Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 400

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 400 Lucas launches foundation to support victims of the Vendetta, Cardo and the Vendetta arrive at Santo Niño amidst the return of Don Emilio in the place

In the car going to Santo Niño, Alyana told Cardo that they were safe and there was no one tailing them. Cardo said it was a good thing that Ramil saw the guy who called the police. That, he said made them narrowly escaped. Alyana felt guilty for the deàth of the Espinosas as through them those innocent lives were caught in the crossfire.

At the hospital, Terante interrogated the doctors and they said the group did not harm them. They only compelled them to treat their injured comrades. They said they did it not only because they were forced but it was their duty as well. The rest of the police came to inform Terante that they did not see Vendetta anywhere.

Cardo said Lucas was a mõnster and he had to pay for everything that he has done against Bert, Melba, Nicko and Efren. At the mining sector, Tyson saw two of the diggers who found a treasure stealing some of the gold and reported it to Señior Gustavo. Señior Gustavo instructed him to torture and k!ll the thief.

The news on Vendetta holding hostage of hospital staff and patient was telecast. Lucas did not look cheerful that Vendetta had been able to escape.

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Hipolito tried to evoke the wrath of Lucas against Terante. He said the Vendetta has been able to escape twice just a day. When Terante returned, Lucas in fury told him that he has done everything, giving him the best position and the necessary resources all to capture Vendetta but he has failed.

Terante promised to hunt the group down and he would ensure not to spare any of their members. At the mining site, Tyson k!lled the thieves in front of the rest of the workers to serve as a deterrent to them. Virgie called Teddy not to go to the hospital as she was scared that her husband would his life.

Teddy was hellbent on going in order to find his daughter, Alyana and also to find out what was happening. Margie and Dons watched the news. The reporter said the Vendetta k!lled three people and injured six. Margie doubted and told Dons that Lucas had been threatening journalists and believed the journalists were compelled to spread blatant lies otherwise they would disappear like colleagues against Lucas Cabrera.

Teddy rushed to the hospital to find the police stopping some journalists from going inside the clinic. While standing aloof, he saw some nurses and they told him that the Vendetta were able to get away. As he heaved a sigh of relief, the nurse said the Vendetta did not do anything to them.

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They only begged for their assistant to treat injured members. Teddy got home and saw the lies that the reporters were reporting. He decided to write an article to expose the lies of Lucas and Terante. The children heard the rumours about Cardo k!lling innocent people at the hospital and holding them as hostage.

They asked Flora and were sure the rumours were all lies because they knew Cardo wouldn’t do that. Margie and Dons tried to mend things together since the issue of the Vendetta was causing their friendship. After Bruno buried the deàd bodies,

Gescon arrived to inform Señior Gustavo that he has already reached a deal to seek the government’s protection.

Señior also said he had a good news for him, the treasure has been found finally. Gescon was happy  and he informed him about an international buyers who were seeking for diamonds. One of Señior Gustavo’s men said he knew where such natural resources could be found and he mentioned the Mountain of Santo Niño.

In the middle of their journey, Anton asked if it was safer for them to be in Santo Niño. Romulo said though there were other rébel group at Sto Niño but they would be safe there than in Manila since the president’s eyes were on them in Manila. Terante gathered the neighbours of Efren to query them on Vendetta. The interrogation started with Noel and he denied knowing anything. He even accused the police of k!lling his girlfriend Marie.

All the neighbours did not give Terante the information that he so desired. After the interrogation, he apologised for the lives which the neighbours lost and blamed it on the Vendetta, stressing that they were the roof cause of everything. He told them to cooperate with them should Vendetta return to the place.

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When Terante left, the neighbours said it was a good thing that they were not swayed by the lies of Terante. Actually they knew Efren protected Oscar and the vigilantes just to protect them from the corrupt officials like Lucas and Terante. Noel advised them not to believe them and protect the Espinosas and sacrifices they made with their lives to fight for the right in the country.

After they got the treasure, Señior Gustavo charged his workers to pack their things as they would go to Santo Niño to mine for gold, diamonds, and all the precious stones which the Germans left hidden in the Philippines. Tyson said he knew someone from Santo Niño and he would help them to bring much stronger force from there.

Lucas held a press conference to blame Vendetta for the supposed lives which were lost at the memorial hospital to support the bereaved family. He said due to how the Vendetta was victimising innocent lives, he has set a foundation dubbed:

“Justice for the Victims of the Vendetta foundation”, which his son Brandon would head it to seek justice and support the victims.

Brandon elaborated more on the foundation and he said the foundation was set up to give financial aid to the victims of Vendetta and to shoulder their hospital expenses. Gido hearing it told Nick and Counselor Gina that he would also pretend to be sick to benefit from the fund. Dons told Margie that even Brandon was a victim of Vendetta and Margie said Brandon kidnapped someone and was lucky that his father became President to set him free.

She told Dons not to believe in their lies. Margie told him to change his views on some issues. Caloy was shocked to see a jeepney pulled over at their place. He realised it was Cardo and called Marsing, Doray and Elizabeth . They welcomed Cardo and his friends. One of Javier’s men told Baldo that Tyson was at the foot of Mount Monica and he wanted to talk to him.

Elizabeth was able to recognise Aubrey as the president’s daughter who she read in the papers that she was kidnapped. She and Doray thought Alyana and Cardo kidnapped her since Alyana said they were fugitives. Aubrey explained that Alyana and Cardo rather saved her. Marsing equally was able to recognise President Oscar and Cardo said he would explain things to him.

The De Leons took relief in an article that elevated the Vendetta. Least did they know that Teddy wrote the article to clear the name of the Vendetta from how Cabrera and his media men were projecting the Vendetta. Teddy told JP that his next article would be on the media men who were against Cabrera and his administration and suddenly they went missing.

JP asked about PO1 Morales and Teddy believed the officer might have been threatened or someone has silenced him. He received a call from the police, Morales’ friends and the officer said he would tell him about what happened to Morales.

Terante went to the palace to inform Lucas that after his interview with Barseko residents. He said none was aware that Hidalgo was alive. He said the people were needy so they would not hide anything. They would sell the group out for the bounty just like how Rosa did. Lucas reminded him that there were some poor people who uphold their integrity.

At Sto Niño, Oscar narrated his story to Marsing and his family and named Lucas, his vice president as the one who plotted his deåth. Elizabeth saw Lucas as a mõnster. Elsewhere, Baldo met with Tyson and the midget told him that someone needed an alliance so he walked with him to see the person.


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