Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 412

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 412 Romulo, Diana begin to date, the Cabreras hatch up a plan to get back at Adonis

At Sto Niño, Grandpa Marsing asked President Oscar for how long he intended to stay there. Oscar said he did not know for now. Cardo indicated that they needed time to get everything done for them to return. Ramil said they would need ammunition and manpower to strike.

Caloy could not believe that they were waging war against government. Ramil corrected him that they were rather waging war against smaller portion of the government, Lucas and his trusted allies. In that light, Cardo said they needed to lie low for now to strengthen their forces before they return to fight all those corrupt officials.

Romulo and Diana went to where Romulo plated the vegetable. It had grown and Diana couldn’t wait for the day they would harvest to prepare a meal. Romulo told her that he had much more in his place at Mount Karagao and told Diana that he would send her and she said she would go. Romulo made her repeat her words. The two were happy together as they hugged and smooched each other.

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Before fishing, they passed by a joint to buy noodles and snacks. They made lõve and spoonfed each other. They then went to fishing. Romulo thought Diana that in fishing, one had to be patient before getting a fish. With patience too, they caught some of the fish and the two shared deep k!sses and hugs.

Mayor Adonis indicated that he was approached behind close doors by the Vice President, Albert Hernandez to clear Brandon Cabrera’s name and when he failed to listen, they used intimidation, he threatened him that if he did not comply, he was risking the lives of the people he was close to.

Margie told the press that she was the secretary of the Mayor and she was threatened. In line of that, Adonis said he had to comply with everything which was demanded of him by the Vice President Hernandez in his efforts to protect Brandon Cabrera so that he has made an effort to try to correct all his mistakes.

He called on his fellow Filipinos who has been coerced and suffered the viciousness of the Cabreras to also stand up for the truth. They should not allow fear to get to them and urged them to be united as one nation to fight back the corrupt system spearheaded by the Cabreras to bring back the nation ruled in truth and justice for all.

After watching, Lucas called Albert to find out what was happening to the Mayor and Albert said he did not know but one thing was for sure that he would make him pay for what he has done. Jerome told Bubbles to tell him if she needed more water, he would take care of it.

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Bubbles asked whether he meant that he would take care of her and he said the water. Bubbles once again asked him the type of woman he wanted and he said a woman who understood him and wanted two kids and a simple life.

Bubbles asked just a two, for her, she wanted seven because she was alone when she was growing up and when she was building a family on her own she wanted more. Jerome added that the more, the merrier.  Anton, George and Rigor were digging while they were watching the two.

Rigor said there was lõve in the air, Bubbles was head over heels for Jerome and the Commander also was after the General. George said who wouldn’t fall for Diana, she was brave, beautiful and he believed they were meant for each other. Anton was happy for the Commander because he saw how devastated he was when he lost all of his family and he was happy to see him that happy.

While walking on the bridge to the house, Diana asked Romulo what they would tell the rest. Romulo said they would tell them the truth because they were not doing anything wrong. Albert went to meet Lucas and he had another plan in dealing with Adonis but Brandon said he would now take care of it since Adonis dealt with him so Lucas gave the task to Brandon. He said his act caused all those brouhaha.

Margie read some of the social media comments to Adonis on how his words have encouraged many to stand up for the truth. That got the Mayor more worried. He knew Margie’s life was in grave danger but Margie said what they did would rather make the Cabreras more conscious because now lots of the people knew their act and should anything happened to them, they would blame the government.

Romulo and Diana arrived with the fishes that they caught. The Vendetta were happy and Diana said they should give the credit to Romulo. The Manager saw that Romulo did not catch only fishes, Diana told them to cut the tease. The newly lõvers decided to go and cook it for them.

“Bingo they look good together,” General Borja whispered and the rest laughed.

The couple while they were cooking made lõve as well. Romulo was about to k!ss and Diana turned to watch outside. She said she has realised Romulo was a good cook and she has always lõved men who knew their way around the kitchen.

General Borja while watching the two said what they were doing was labour and lõve. Cardo said the two were behaving strange. Diana realised they were discussing about her and Romulo and Romulo said it was nothing.

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Diana said the rest might think they have gotten ahead so easily without Romulo courting her. Romulo asked whether that was necessary since they had already grown. Diana said it was tradition  and Romulo vowed to court her for the rest of his life.  Cardo asked how Alyana see Diana and Romulo. Their act, Alyana said reminded her of them.

Cardo said their dreams would come to pass and added that the food which Diana and Romulo were cooking had a nice aroma. That, Alyana said, it was because it was made with lõve. Elsewhere, Javier and his paramilitary saw some group of people on the road, they quickly came out of their car to hold them under a günpoint. He used force to abduct those they came across into their car and left with them.

In the Palace, Lucas during his meeting asked Hipolito about the investigation to Terante’s deàth. Hipolito’s investigators had no better update since there were no witnesses or any lead aside the V-sign. Lucas knew the group would attack when they least expected and told his men that they were all in danger and each one of them might lose their positions.

Diana said the food smelt good and it was tasty so they served it. They called out everyone to the table and Diana said the recipe was made by Romulo. Bubbles said she wished she was in Diana’s shoes to get someone to cook for her. She considered Diana lucky since Romulo cooked for her. The rest began teasing Jerome. However, she said Jerome also did well, he fetched water for her.

This made General Borja told them a story about how people who live in province and how they were allowed to marry a woman. He said the men were expected to help in the chores and to serenade the women before the parents of the women give their approval. One member of the Vendetta said: “it seems the General was giving people ideas on what to do.”

Alyana told them that Cardo did all that for her and got her serenaded, reason she fell again for him and married him again. Madonna did not slow down in seducing Gascon and told him he could go with her to Manila when the Vendetta was captured. She said Gustavo would not have any problem if he would protect her. She kept caressing him and he left the place.

Jerome came out to apologise to the guys for keeping them waiting. Romulo was having a drink with Diana and Cardo called him out that they were ready to patrol. Romulo asked of his leave and Diana told him to take care. As they left, Rigor told the group that it seemed the commander was ahead of Jerome. The Commander admitted that there was something special ongoing between him and Diana.

Diana also gist Alyana and Bubbles about accepting Romulo’s proposal. Cardo reached the town’s hall and Marsing told them that the thieves were prisoned and Caloy said the culprits had lots of criminal history. The family who the Vendetta helped came with fruits to thank Cardo but Cardo said it was not necessary because they were doing their job.

The couple insisted and Marsing urged Cardo to take it so Tadpole took it. Cardo said he did not want to take advantage of the people’s kindness to exploit them. Tyson informed Señor Gustavo that Baldo and his men had captured many people for the job and anyone who would try to rat them out, Tyson said they would send the person to his early grave.

Elsewhere, Diego and Gapon told Baldo about the money which they would make from the mining but Baldo tried to k!ll their hope not to think about the money at the moment because work has not commenced and they have to focus on the job now. Diego said once Gustavo kept his part of the bargain, they would get the money. The faces of Javier and Baldo spoke volumes on their real intentions.

The deàth of General Terante, Lucas said was untimely so it would be hard to find any information. Brandon said their attention should be on protecting the detention facility. However, Hipolito said that would not be necessary under his watch.

Lucas said they could not be complacent about it because Vendetta was able to find General Borja and has even k!lled Terante. Brandon indicated that with the number of men under his disposal, it would be easy for him to protect the facility.

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