Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 402

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 402 Bubbles begins to prove her lōve for Jerome, Lucas learns of Teddy’s hidden secret

At Sto Niño, Aubrey woke up and was happy to see the Sunrise. She woke Hannah and Aye up. The boys also woke up and Ramil was amazed by the air of the place. They were really grateful to Mr Marsing for giving them a place like that to stay. Greco and Tadpole felt like they were in Mountain Karagao.

They felt that they really owed Mr Marsing a lot and were ready to do everything to prove themselves to the man. They saw the roof leakage and they planned to fix it. Hannah and Aye taught Aubrey how to cook scramble eggs for breakfast. Bubbles arrived there and was impressed by Aubrey’s food.

Aubrey said the two kids taught her. Bubbles understood since she was a president’s daughter and might not be used to cooking. Aubrey said the Hidalgo family has led a simple life before just that she did not like to cook. Diana arrived there to ask Bubbles if she knew how to cook and she answered the affirmative but was quick to add that Aubrey’s cooking might be better than hers.

She told Aye and Hannah to teach her a different delicacy for her to prepare for someone special. Aubrey and Diana were anxious to know the person but Bubbles insisted that it was a secret.

At the palace, Lucas was upset to see the newspapers for the day. He questioned Damien for his inability to get all the media to their side. Damien promised to work on it.

At Camp Crame, the upright officers were happy to see the article of Teddy. JP called his father to congratulate him since the article had gained attention and everyone was talking about it even at his school. Elizabeth and Doray brought food to the Vendetta ladies. Doray said after their breakfast she would return to tell Diana and Aubrey about her ex James.

Elizabeth dragged her out. Alyana cooked and Cardo wondered why she woke up early. Alyana said she woke up so early to prepare breakfast for them. Romulo told Hidalgo that they had plant vegetables once the weather was clear. Alyana after preparing the food made Cardo sent to the rest of the Vendetta while she stayed inside the room to clean it.

On one table, Borja told the Vendetta that he never thought of a day that he would be together with the Vendetta as he had been trying to find them to bring them to book. Even Oscar thought he was siding with Cardo. Oscar apologised to General Delfin for questioning his duty as an officer. He also said sorry to Cardo and the Vendetta for thinking they were terrorists.

Cardo said it was all good as that cemented the group to keep fighting for justice which has opened their eyes to the reality that they were all fighting for the ordinary citizens in a different way.

Mark was scared that Terante would return to squeeze the truth out of them. Better still k!ll them as Chikoy stated. In all Guzman said they had to be strong because there were people out there still fighting. The Upright officers were willing to do anything to keep giving Teddy information to expose the government. However, one was consuming to his fears.

Since Terante was still their superior he was scared they would be in trouble but another said that was their sworn duties and they would uphold it to fight the government in the way that they could irresponsible of the pressure mounted on them. The one who was scared made them see the possibility that they might be dismissed if Terante sees them.

Another said their sworn duties was to protect the ordinary citizens. They decided to continue working with the journalists to expose the ills of the current administration. Meanwhile, Terante has revealed to President Cabrera that the famous writer was Teddy Arevalo. This begun to make sense to Brandon and Terante seek permission to get rid of Teddy but President Cabrera stopped him.

He said they had to work on discreet and they could actually use Teddy for themselves. Rigor, Jerome, George and the rest joined the table for breakfast. George had earlier passed through the rains to take stroll at the place to see it beauty. Hidalgo said it was good for them to as well to view the beauty of the place.

Señior Gustavo addressed all his workers that the treasure they had been searching for had been found so now their work at Mount Monica was done. He whipped up the workers interest when he said all the loyal workers would be rewarded but some began to tear down when Gustavo said those who were not loyal would be k!lled and appointed Bruno to take charge.

Bruno shōt and k!lled all the disloyal miners. Patrick was the last to have woken up but failed to join the Vendetta on the breakfast table. He sat in solitude to brood over the loss of his mother, Bert, uncle Nicko, kid sister Marie and Grandparents Melba and Efren. He saw himself as a wicked person and he deserved to d!e instead of his family. He reflected on how his family passed away.

