Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 416

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 416 Buena and Cruz keep tabs on the corrupt officials, Homer and lackeys give Baldo and his underlings tough time in their first encounter at the mining site in Sto Niño

Flora told Charlene and Denise that she and Adonis have reported the missing of Margie to some two new officers who were in the CIDG. She assured them that the new officers were dedicated officers and they would help in locating Margie.

The news brought hope and smiles on the lips of the two family members of Margie. Buena and Cruz tailed Gapuz and Pantig. The two corrupt cops were using threats to buy anything they wanted without paying the valued amount. Madonna kept sëducing Gascon.

While Snooky spied on them, Gascon told Madonna that he would not fall for her seduction. As Homer deployed a strategy and men for the mining operation, Mayor Adonis read a fake news about him which the Cabrera’s secretary cooked about him for the media to discredit him after his encounter with Vice President Hernandez when he demanded him to release Margie from where he kept her.

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The character assassination article destroyed people’s minds on the charity project he was about to embark on. He asked Flora what he could do in such situations as that has made him missed Margie. Flora promised to help him pull through with his charity project.

In the detention facility, Margie cried out to the goons guarding them to bring back Virgie. She cried out to them asking if they did not have a family because they did nothing wrong. In her new cell, Virgie was happy with JP. JP apologised for not listening to her and Teddy. He said he was in such situation because he failed to listen and thought of means to flee but Virgie advised him against his plans.

Cardo saw Alyana sitting in solitude shedding tears. Cardo sat next to her to ask why she was sad. Alyana said she was thinking about her mother, father and JP. She was wondering about what had happened to them. Cardo said nothing had happened to them. Alyana asked Cardo for how long would they remain hiding because she could not also stop thinking about Grandma Flora and the kids.

While Homer and his lackeys were in a car, journeying to the mining site, he called Hipolito to inform him. Hipolito told him not to cause trouble. They were only there to foresee things at the site. Hipolito informed Lucas about Homer’s journey to Sto Niño. He told Lucas that he has promised to ensure they got the lion share.

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Bruno sets the rules for the operation for no one to eat while work work was ongoing. Señor Gustavo had no appetite due to the work which has not commenced at the site. Amor asked of his problem and he blamed Gascon for it. Señorita admitted that and said all that Gascon was doing is to gallivant around and to drink.

Homer and his group arrived at the mining site. Gapon, Javier, Baldo and Diego heard that some group of armed men had arrived and they stormed out with their firearms. They asked Homer who he was and he said it seemed someone did not tell them their coming. The confrontation became intense and Tyson ran out to stop then from firing.

He introduced Homer’s group as Cabrera’s men. They were there to see the operations. The two opposing forces had a banter and Baldo stopped Javier from getting upset. Grandpa Marsing and Caloy were happy that Hidalgo had seen the place and once he got on his presidential seat, he would help and invest into the town.

While Gustavo scolded for being slow in the operation, Amor told Snooky to find where Gustavo hide his treasures because she was getting impatient. She believed her plans of pitting Gascon and Gustavo against each other for both to k!ll themselves while they would escape with all the fortune of Gustavo. However, she hoped when that happens, Gascon could survive for her to have him.

Lucas saw the video of a woman who was exposing his shenanigans after he captured her husband. Lucas wondered what could be done to tbe woman. Damien said the woman had been taken cared of. However, there was a more bothering issue, that was a new viral video of Teddy.

Teddy announced the atrocities of Lucas to the public. He kidnapped his wife, Virgie when he realised that did not deter him from writing his articles, he then abducted his youngest son JP. What Cabrera was doing, he said was rather making the public angry and was agitating them to rise against him to resist the oppressor’s rule.

He warned Lucas to be careful because anything he would do would make the public more wild to question him and they would demand answers. He charged the entire country to rally round him to resist the oppressor’s rule. Lucas got more upset after seeing the video. Brandon said they have to silence that Teddy Arevalo.

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Jonathan arrived at the safe house of Teddy to present to a gün for his protection and food. Virgie’s fever was running high so JP went to shout for help. Instead of helping him, the guards punched and kicked him mercilessly while his mother cried out to leave his son. She cast all her strength in order to help her son but she was pulled back.

Virgie called them evil people for doing that to her son. She cuddled her son. Gustavo threw Gascon out and warned him to get the treasures before the Christmas. Amor got there and calmed him. Gustavo said he followed her advice to whip him like a horse.

Margie and the rest of the detainees were wondering who would be taken next after Virgie. Clarissa, the activist cried out that she could not take it if any of them would be taken. Margie tried to calm her before she runs out of hope. Teddy talked to Buena and he said he had been tailing the corrupt officers for days, yet, they had always been far away from where they detained his wife and son.

He told Teddy not to worry because he was in a car with Cruz and the two corrupt officers were having a drink so they were monitoring them closely. In the cafeteria, Denise shot video of Charlene who was also addressing the public how her sister was forcefully taken away from them. In the middle of the shoot, Elmo and Wally got there to stop her.

They told her that it was dangerous to fight like how Teddy did in his viral video. Elmo made her understood that she would be the next target of the Cabreras if she dared to do that. VP Hernandez told Lucas and his underlings that Brandon in a conversation tipped him that their goons even hurt the Arevalos son in front of his mother, yet none could reveal the location of Teddy and Vendetta.

“Well next time torture the mother in front of the son and let see if they will not start talking,” Hipolito smirked.

Damien asked them what if they did not know. Hipolito believed they knew something and if they see their lōved ones getting hurt, they would talk. Lucas interjected that if that was so why hasn’t Teddy given up yet. Hipolito believed it was just a matter of time, now Teddy was all alone and his family would talk soon.


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