Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 415

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 415 JP is abducted after leading a rally against the Cabreras, Buena and Cruz decide to put Gapuz and Pantig under surveillance

Tyson told Baldo and his group to ensemble the men he has recruited to start the mining operation the next day. Akihiro showed from his map where the workers could dig to get the diamonds. Gapon was so interested in the amount of treasures they would get and split among themselves.

Amor woke up and pulled herself from Gustavo. She thought of means she would use to get Gascon. She told herself that she gets everything she wanted and would get Gascon. She then went to Gascon and they made lõve. As they were having the intimate k!sses, Gascon woke up to discover that he was only dreaming.

He advised himself not to give in to temptation while Amor was also thinking about him on the bed with the snoring old man. At the detention facility, the three goons came in to open the cell to send Vargas in. However, Billy and Chikoy who have already teamed up with a strategy to set themselves free from the abuse kicked the goons by surprise to take their weapon.

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In the ladies facility the activist and Margie tried to  keep Virgie warm since she was feverish. Margie told her that she had to eat for them to gather strength to fight the fight. Billy and his friends made it out from their cell and k!lled many of the goons. However, Vargas was injured so he slowed them. He told Chikoy and Billy to leave him there and go but his friends said they promised to stick together and that was what they would do.

They told Mark that he would be k!lled for sure, if he was left. As they were gradually approaching the gate some of the goons caught them by surprise and had no option than to surrender. Diego asked Tyson the amount they would make from the mining so Akihiro explained that the map only indicated where they could get the treasure but not the number of treasures they would gain so once they found it, they would know the amount they would gain.

He assured that Señor Gustavo was a man of his words. Gascon came to inform Señior Gustavo that Tyson has informed him that his guys were ready for the operation. Mayor Adonis went to the mass and met the De Leons. Unknown to him, Brandon has sent his goons to keep tabs on him. The goons called Brandon to inform and Brandon got upset that Adonis had become Flora’s ally.

Flora and the rest commended Adonis for his courage to stand up to the Vise President. Wally and Elmo suggested he should follow Pantig and Gapuz to find Margie. Charlene said they should report the two cops to their superiors but Denise did not see that as good idea. Homer set his eyes on Gascon and Gustavo and told his lackeys that the mining site would be their next target.

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The work  began at the mining site. Elmo spoke with Yolly over the phone. Yolly asked of the children when she saw Gapuz and Pantig, she ended the call. Charlene wanted to go and confront the two cops but Yolly stopped her. After making Coun Gee served them, Pantig and Gapuz took their seat to eat. Charlene approached them to ask of her sister’s case. They claimed they were on it.

Flora and Adonis went to see Buena and Cruz to report the missing of Margarita Corona. The upright officers promised to find her when Adonis revealed that they were suspecting Pantig and Gapuz. The officers made it a mission to follow Gapuz and Pantig to locate the detention facility in order to find Margie, Virgie and hopefully Guzman, Vargas and Rivera.

Lucas told Brandon that he has charged Damien to closely monitor the media report on what Adonis said while he met Albert. JP also received a call from his friends concerning the protest they were about to embark at where Lucas was organising a charity work. At the event, Lucas and his son were introduced and they kept their smiles and pretence.

The police called Teddy to inform him that they have gotten a lead about Virgie. He said Flora and Adonis reported about a missing person, Margie Corona and they believed SPO4 Gapuz and SPO3 Pantig were the ones who carried out the orders. After the call, Teddy realised that JP was missing. He called him several times but JP did not pick up.

JP arrived at the rally grounds and his friends queried him if he had told his father about joining the rally but that was least of his worries. He wanted them to concentrate on the rally to fight the Cabreras for justice. As Lucas delivered his speech to the supposed victims of the Vendetta and began to give the victims gifts, the students also protested outside the place demanding him to step down from his presidential seat.

Brandon was getting impatient after Damien alerted the Cabreras about the students protestors. He wanted to get them arrested but Lucas stopped him from the act. Instead, he faced the protestors to deny all allegations that he has been capturing the Filipinos. He blamed it on the Vendetta but the students refused to be swayed.

JP called him a liar and told him to brave up to acknowledge his wrongs. Lucas insisted that Vendetta did that and if they claimed there were people missing he would personally help them to report. The protestors called him a liar and still demanded him to step down.

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After the protest JP spoke with his father that he was coming home but least did he know that he was being followed. As they arrived at the palace, Brandon told his father that his goons had been able to locate the hideout of Teddy Arevalo when they followed JP. JP bolted, realising he was being followed. The goons ran after him and caught him before he would jump off a fence wall.

Teddy heard sounds and started to look around if it was JP. Gapuz and Pantig who were in a club flirting with girls were called to the place. They went in search of the safe house of Teddy to search for him but did not find him. Unknown to them, Teddy was hiding in there while spying on them. The kidnappers talked to JP who was held hostage in the bus.

They tried hard on him to reveal his father’s hideout but he kept mute. Teddy watched from a window and saw how his son was being maltreated in the bus with his own eyes but couldn’t do anything. As the bus sped off with his son, he then stepped out to scream out JP’s name.

Teddy went to meet the new officers, Buena and Cruz to report how his son was captured. The officers asked if he could recognise the face of his son’s abductors and he said yes, he would not forget the bãstards who did that to his son. One of the officers showed him pictures and he confirmed that Gapuz and Pantig were the one who abducted his son.

The officers assured to do everything to find his son. Brandon informed Lucas that JP has successfully been captured but his father, Teddy slipped away. Lucas believed that Teddy would be writing articles on how his son was abducted but Brandon had a contrary opinion.

“If he keeps going against us, we will send his family home piece by piece,” Lucas stated.

Damien asked what if the Vendetta rescue them. After sending JP to the detention facility, the goons went for Virgie. Margie offered to go instead  of Virgie since the woman was sick. Virgie was sent to the cell of JP. She was glad to see her son and asked where his father was.

JP had no idea but he believed Teddy was safe. They hugged and JP saw that his mother has a fever. Teddy talked to Jonathan to inform him that his hideout had been found and now that his wife and son were captured, he needed Jonathan’s help. He admitted that Jonathan had done a lot for his family but needed another favour so Jonathan asked what he needed.


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