Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 404

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 404 Lucas orders Terante to punish Teddy for his articles, Tyson and his minions get beaten for attempting to ràpe Bubbles 

After Hipolito left, Gascon was worried that the politician and his lackeys might hinder their plans. Señior Gustavo was positive that Hipolito and his goons would not be a problem because he has fought them in his previous life before.

He believed that they could never beat him. Gascon made him think of the possibility that he would be recognised by Hipolito but Señior Gustavo doubted especially with his new looks. He said he not that Don Emilio they once knew.

Homer, on the other hand, felt so strange seeing Señior, he told Hipolito that there was something weird about Gustavo but Hipolito did not care. All that he cared about was the money he would make from Gustavo, least did he know that Señior Gustavo had an ace under his sleeves.

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Hipolito told Homer that he would use Señior Gustavo to fulfill his own ambitions. He made it clear that he was more cunning. Counselor Gina was happy to hear from Gido and Nick that their casino was booming. Jordan called JP to know about their plans for the next day. However, Virgie told Teddy that they needed to protect JP in his mission.

At the palace, Lucas wanted Teddy to be punished for his action so he ordered Damien and Terante to take away the courage and soul of Teddy till he begged for deàth. At Sto Niño, the Vendetta gathered around one table for dinner and they talked about lying low for a while before they continued their mission.

Nita suggested to Marsing during their separate dinner with their family that since Cardo and the Vendetta were the ones fighting for the people, her husband should help her talk to the town Counselor to make the Vendetta be their protector from Javier and his minions. Marsing saw that as a smart suggestion.

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Elizabeth and Doray came to the hut of the Vendetta to bring them clothes. The two told the group that they should give their dirty clothes for them to wash. However, Bubbles decided to join Doray and Elizabeth to do the laundry at the river side. Aubrey also said she would join.

Señior Gustavo read the newspaper and saw President Cabrera praying in a church. Gascon said it was all for the show to get a firm hold on the public.

The old man laughed looking at the shenanigan acts of Lucas. He said it was a good thing he had a firm hold on the current administration. While on his way home, Renato called Lucas to update him about the meeting with Gustavo. Lucas told Hipolito to ensure Gustavo keep his side of the bargain. Hipolito said he warned Gustavo that any breach would lead to the closure of the business.

Señior Gustavo said he would give in to their demands from the beginning but at the end, he would win. Brandon couldn’t wait any longer for them to get hold on the money. However, Lucas’ problem was Cardo and the Vendetta

“We have a lot in common,” Gustavo smirked.

We both want power and Money and we both want  Dalisay deàd.

“And I will be the one to k!ll him!”

Mayor Adonis called an officer to give him a heads up on Nikanor who was on his way to the precinct to file complaints. The officer told the mayor that he no longer had to inform him first because his job was to accept and process all kinds of complaint. Adonis said the case was not usual complaints but this is a bit sensitive. The officer asked who was involved in the complaint and Adonis said Brandon, the President’s son. Adonis said Kanor would file an assault charge against Brandon.

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Damien came to remind Lucas that the day was  the National Day of Prayer for peace and would be held at the Cathedral. Lucas asked Brandon to go and wear his suit but Brandon did not want to go. He said his father should go but Lucas wanted to go with him for the public to think they were still connected to the church.

Brandon did not see any need since the Cardinal did not even like Lucas. Lucas said he would go with him for them to establish that relationship with the Cardinal in front of the media. He said that would even give then the opportunity to address what Brandon did to the security.

Elsewhere, Tyson led Bruno and the rest of his minions to pay a surprise visit to Javier and Baldo to check on their preparation toward the mining work. Javier made fun of Tyson after seeing him. Baldo reminded Tyson of their side of the money once the job was well delivered and Tyson said when the job was done right Baldo and his group would be loaded with huge sums of money that they have not seen in their lives before.

Meanwhile, Bubbles and Aubrey left to do the laundry with Doray and Elizabeth and Jerome asked Bubbles if he could accompany her but she said no. Jerome told her to take good care of herself. This made the Vendetta guys made fun seeing the relationship Jerome and Bubbles were establishing. As the four ladies were walking to the riverside, they kept showering praises to how peaceful the place was.

