yolly as she stepped out to see the ombudsman to know about the case she filed against Terante and the government. Delfin narrated to Cardo that he was shocked by how events unfolded the previous night and how he escaped deàth still baffled him.

Lucas held a meeting with his allies to inform them that Terante was in critical condition and General Borja has also escaped which the Vendetta saved him. The allies wondered what they would say to the media. Lucas said they would wait for Terante to get well before they address the media.

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General Borja told the Vendetta that he never thought that there would be a day that he would owe his life to the Vendetta. Oscar used that opportunity to say sorry to him, stressing that he wouldn’t have lost his family if he had listened to General Borja when he was raising all the red flags. General Borja said what was important was that they were all alive and were willing to fight for the truth.

Flora was with the lady from the ombudsman’s office and they went to see the ombudsman’s secretary who also said she had been reaching the line of the ombudsman but no reply yet. As they were wondering why none of them had been able to reach the ombudsman, some two guys stumbled on a decaying corps. When they got the police involved, they were able to identify the body as that of the ombudsman.

They called the office to inform the secretary that the ombudsman was deàd and his remains was found dumped at a certain bush, much to Flora’s surprised. As the Vendetta were planning on means of doubling their efforts to go against Lucas, Lucas also ordered Marquez to come up with a perfect plan to get the under links of General Borja out of their way for them to have their way through.

The media announced the deàth of the ombudsman and Yolly together with the family were shocked. Yolly saw Flora coming and the old woman told Yolly that the workers at the ombudsman’s office were also stunned by the news. The De Leons had their suspicions that Terante could be behind it.

Billy and the rest also believed Flora was right to have suspected Terante. Mark knew Lucas and his lackeys would put the fall on Vendetta to cover their tracks. Lucas and Hipolito went to visit the hospital. The doctor said Terante was stable and Lucas ordered the doctor to do anything possible to save Terante. Brandon said General Terante was indeed a tough guy.

Hipolito indicated General Borja was a pain on the neck and he has always been a pain. He wanted to take care of him but Lucas stopped him to concentrate on the closure of the mining deal. Some armed men in masks came to threaten the editor of the publishing house which Teddy was working for.

Teddy convinced him not to be swayed by the threat so that they would all be able to create a conducive environment and country for their children. Terante woke up and he narrated everything to Lucas. Lucas was convinced that General Borja was waiting in the detention for the Vendetta to rescue him.

Hipolito was not convinced enough and wondered how the goons of Terante allowed Cardo and his group to break the security to escape with Borja. The two began to threaten each other in a heated confrontation at the hospital. Lucas stepped in to stop the two and told them to rather think of ways to recover from what intended to come.

Billy visited the De Leons to ensure their security. Chikoy said until they found Borja they would ensure their safety. The under links of Borja told them that they haven’t found anything about the ombudsman’s case yet but they would do everything. They left the place happy that no one has been worrying Flora.

While in the car going home, Brandon suggested they hold Flora as hostage since the old woman might be aware of the hideout after Cardo escaped with Borja. Lucas said they have to do one thing at a time. Now what they have to think about was damage control. Since General Borja told Cardo that he had to get in touch with Grandma Flora for her not to worry, Cardo interrupted the conversation of Bubbles and Jerome to request for Jerome’s phone to call Flora.

Flora did not know the caller so Yolly suggested she did not receive it but Wally ask what if it was an important call. Flora received it and was shocked to hear Borja on the phone. She cried as she told her brother how hard she fought for him just to find him. General Borja told her not to worry about him again since he was free. Flora asked how it happened and General Borja gave the phone to the very person who rescued him.

Flora was happy to speak to her grandson. She wanted to know where they were but Cardo refused to tell her. He explained it was dangerous for her to know and advised Flora to be vigilant since she might be the enemy’s target. Lucas spoke over Phone with Terante to inform him about his intentions to write a press release to inform the media about how the Vendetta attacked him. However, Lucas said he would put General Borja’s escape under wraps.

Terante asked what if he resurfaces and Lucas said he better not dare otherwise his family would be at risk. Also he did not want to give hope to the the public that when something happened to them, Vendetta would be around to rescue them.

Nicko sat with his parents to caution them about their safety. He said their safety was being compromised with the way they were hosting too many people in the house. Efren indicated that they ought to do that to protect the Vendetta. Elsewhere, Rosa overheard the children talking about going to Grandma Melba’s place to see Aye and Hannah.

“You better brace yourself Melba!”

Flora decided not to inform the kids about the whereabouts of Delfin. She was scared their mouth might slip to say it to third parties to endanger Cardo and the Vendetta more. Marie told Noel about Delfin being in their house and he was shocked that they were hosting all the wanted people in their house.

He threw a word of caution but Marie said she was not concerned about the Vendetta all that she cared about was finding out what Patrick was up to. Lucas held a press conference to inform the journalists that Terante was ambushed by the Vendetta. He invited the police General to come and share his ordeal through the hands of the notorious group.

Terante after narrating assured that he would not give up on life till he ensure the Filipinos were having the peace that they deserved. Hipolito planned to use the mining deal which Lucas has entrusted him with to build his forces with Homer and strike him and Terante when the time comes. Watching the press conference, Hipolito told Homer and the Venom that he would use Terante’s failure to his own advantage.

Still at the press conference, Lucas told the public that his government would do everything to ensure his government take down the Vendetta. He said the group was not only a bother to his administration but to every single Filipino. He was hopeful that with the potent power of the AFP and the PNP and the full cooperation of the citizens, the group would be apprehended.

The De Leons watching the live telecast got upset, especially Elmo and Yolly told him to keep his voice down, the neighbours might hear. Elmo was upset with the lies that Cabrera was spreading while pinning the blame on the Vendetta. The Arevalos were also watching and Virgie said the Vendetta ambushing Terante could be true since the police General has detained General Borja.

Teddy decided to call someone to ask about it to know the actual truth. His wife wondered who he would contact to get to the bottom of the issue. Wally, on the other hand, told Flora not to worry since he was sure Cardo and the Vendetta would find a way to stop Lucas from spreading lies about them. Flora worry was that, Lucas might find a way to find the hideout of the Vendetta.


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