Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 40

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 40 Carmen endangers the Casa girls in her plans to escape

Cardo was upset so Benny apologised for what he said. Noemi was worried about Carmen.

Meanwhile, Nora regretted for not allowing Carmen to go overseas. She blamed herself for her disappearance but Edgar comforted her.

During dinner, Lorena introduced Dianne and Dorene, saying they just completed a basement punishment. Olga forced Dorene to eat, as she was forcing the lady Carmen attacked her from behind.

She warned Madame Olga’s goons that if they made any wrong move she would stab Olga. Carmen took a phone and asked one of the ladies to call for help.

Doreen went for the phone and Olga eyed his goons to shoot and they shot Doreen. Carmen called for help for Dorene. Lorena went to call for a doctor.

Meanwhile, Diego told his wife about his preparation for them to travel overseas. Tomas warned Joaquin not to involve any of the syndicates in his quest to find Carmen.

Lorena advised Carmen not to endanger the rest of the ladies. Carmen pleaded with her to help them escape since some of them were mothers and asked Lorena if she did not have a child.

It has been three days that Carmen had disappeared, Joaquin who was infuriated by his dad’s request visited Nora and she cried that they were losing hope. She pleaded with Joaquin to do everything to find Carmen.

Lorena who got emotional pretended Infront of Olga. Olga said Carmen was giving her tough time and was acting like a wild beast. She promised to tame her. As everyone was sleeping Lorena went to wake Carmen up that she should follow her.

As she sent her to the basement Camila cried, saying she thought Lorena was helping her escape the Casa not knowing she was adding to her plight.

At the basement, Lorena made one of the goons helped Carmen for her not to get hurt just to lie to Olga that Carmen was punished for her earlier action.

Meanwhile, Joaquin and Cardo promised to do whatever they could to find Carmen. Olga made a call to his goons that they should search for a beautiful, attractive and slim catch.

They assured her that those they had their eyes on were very attractive. Some sales workers who have closed from work chatted and one said she left her purse.

When she returned the bus had left her behind so a taxi driver offered to send her home since it was late and there was no available van.

He introduced himself as Arnold and the sales girl also said she was Helen. The goons who already set their eyes on Helen followed the taxi.

Cardo had a nightmare about Carmen crying for him to help him as she was in bondages. He later saw Junior crying that he should help find Carmen.

During breakfast, Flora asked Cardo to inform her if they find anything about Carmen.

Carmen thanked Lorena for the help and asked her to help her escape. She said she knew Lorena was not like Olga.

Meanwhile, Cardo expressed his grievances to Delfin that as each day passed by Carmen’s life gets more danger.

Rigor asked Glen about the development on Paloma’s case and she said no one knew her. She received another file about a lady who was missing and the picture turned out to be Helen.

Cardo went to talk to Joaquin about how Carmen’s case was going and Joaquin said they were doing everything they could but Cardo said their investigation was a bit slow and suggested that they changed strategy.

Joaquin got upset Cardo explained that he meant that if he had a different strategy he could use to track down the culprit to make it more easier to find Carmen.

He later went to see Glen and she revealed to him that the kidnappers had changed the strategy and now were using taxi as there was a report about a new missing sales lady.

Cardo came across the taxi so he head back to his transgender friend to transform him again.

Paloma was in the same sales outfit and went to join the other sales girls who were talking about the missing of Helena.

Flora asked Benny if he knew the strategy Cardo was using to find Carmen and he said Cardo did not reveal the strategy to him.

Meanwhile Cardo introduced himself to the other sales girls as Paloma and they asked whether she was the replacement of Helen and she said yes.

Benny called Glen to ask about Cardo since Flora was feeling restless about the behaviour of Cardo of late. He passed the phone to her and she was unable to ask, she said it was embarrassing so Benny asked Glen if Cardo had a girlfriend and she said she did not know anything about it.

Arnold approached the sales girls and offered them a ride home. He said it was quite sad that Helen could not be found since he was the person who dropped her off in her house.

Paloma insisted that he might be the one to kidnap her and he said he was a good guy and did not look like a kidnapper.

Meanwhile, Joaquin promised to make it tough for Cardo to get to Carmen first before Cardo would. He then received a call from Verna.

Verna said she hardly see him home and was told for the past few days he had not been sleeping in the house. Tomas took the phone from Verna and told Joaquin that he thought they had already talked about Carmen’s issue.

However, Olga in video showed Philip, the leader of the syndicate the types of ladies she had caught for the bidding.

He told Olga that she should make sure she gained higher price on the ladies since the account she has been rendering to him was meagre.

Arnold sent the sales girls to a club and the girls cautioned Paloma against Arnold, saying she might be the next victim but Arnold said he did not know anything about Helena’s missing.

Arnold showed interest in Paloma and the girls warned him not to break the heart of Paloma since she just came from Manila.

Tomas passed by Joaquin’s office to bring to him a food. Arnold took a mic, saying the day was not a special day just for the celebration of his birthday but found a woman that his beat for.

He went for Paloma  and her friends cheered them on as Paloma sat next to Arnold.


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