Hipolito told Homer and his lackeys about the failure of Terante. Homer believed Lucas would lose hope in Terante should he continue to do that. Hipolito told Homer to trust him that Lucas still favoured Terante.

He told Homer about the mining business in Santo Niño and he planned to meet Señior Gustavo for Homer and his lackeys to join the team for them to get real diamonds to facilitate the path of his revenge against Terante.

Señior Gustavo in a grand convoy arrived at Santo Niño. Señiorita Madonna did not go there with him since she was packing her designer shoes, clothes and bags. He saw the place as a great castle for the king and his queen. He was introduced to his staff and told them that they have to keep whatsoever they would hear in the house there, otherwise they would see their maker.

Lucas officially sworn in Albert Hernandez as his Vice President. He also announced that Alberto Hernandez would also lead the Agency of Interior and the Local government. Teddy read his article to his wife and the article has really been sold to many in the country as he spelt out all the evils of Cabreras’ administration and how the government was fighting the Vendetta as the only opposing force fighting his bullies and corruption.

He also chronicled how several upright officers, journalists, government officials and individuals suddenly got missing the moment they go against the current administration. At Sto Niño, Aye stumbled on Patrick and asked him why he was sulking. Patrick said he was thinking about his family who lost their lives due to him.

Aye consoled him and told him they were now big family. Señior Gustavo made his orders, Thunder, a chabby assistant ensured all Señior Gustavo’s orders were obeyed. Señior Gustavo was able to get some ingredients which were not common in Sto Niño to be delivered to him at the place. He told his employees that money talks and everything he wanted, he would get it all.

Cabrera speed up on Hernandez after his oath taken but was impressed to know that he had even delivered his job before he was sworn-in. Lucas now confirmed that he did no mistake to appoint him as his Vice. Greco, Tadpole and Earthworm found Patrick and Aye together. They wondered why he did not join the breakfast table and told him how delicious the meal was.

Aye explained to them that Patrick was still mourning for his lost and had no cravings for food. Greco understood him and made it clear that they were just like him but they made the lost of their lōved ones be a driving force to make them seek for justice. Ate wondered what that meant and he told him that they were once a rebel group in the mountains of Karagao but later came to the city to fight corruption.

Tadpole narrowed it down to the level of Aye using kid terms as bully. Aye told them that in school there was one big guy who bullied them but they couldn’t fight back since they were weak. Tadpole then used that to say the powerful people with in the country were like that big boy and they bully the weak so Vendetta were fighting the strong people to attain justice for the weak.

Aye was impressed and asked if he could be a member of the Vendetta once he grew up and Tadpole said everyone could be a member of the Vendetta, provided that the person had the will and passion to fight for the poor. Baldo and Javier decided to see some allies to recruit more men for the mining job.

Jerome stumbled on Bubbles and said sorry to her since he did not know she was there. Bubbles said she was only dressing her wounds. Jerome thanked Bubbles for the coffee and she said it was nothing since he always took care of her and Jerome said as a man that was his duty to do. Bubbles asked if that was all that he would say to her because she thought he would say something else. In a low tone, she whispered that she thought Jerome would finally say he was in lōve with her.

Jerome did not hear and asked her about what she said and she said it was nothing he was so handsome and kind of short and whispered looking elsewhere Jerome was looking like a Teddy bear and was so excited, she couldn’t hold back her lõve and feelings for Jerome. Jerome was amazed about how Bubbles was behaving.

Rigor came to find Jerome checking on Bubbles’ wounds and he thought there was something going on. Jerome told him to cut it out, he was only helping Bubbles. Rigor told Bubbles that Sir Jerome was compassionate and his future wife would be lucky.

“Really!” Bubbles exclaimed “I hope is gonna be me gummy bear.”

“What?” Jerome queried.

“Nothing just kidding.”

As Baldo and Javier left to see their lackeys to recruit more men, Flora and Yolly told Wally and Elmo that they were off to the Public Attorney’s Office. The Vendetta took a stroll at Sto Niño to check the amazing scenes of the place. They went to the bridge and Diana said the bridge was strong and nice even though it was old.

George and some of the portion of the Vendetta to go and swim in the river. Gaston called Hipolito to inform him that Señior Gustavo Toralba has agreed to meet him so they scheduled the meeting on that day.


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