Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 405

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 405 JP, Jonathan begin to recruit more student for a new campus movement against Cabrera administration, Albert threatens Adonis for filing charges against Brandon

At the eatery, Margie told Flora how Adonis felt sorry for Mr Kanor and helped him to file charges against Brandon. Shirline was surprised since the mayor had always favoured Cabrera. Flora saw that as a good sign.

While on their way to the National Day of Prayer, Lucas received a message from Damien about the post of Margie, the secretary of the Mayor which had gone viral. Lucas confronted his son as he had always known that the act would send them into trouble.

Dons was not happy with how Margie publicised the whole thing and tagged him. Margie explained that she was proud of him for helping that poor man’s out and just an hour he got 5K likes. Dons said he helped the man because he thought Kanor needed it not for him to be praised for that. Margie’s act, Dons said would lead them into trouble.

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He explained to Margie that Kanor had to pass through some process with his complaint. However, how Margie has stated the thing on her post has made it look like Brandon was already guilty. Brandon wanted to take care of Adonis but his father stopped him. Lucas called Albert to punish Adonis for going against his son.

As the President arrived at the function with his son, the media house Teddy was working for was forcefully closed down and they charged Jonathan, the editor of the newspaper insighting addiction.  their readers of rebelling against Lucas Cabrera’s administration. Teddy urged Jonathan to fight back, they should not allow Lucas to close down the newspapers. Jonathan insisted that there was nothing they could do.

JP and Jordan started their movement: “Society for Youth Advocate for Justice and Truth” and they shared flyers and told other students to join the movement against the corrupt official, Lucas Cabrera and his administration. Some students who only saw the good things Lucas has done doubted the accusations that the president was corrupt.

JP explained to them that there were other individuals who reported against the president and they mysteriously gone missing. He said the media failed to report that. Jonathan told Teddy that he would teach him the tricks for him to report online and share on social media. He said that was the only way they could fight back.

Teddy thanked him and was even okay that they only shutdown the place and did not threaten the life of Jonathan. They vowed to keep fighting the cause the cause for justice. Madonna was seated after Señor prepared feast for her. She requested for the diamonds and Señor said he would give her all of it once he got hold of it.

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Madonna told Snooky that once she gets hold of the diamonds, she would leave the place and become her own boss. Señor Gustavo got upset with Gascon that they have not started the work since Señorita was impatient. Gascon assured that they were on the work to get the mining started.

Meanwhile, Teddy arrived home with Jonathan’s laptop and told Virgie that he would seek the help of JP to know how to operate it for him to kickstart his online publication. He said he would write about the people who were continuously getting missing. He would centre on Guzman who no one knew his whereabouts after his arrest.

Homer plotted with his group to also make it big from the illegal mining as Hipolito was also going to use Gustavo’s business to enrich himself. At the palace, Damien told Lucas who was in the company of Hipolito and Terante that he had been in contact with social media authorities to get the post of Margie taken town. Lucas said others might have gotten it and could post it back again.

Terante suggested they set a trap for the mayor to get him arrested

“You think that will solve the problem General Terante?” Hipolito hissed.

“The public will soon figure out that you only had  the mayor arrested all because of Brandon’s case and that will worsen the situation General Terante!”

“Tomorrow that mayor wouldn’t be a problem anymore,” Lucas said.

Lucas told Terante that instead of concentrating on Brandon’s case, he should rather take care of his other enemies like Teddy Arevalo. Terante said he could charge Teddy of Subversion for inciting the public to rebel against Cabrera. JP, on the other hand, taught Teddy how to publish and share the links on social media.

“Our current detention is ready to hold people like Teddy Arevalo,” Terante said.

Lucas smirked that locking Teddy would not help. He believed Teddy could be their source to find Alyana, Cardo and his entire team Vendetta. However, they could threaten Teddy for him to fear  doing what he has been doing. Gapon brought his gang to  Javier and Baldo’s camp to report that he has been able to recruit more men.

Baldo said they have also reached out to Diego and since Diego’s camp was big, they would train all their men there for them to take down any military personnel. Tyson and Bruno were scared to go inside when they reached home. Gustavo saw them and asked them about their bruised face.

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Bruno told him the truth and Gustavo said he did not care about them. All that he wanted was for them to find those group of men who beat them up because Tyson had told him that Javier and his group were controlling the place.

