Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 408

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 408 Lucas gets Jordan k!lled, Vendetta begins to patrol Santo Niño while Hipolito rolls out his vicious plans against Terante

As they were reviewing the footage, Lucas finally realised that Teddy Arevalo’s son was part of the protestors. Terante confirmed, he said his men even threatened them, yet, the youth were brave to continue. Lucas then said they have to teach the Arevalos some lessons for going against his administration.

At the De Leons, Wally broke the sad news to Flora that he heard some of the protestors were hurt and one of them could be JP. Flora hoped that nothing of such sort could happen to JP. They even believed Virgie and Teddy were unaware of his presence there at the palace and knew he was putting his life at risk.

Fortunately for JP, Teddy arrived at the scene to carry him with the help of JP’s friend from the place. JP regained consciousness but he was still bleeding while some protestors also fled. Gapon and his recruited men also made their plans since they did not trust Diego and Javier.

Commander asked Cardo for their next plan and Cardo said they should lie low for now. Delfin agreed with Cardo as he explained that since Terante was the the new Chief of the PNP, he would make life impossible for them if they make any move. He advised they stayed in Sto Niño to keep them safe for now.

Elsewhere, Gascon asked Señor Gustavo if he thought they could trust Tyson’s men he recruited and Gustavo said he trusted the midget just like how he did with Gascon. Gascon’s looks said the obvious. Teddy brought JP home and Virgie went for first aid. She was upset that JP lied to her.

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As Virgie was confronting him, JP said he could not stop fighting. He said some of his friends including Jordan were arrested. Virgie queried that what of he was the one arrested. The protestors who were abducted were sent to some field and Jordan whispered to one that they had to find a way to flee from their hands. He attacked one to flee from his hands and fled.

However, he couldn’t go far when one gave him a multiple shõts, which made Jordan fell on his knees and d!ed at a spot. The rest looked terrified. JP turned toward his father, Teddy looking at him for support. Teddy told him that his mother was right this time, he should not risk his life for such cause. He should leave the fight for him, already he was threatened but he would not be consumed by fear. He advised JP to keep himself from harm’s way.

Damien suggested to Brandon that they could turn the violence that rocked the protest to their advantage by making the public believe that the youth started the fight. He went to advise Lucas that it would be against them if they carried on with the initial plans. However Lucas’ insisted that they had to silence all the Arevalos.

The Vendetta prepared for the next day patrolling. Diana advised Romulo and the rest of the males to be extra careful. Mayor Adonis watched the viral video and one of his guards commended the braveness of the youth. That inspired Adonis when he saw the kids risked their lives to fight for a good cause. Flora called Teddy to check on JP. She was glad that the boy was out of harm’s way.

Flora confirmed that Teddy and Virgie were unaware about JP’s action. The kids overheard Flora’s conversation and they also wanted to be like JP but Flora was against it. Paquito asked if JP also fought like idol Cardo and Flora said no. He partook in rallies to protest against the Cabrera’s administration.

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As Señorita concocted a lie against one of the servants of Gustavo for the old man to shōõt the servant deàd, Hipolito also lured Terante into his trap. He went home to inform Homer that once he told Terante about needing his help and he has accepted his deal for the mining operations, Terante quickly accepted to hold a private meeting with him to discuss it.

Hipolito indicated that he knew how to deal with such greedy people. While in a car, Terante’s ally was glad that Hipolito has finally come to his senses to work with Terante. He said Terante was right for thinking that Hipolito intended to steal from the mining company but Terante said that was not all his suspicions.

“I know you’re going to be an obstacle to my plans General Terante,” Hipolito smirked.

“However, you chose the wrong man to mess with!”

“Before you will even try to plot my downfall, I will make my move, I am going to eliminate you.”

The day break and the Vendetta had a breakfast as they prepared for their first day as patrol men of Sto Niño. They ate their breakfast in order not to be late for the patrolling. Ever since that incident happened at the riverside, Elizabeth and Doray had been piling their clothes without washing them.

They were relieved when they heard Cardo and the Vendetta would patrol on that day. Grandpa Marsing went to the hut of the Vendetta and left with them. JP ran to inform that his colleague, Jordan was found deàd after he was abducted. He told them that he would go to the funeral but his parents refused.

Shirline asked Margie if she was really sure about her decision of quitting her job. Margie said it was not only that, she was willing to end her friendship with him.

Adonis after watching the videos of the students reasoned that who ever dared to go against Cabrera was either thrown in jail, got missing or got k!lled, yet the group of ordinary citizens were really not afraid to voice out their grievances and to fight for what was just and right while he who had sworn an oath to protect those people has allowed fear to get into him and thought it was time to make a decision.

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The Vendetta in the company of Counselor Marsing went to the barangay office for their uniforms. Greco asked about their payment and the group was told that the town was small, what the Captain could promise was rice, vegetables and other farm animals. Ramil said based on how good they were to them, it was good that the group should rather help the townspeople.

Counselor Gina, believed that the Mayor switching positions so quickly meant that he could be bought. She said if she knew that she would not have wasted time to bribe him. She believed that doing that could make her be appointed as the Vice Mayor and eventually become the Senator which her name would become Sen Gee and the President which her name would be called Prez Gee.

Adonis called the Police officer to retract his statement about Mr Kanor. The police said it was late because there were other witnesses who have testified against Kanor that he blackmailed Brandon and it was not only him. Adonis asked to meet those people but the police denied him such opportunity. Adonis threatened to do everything for Kanor because they both knew every charges against the man was a lie.

Terante called Hipolito to ask about their meeting. He did not want his time to get wasted and asked Hipolito aside the men he would need to guard the mining site what else would he discuss.

Hipolito smiled and told him that he first of all did not want to have enemies, he wanted them to be allies and he would make them get a good shares from the mining work. Terante felt happy, he told Hipolito that he would like the direction of their conversation.

In the house, Bubbles asked if the men who assaulted them had really departed from the place. Alyana said they could not be sure of that but then they could be sure they would now be safe since Vendetta was patrolling the place. Delfin told them to cool down because the Vendetta would ensure their safety. Patrick agreed, saying those groups were not a match for Cardo and the Vendetta.

The patrol team started their job off by doing cleaning. Tadpole stated that though he did not get opportunity to be a cop like Cardo but he has also wore uniform. He was happy about everything that was going on to be away from güns. Greco said it was a first time he was mobbing and believed through that decent job which they would not be paid, they would get their wives in the town.

Oscar wondered the state of the people in Manila. Delfin believed everything was a chaos due to bad people occupying better positions. Oscar said that was the reason he had to return to his seat to make amendment. Delfin said it was sad that during his escape, he had to k!ll some police officers. Oscar said that happened to him too but it was not their fault, their lives were on the line.

Delfin said those officers were Terante’s men. He said that was the reason when he regained his position, he wanted to clean the system and give a new image to the force. Elsewhere, Señor Gustavo Toralba met with the dreadful paramilitary group to have a private talk in the camp of Diego.


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