They said the town only had one enemy and that was Javier who used to live in the mountains. Elizabeth said Cardo had beaten Javier before when the latter tried to make advances on Alyana. Later, Javier and his minions cornered and beat Cardo. She said Cardo did not reciprocate  since he had promised Alyana that he would not get into trouble. Tyson told Baldo that the next time that he would come, he would be in the company of Señior Gustavo so Baldo should ensemble his men before their return.

When Tyson left, Javier smirked that Tyson thought he was better than them simply because he was working for a rich businessman. At the river side, Aubrey learnt how to wash but Bubbles was expert in washing. Doray asked Bubbles if she had a boyfriend and she said no but was targeting one of the Vendetta guys.

She hoped that person felt same for her. Elizabeth advised her to make the move and used herself as an example that she was the one who courted her husband so as she lõved him, she should not let him go. Jerome decided to join Bubbles at the streams. He gave excuse that it was not right for them to leave her to go there. Rigor could tell Jerome had missed Bubbles and followed him to the place.

Delfin was worried about Flora and Cardo said he hoped Lucas would not make life impossible for her. Alyana felt same about her parents but they knew they could not contact them if they really wanted to keep them safe. Delfin knew their enemies were desperately seeking for means to smoke them out.

As they were moving to their territory, Tyson and his lackeys heard some women at the river side and they went there. Tyson was eyeing Bubbles so Bruno and the lackeys went to hold the girls to make Bubbles ready for Tyson to ràpe her. As the women were trying to fight the men to resist them.
Fortunately, Jerome and Rigor got there in an attempt to save the ladies but they were outnumbered.

Jerome and Rigor were beaten mercilessly. Aubrey was fortunate to have broke lose from them. Doray screamed that she should run home to call for help. Aubrey bolted to the house as Tyson and his minions decided to get away with Bubbles. Aubrey reached home to inform the group and the Vendetta ran to the streams to find Tyson and his minions getting away.

The group ran to attack Tyson, Bruno and the other minions. Cardo and Romulo fought the strong minions while Bruno took Earthworm and Tadpole.  Tyson fought with George and tried to crash the balls of George but George took him down. The Vendetta beat Tyson and his minions mercilessly till they fainted. Doray and Elizabeth were able to rescue Jerome and Rigor who were floating in the water.

The Vendetta carried Jerome and Rigor to rush them home for treatment. In Manila, Yolly rushed to the cafeteria with a newspaper asking Flora to read today’s news. The government has appointment a new ombudsman Simon Crisanto. Elmo asked if she would seek the ombudsman’s help and Wally said it was in the news that the ombudsman was handpicked by the president, Lucas Cabrera which meant that he was siding with him.

Flora said they should give the ombudsman benefit of the doubt. She said it was too early to judge him. For all they knew the new ombudsman could be honest and good. Margie thanked Adonis for helping in Kanor’s case. Adonis even provided a free lawyer for Kanor for the alleged case against Brandon. Margie did not understand why Adonis still believed Brandon was innocent.

Kanor went to the precinct to narrate his story on how Brandon was forcing a woman to leave him and he stepped in to her defense even though he was scared. The police asked why he was there to file charges when he was scared. Brandon wore his attire and was ready to prove to the public how religious they were.

Damien came in to inform them that Kanor, the security who Brandon assaulted has reported the case to the police. Lucas preempted that but Damien said it was not only that the mayor was backing him. Margie did not understand Dons for helping Kanor when he did not completely believe in him. The mayor said he was only doing his job to help his constituency.

Senorita was sent to the new mansion of Gustavo and was glad that they were in that big mansion. Snooky who traveled with Senorita said they did not encounter any problem during their trip. Alyana asked Doray and Elizabeth who those guys were. Doray did not know them and Elizabeth doubted those guys were part of Javier’s group.

Romulo anxiously asked who Javier was and Elizabeth said a guy who came from the mountains and was forcing the townspeople to be their protector. Greco confirmed his suspicions that there were other rebel groups roaming around the area. Earthworm was upset that those people were taking advantage of the women. Bubbles who was still traumatised kept crying.

Elsewhere, Gustavo hugged Madonna and decided to show his Amor around. Cardo said since they did not know who those gang were, they had to prepare themselves as those crooners might return for revenge.


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