Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 414

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 414 Adonis fights Albert over Margie’s abduction, Virgie, Mark tortured in their respective detention facility

At the Town’s Hall in Manila, Mayor Adonis after he was informed by Wally and Elmo about the plot which would be carried out against him, he called Margie’s line but she was not picking. Margie was driven to the detention facility where she saw Gapuz and boldly declared to him that all her suspicions about him was right.

He was a bad person and Gapuz ordered for her to be taken to the cell. Jerome helped Bubbles to cook and the lady was happy that Jerome instead of going to patrol would rather spend time with her in the kitchen. Elsewhere, Javier told Baldo that they have recruited a vax number of men and they should begin work at the site.

Baldo claimed that the men were not enough for the job so they have to recruit more. Javier suggested they go to Sto Niño for the rest of the men and Baldo said they would only do that if they did not get any of the men in the neighbouring town. After the food was served, the Vendetta teased him and Borja told him that he got their back.

He told the guys that they kept pushing Jerome to make a move and now that he finally did they kept teasing him.

“I got your back Jerome all the way.”

At the cafeteria, Yolly told Flora that Teddy and JP might be hiding for their safety. Elmo and Wally overheard them and shockingly asked if Virgie was missing as well just like Margie. Wally told Elmo that they couldn’t be so sure of Margie’s abduction. This made Charlene and Denise more worried and went to the mayor’s office to get detailed account on the actual thing that happened to Margie.

Adonis said the unknown kidnappers k!lled all the guards of Margie and sent her away. Coun Gee who was eavesdropping overheard Charlene telling Adonis that since Elmo and Wally saw Gapuz and Pantig it meant that they kidnapped Margie. Gina told her lackeys how dangerous the two cops were. Gido said Gapuz and Pantig were not only corrupt officers but we’re kidnappers as well.

Gina saw that as good if they were kidnappers since that meant that they would soon be jailed. As Flora and her family were thinking about the whereabouts of Margie since Charlene still had not been able to reach her, Gapuz and Pantig went to the Mayor’s office to inform him that they were the ones handling Margarita Corona’s case and they found the official car which Margie was using abandoned at some place and assured that they would do everything possible to find the missing Margie.

Adonis, Charlene and Denise pretended not to know the cops actual deal. At the palace, Renato alerted Lucas to do something to silence the pesty journalist, Teddy. He suggested they k!ll him but Lucas did not support the idea. He believed that he was the only link that could lead them to Alyana and eventually Cardo and the Vendetta.

Elsewhere, the goons Lucas sent to Teddy’s house raided the place and took some old documents. They were trying find a lead to Teddy and JP’s current location. Lucas has planned to kidnap JP to silence Teddy. Renato talked with Homer over the phone that the allies of Lucas were falling one after the other but he said they have to be cautious now that they have gotten rid of Terante and Marquez. Homer assured that the bodies of Escalate and Marquez would not be found.

Señor Gustavo was upset with Gascon for claiming they have slightest problem as one of their buyers was backing out. Gustavo did not see that as a small problem. He was also not enthused that Gascon was not helping Tyson in the recruitment of the men.

You’re my General Manager, why are you allowing Tyson to recruit the miners all alone.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Have you lost your brain cells?”

“Are you becoming usëless?”

Homer also recruited men into his group and set his rules for them to follow. Adonis took it upon himself to fight the Cabreras but Flora said they would fight alongside with him. They were all together in the fight. Yolly said they have to be cautious too. Unknown to them, Brandon’s goons did not get any lead from the empty house they raided so Lucas said they would now use Flora to get to the Arevalos and the Vendetta.

After they brought her to the detention facility, Virgie tried comforting Margie. She brought her food to eat and introduced herself to her. Margie also gave out her name and she said she actually did not feel like eating because her sister and niece would be searching for her. Virgie also said her husband and son were in grave danger. They realised they were all captured due to their fight with the Cabreras.

Margie learnt that due to Virgie’s husband that was why she was captured and asked her what her husband did. One of the inmates said Virgie’s husband was a journalist and he has been exposing the deeds of the Cabreras.

Virgie now went ahead to explain that she was the mother of Alyana and Margie was surprised to know that she was the mother of Cardo’s wife and told Virgie that she was friends with Flora.

They were even business partners. Virgie revealed how she respected Flora for not backing down in her fight against the Cabreras. Hipolito came to the palace to break the news of the sudden disappearance of Marquez and Erscalante.