It turned out that they were not. He did not want any hindrance in his business so they should find the group. The officer ally of Gina went to see her to demand for money. Gina made them talk outside and paid him. Unknown to her, Wally and Elmo followed them there to witness her paying the police officer.

They assumed that the money could be for their arrest. Diego and his men arrived at Javier’s camp to report that his camp was set for the business and they could now move to his camp. Elizabeth after telling her husband how the bad guys almost drowned her, Bubbles kept crying and narrated her ordeal when Tyson tried raping her.

Ramil said they have been complacent ever since they arrived in Santo Niño and urged them to be ready for the battle because everywhere they would go, danger kept creeping in. Romulo asked Cardo about the group he earlier encountered which was believed was controlling the area. Cardo admitted fighting Javier.

Romulo said they had to identify all those rébel groups. Diana and Alyana consoled Bubbles and made her know that they were there for her irrespective. Bubbles was grateful that Cardo and the Vendetta came to her rescue. She said she owed Jerome her life as the bad guys almost k!lled him and Rigor. Rigor woke up and told Jerome that they were lucky that they were rescued.

They wondered who those bad guy was. Marsing also made it a point to report those encroachers to the city officer. At the local government function, Albert announced that the government would give the mayor’s additional funds to support  their project and encouraged all the local governments to support the cause for a positive change.

Margie whispered into the ears of Adonis that they should not trust Albert since Cabrera appointed him to be his Vice. After the programme, Albert fetched for Dons and threatened him for helping Kanor. He made it clear that he was not only threatening him but he was a man of action. Albert said if Adonis knew what was best for himself and all his lōved ones then he would withdraw the case against Brandon.

Hernandez said as a mayor with lots of constituents who believed in his word, he had the obligation to protect the image of the president. Mayor Adonis was now convinced that Brandon really assaulted Kanor. In Sto Niño, Marsing sent Elizabeth and Doray to the Captain’s office to report the strange men who almost ràped Bubbles and drowned them.

The Captain decided to go with Marsing to see Cardo. Jerome after being spoon fed by Bubbles went with Rigor to the table where Cardo and the rest of the Vendetta were seated. Jerome asked who the gang was and Cardo had least idea. Since their found paradise seemed not to be the paradise they were thinking, Oscar suggested they left the place but Ramil said they have no where to go.

At the palace, Terante congratulated Hipolito for the successful business alliance with Gustavo’s mining company. However, it was just a tease to express his grievances about how Hipolito always voicing out his lapses at the present of the president while none of Hipolito’s deals has generated revenue for the administration.

Hipolito said Lucas knew his lapses and not him who had to voice it out. Terante told him not to worry because he had been dealing with snakes like Hipolito and he knew how to tame them.Hipolito asked if that was a threat and Terante walked out. The Captain of Sto Niño followed Marsing to the house.

On their way, the Captain said it would be important to inform the neighbours about the rébel group which has emerged in the area. Marsing tasked Ambo to spread the news. He also gave the Captain heads up that Cardo and his group were the notorious Vendetta. The Captain feared since the vigilantes were fugitives. However, Marsing said the media lied to them, actually Cardo and his group were fighting corrupt officials.

The Captain knowing the truth now believed their town would need the help of the Vendetta to protect the place. Once they arrived at Marsing’s home, Cardo quickly made President Oscar go into hiding. The Captain got seated and was introduced to the famous group.

The Captain said he has heard what happened to Cardo’s friends and Doray as well as Elizabeth. He first apologised for the awful experience during the encounter with those bad guys.

He also thanked the group for defending the women. The Captain then went ahead to ask Cardo for more details about the group. Cardo said he did not know them but he believed they were outsiders hiding in the area and planning to take over.

The Captain said Counselor Marsing had also informed him that his group was the Vendetta and was fighting against corrupt officials. Therefore, he said Sto Niño would need the group’s help.

Cardo assured to help in anyway they could. Albert informed Lucas that he had told Mayor Adonis about what would happen to him if he dared to defy his orders to carry on with the case against Brandon. Brandon owed Albert one and the vice said it was nothing because Lucas has done so much for him.

Now that one problem from their lists was resolved he believed Terante would help solve the rest. Terante assured that one by one they would resolve all the problems.


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