Brandon could not believe that Vendetta has done it again. They were now afraid more than ever, thinking their days were numbered so Brandon told his father to continue the plan in the abduction of Flora before the Vendetta reached them first. Damien protested.

He said abducting Teddy’s wife was okay for now because the public have started sympathising with the Arevalos. He feared that their act could trigger the public to fight back. However, Brandon did not care. He said anyone who dared them would be deàd.

“Because we have the power to silence anyone who goes against us.”

JP spoke with one of his activist friends and told him to get him posted for the next rally. Though his mother was abducted, he said that had gingered him to fight the administration. Teddy overheard him and questioned him on why he was being stubborn. JP refused to be coward and be confined in their safe place.

Flora provided a home for Charlene in order to protect her and Denise from future plans of the Cabreras. After Vice President Hernandez had a programme and the press have surrounded him for an interview, Mayor Adonis cornered him for a talk but he refused to talk so Adonis in front of Cameras asked him not to play dumb, he should reveal where he had kept Margie.

He reminded Hernandez that he threatened him that of he did not retract his statement against Brandon, those who were close to him would pay the price and it has happened. Feeling sad for Gascon on how Gustavo scolded him, Amor got closer to him at the moment when Gascon was wasted and declared her plans to him.

She said she was only after Gustavo’s money and once she got what he promised her from the mines she would leave him. Gascon retorted that Gustavo would k!ll her. Amor said that was when he was not k!lled first. She asked Gascon if he was not tired of following the old man’s rules. She promised to abscond with him once they have made enough from the old man.

She began to k!ss him but Gascon pushed her. She assured him that she was for him when necessary. Hernandez denied threatening Adonis. He also said he had not even talked to Margie before and warned Adonis to be mindful of what he says as it was defamation. Watching it, Lucas got upset and Brandon asked his father whether they should k!ll him now.

Damien objected, he said that would raise eyebrows, besides they have more problems like the Vendetta to think about. Javier and Baldo in their recruitment job kept terrorising and forcing families and going into defenceless people’s homes to capture them. They abducted q certain and he told his daughter to seek for help.

Javier cornered the girl and tried to rape him but the girl resisted and pulled a dagger after kicking Javier’s tësticlês, Javier was quick to shōot her. The father of the lady realising Javier had k!lled his daughter began to fight back and Baldo shõt him deàd.

Diana found Romulo standing all alone and went to hold him. This got Romulo frightened and she said she was feeling cold. She asked Romulo what he was thinking about and he said about their mission the two hugged while Jerome also promised to help Bubbles cook all the times. He asked of her favourite food and Bubbles knew he would cook it.

Teddy talked to the upright officers and they were sorry that they still did not have a lead on his wife. Teddy believed she would be at the same place with Guzman and his friends. The police doubted since Guzman and his friends were transferred without them being aware. While sleeping the three detained officers heard someone screaming out.

The person was being tortured so Chikoy knew, that, was the same fate they would suffer and called out Guzman that they should come up with an urgent plan to leave the place. Mark has noticed that Billy has lost faith and they reminded him of who he used to be. Guzman said their idea of them leaving the place would be a suicide mission but Mark preferred they do that than the goons torturing them to deàth.

In the ladies detention cell, some of the goons charged on Virgie threatening her that if she failed to mention where the Vendetta was hiding they would abduct her husband and son, only if they would even make it alive. Virgie iñsultëd them as they dragged her hair, they kicked her abdomen and beat her mercilessly.

Margie and the lady activist tried to help Virgie but the rest of the goons stopped til the other one kicked her till she lost her voice. Once they left her, the lady activist and Margie rushed to her aid to talk to her. They told her not to lose courage. Margie admired the courage of Virgie. Virgie assured that they would endure that.

As Teddy was assuring JP that there were more people helping them in their search, Mark was also abducted and sent to another room to torture him. That motivated Guzman to tell Chikoy that if the goons did not return Vargas, they would take the goons by surprise to escape the place.

Vargas was tortured but he failed to tell them where Vendetta was. Brandon told his father that Virgie and the underlings of Borja were tortured yet none has revealed the location of the Vendetta. Damien believed those abducted did not actually know where Vendetta was but Lucas doubted.

“Well we are not going to stop untill they finally speak.”

“Untill they all d!e,” Lucas declared.


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